: May 2005

Lots of things suck. What five things do you think suck right at this moment?

I mean, i could go into this in great depth but it would only betray the state of my life at this precise moment in time and I don't really want all these people knowing about that. So I am going to sum all five up as follows: Relationships & Money... And Metallica.- Mzebonga

(these are in no particular order) 1.T.Vs with bad reception 2.cold french fries from McDonalds 3.slow internet 4.Global Warming (just kidding about that one.) 5.Ear plugs that taste like foam. and now for the kicker - *Poachers that kill sock monkeys...*- b_write

School, atheists, my porn-addict little brother, my drug-addict older brother, and my cheating, lying ass of a dad. How's THAT for a "things that suck" list!?! MU HA HA HA HA (fall to the floor, twitching and still laughing maniacally)- bluemonkeyfearer

1)Not gettting laid. 2)Not getting laid. 3)Not getting laid. 4)Not getting laid. and 5)Don't touch the strippers.- Junkie Deluxe

Man, the first thing that came to mind was a "hoover" and I thought it'd be a witty, differant and funny response, however, I'm sure every other bastard that posts a reply to this is going to think the same thing. Damn you all, so here are mine At number five we have midget porn, not enough of it in my opinion, I'm pretty tall, but I Think the lack of midget porn is harsh, because what do lonely midgets use to help them through the lonely nights? NOTHING. It's terrible Number four has to be gambling, what's the point, you're not going to win, as plain as a Wiltshire Pin up Number three is me, why the fuck am I sat down filling out a questionairre, when I should be studying how to dissect livers. No, it aint as fun as it sounds... well, reading about it isn't anyway number two is Fear Factory, they suck only slightly less than a black hole. DAMN spoilt the suprise for my number one... oh well - Cineworld Jesus

freckels. chlorine. farty old dogs. spanish tests. being horny.- JAG

1. Plungers. 2. Nursing Babies. 3. The Lollipop Guild. 4. A Really Big Fat Ugly Whore. 5. People Stealing Gas Out Of My Car. - j0eg0d

1) GEORGE BUSH!!! 2) The United States (I plan on creating my own country on another planet someday because I could do a better job than the founders of the United States) 3) Normal people, we should require normal people to go to mental homes and release everyone from mental homes 4) People who speak spanish than confuse me and get me to say yes to bad things 5) Parental controls!! *die parental controls*- PyroPrincezz

nightmares, gas prices, bordom, toe jam, and headaches- bug

school relationships preps rap and hilary duff- nane

1)Running around your house in the dark and smooshing your knuckle on a door knob 2)coffee on your keyboard 3)vacuum cleaners 4)the word "existentialism" 5)the pancreas- Punk as fuck

George Bush, Reality TV, adolescence, ban on smoking in public venues, organized religion- idon'tmindthesunsometimes

life, life, life, life, and life- Zizzle

ugly people- micky

1. people who talk really loudly about stupid shit that no one cares about because they want attention 2. trying to type while stoned/drunk. 3. really bright flourescent ceiling lights like in scools/office buildings that never fail to give you a headache. 4. people who hover over your shoulder and then think they are cute/attractive by putting their hands on you like sneakily or whatever the fuck they are thinking. that isn't cute. its fucking creepy, unless you know me like very well or you are very hot and im going to fuck you anyway and thus dont really give a shit. 5.having a padded wet bra in an air conditioned public facility. its fucking cold, and you knoe the damn thing is never going to dry, and you are pmsing anyway, because you have to be pmsing for this to happen. - Morshada

The 5 things that suck most: 1)The immenant collapse of the US dollar 2)Mortality 3)People who are still excited about Star Wars even after being ripped off twice 4)The Cubs 5)The lack of game support for the intendo DS- The Populist

For number one, all 5 of the fatasses staring at the computer screen (including mes)are as broke as....as broke as... uhhhh to broke to think of anything funny. so deal. 2. bush 3. bush 4. bush 5. Lyle Lovitt, whoever the fuck that is.- freak ninja

