: May 2005

What If you found out we had tons of hidden tapes showing Herbert playing with his collection of shoes; Would you want us to make you a copy of them or would you wait for the DVD set to come out?

I know that I would totally put my life on hold until I could have a copy of film footage of a moronic monkey exercising his sexual perversion - Mzebonga

I would go through the original after I stole it with my clan of ninjas. Then I would probably edit them so that they weren't shoes, they were little boys. then i would change it from herbert to this black guy who was white and had a freaky nose. and his name was M-jackson...Crazy huh.- b_write

Both. Herbert is my sock monkey friend. I would have to get the tapes right away but then I'd need the DVDs too because DVDs always have special features. Yay Herbert, shoes, and special features!- bluemonkeyfearer

I'd burn it off the Internet, I'm not paying Herbert a damn thing.- Junkie Deluxe

The DVD - I want the directors commentary- Cineworld Jesus

im broke right now, but extended scenes and extras are juicy nice...so id wait until i could pirate them.- JAG

I'd just steal it off his T-Mobile Sidekick.- j0eg0d

Hmm... depends on who gets the money for the DVD set....but I'm broke so probably a copy of them. - PyroPrincezz

Who THe HEll IS HErbert!!?? - bug

wait for the dvd set to come out- nane

The real question is are we talking leather or synthetic?- Punk as fuck

I couldn't stand waiting to watch Herbert play with shoes!!!! I'm a shoe gazer and I love monkeys, so that's like a double wet dream for me. I'd want a copy immediately. Can I have one?- idon'tmindthesunsometimes

copies- Zizzle

none!- micky

oh i'd want the tapes. it would be so much fun. i'd show them at my graduation open house and make everybody i know join a shoe cult. theyd be like our trinkets of wisdom and herbert would be like jesus. and i'd bring the world together in peace with herbert and his following. there'd be no radical religious kid out there who couldn't deny herbert. there would be no more flags anymore, no more countrys-just abunch of people loving mother earth and looking up to father herbert.- Morshada

What is a "video?"- The Populist

no.- freak ninja

I'd probably wait. I'm not really into shoes so much (sorry, Herbert). However, if he was roller skating around in one hidden tape, you and I will have to make some arrangements.- McDiablo


Hmmm...I'd rather have a copy at first, then once I've worn the tapes out, I'd go shell out the highly insane prices for the DVD set.- monkeeskittles

I'd laugh and say, nothing is better then playing with my own collection of shoes. *Plays with his collection of shoes ignoring the hidden cameras*- Xemil

i would get a copy from you then watch it then sell it and if i liked it i would get the dvd- dumbo

I'd wait till i could pirate it off the internet.- MonkeyMaster

who is Herbert?- Grisuderdrache

copy... i couldnt wait for the dvd... i must bave my herbert NOW- eyesofruby

I'd wait, because there would trailer shots.- ishlike

I'd probably ejaculate of the idea of a man playing with his shoes but then i'd wait for the DVD as i would want the best possible way of viewing Herbert playing with his shoes. :)- Mokai

i would ask for the copys, im too imptiant for the dvds- charlie

Whos herbert?- Sky

We want a copy, we love sock monkeys, especially Herbert. I have lots of shoes, would he like to come and live with me? We could spand all day with shoes and live happily ever after- Jadey and Holli

i would probably want a copy..just so i could abuse the priviledge and show secret screenings in my hosue and make tons of money..and then give away free shoes that i would say i stole from Herbert..and then make more money..and then id kill Herbert and dress myself in his skin and video tape myself plaing with a collection of shoes and then...show it to the public and get even more money- nican mclew

dvd i'm lazy- MyChemicalChaos

I would wait for the DVD - i have more respect for Herbert then to pirate it.- Cutebutcrazy69

id ram em down your throught ya dam cheese fruit- IOAF

do you really have a tape? give it to me now! I beg you, please???- jezka



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