1. Rude people (mostly adults). I mean, I am told to respect my elders, so I do. I hold doors open for people--but do they say 'thank you'? Nope. Bastards.. 2. Maroon 5. In the words of Ed the Sock, they are the "worst band to be recording music." I have to agree...as usual. 3. Money. I hate it. It rules over us all, unless you're a homeless person, but then you're shunned and treated like shit. 4. Elections. I like voting, but I can do without the campaigning. The ads on TV that slam other parties are just lame. Can't we just make up our own damn minds WITHOUT signs and commercials and just put an X in the damn box already?! 5. Cancer. I was diagnosed with bone cancer last year and, yes, that sucked a lot (don't worry, all is well with my health). I got some bone prosthetics in my arm now made of cobalt and chrome, so I can shouldercheck like a mofo. Ha, that'll show those rude bastards...- McDiablo

1. you suck 2. they suck 3. we suck 4. damn japs 5. EVERYBODY FUCKIN SUCKS- BABYGURL05

1. Air Conditionairs that don't work 2. Sucky ass bands that try to pass themselves off as punk rockers 3. Stuffy noses 4. Hard kleenex 5. That annoying voiced lady off that nanny show- monkeeskittles

My girlfriend, mother, father, and two sisters. All who bring me much joy in their sucking. - Xemil

my girlfriend dumping me school play ing football in the rain no chocolate in the house not having enough money for the latest games- dumbo

I wished I was being sucked.- MonkeyMaster

my ex-girlfriend, my new girlfriend (and she's really good at it), george bush (both), mtv, being out of cigarettes- Grisuderdrache

my lack of bud my brother aol my empty glass of grape juice school tomorrow- eyesofruby

1. The straw i'm using to drink my pepsi. 2. Suction cups 3. Spiders 4. Vacuum cleaners 5. My answers- Hufflebunny

1. Taken (movie) 2. Arron not here to drink his dew 3. being sick 4. school out in 4 days 5. being to warm- ishlike

1. Tight clothes. 2. Ex-boyfriends who only contact me for sex. 3. Turning 31. 4. Micromanagers. 5. Asparagus. 6. Narrowing the list of things that suck right now down to five.- PRchick

1)Christians as allways 2)Reality shows after reading an article in here about it, then again; i've allways hated them. I'd really just love to see a group of celebraties kidnapped and stuffed into a jungle with cameras all around them and told so survive. THATS a reality show i'd pay to watch. 3)Street teenagers, y'know? The kind that mull around the streets like bacteria and mug old ladies, yell abuse at people and then have community police officers blow them. 4) Community police officers - proves that our society cannot handle itself. 5) Boy racers. I hope they crash. Get mauled and trapped by the twisted metal. Then have their car roll down a hillside so they can watch their 13 year old pregnant girlfriend have her womb exploded by the metal and her triplets fly everywhere in a comical fashion before they crash into the rocks at the bottom and explode for some reason and they all burn and die. _- Mokai

-crazy frog -headache -homework -friends being bitchy -sucky bands- charlie

People, president bush, summer, sore muscales, and teachers- Sky


3.)stepping on toy soldiers and having their guns poke into your foot 2.)having to chase after my stupid ass dogs when they get loose and at the same time having people stare at me when i screaming for them to come back 4.)men/ my alarm clock because its way off and im too lazy to fix it 5.)Episode Three..only because Anakin was hot and then they burned him - nican mclew

The fact that my brownie just burned my lip with the best of chocolatey intentions My ankle itches from the mosquito bite i got 5 minutes ago I'm too hot in this old navy sweatshirt that some guy gave me for being a pretty girl being a pretty girl the fact that i'm not having sex right now - MyChemicalChaos

Computers Stupid people Cell phones Pop-up ads and commercials- Cutebutcrazy69

eating lightbulbs scaling the world traid center coming up with things i suck at playing guitar getting a job- IOAF

1 reality tv that is not even slightly realistic. 2 my boyfriend 3 Sucky the three-eyed radioactive, transexual gay fish. 4 politicians they always suck 5 the purple peeps- jezka

school, love, boys, bitches, preps- STEFANI FOLA


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