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What if we made you a contributing member of The Insane Domain

Oh JCP I'd post you a letter EVERY week, I'd make my offline messages to you even COOLER than they are now (not hard) and I'd work hard, and I'd cuddle Herbert to save you the effort and I'd turn into a kipper and I'd feed biscuits to a crocodile and I'd be very good, and not burn things and I'd feed Mzebonga crocodiles and put Tom Cruise in a liquidiser and stop writing in such a listy type way and go "ooh" and BUY YOU PIZZA (somehow) and.... ummmm turn into a kipper... again... and keep fresh ideas... and yeah... umm. Ah I dunno, I'd be like I normally fucking am. Or at least pretend to while I plot to destroy the world from within this website... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA wheeze.- George

Would i get my own office, and a vibrator chair to sit on?- SickWills

What if the world exploded?- marion crane

What if?? Well it'd have to happen first of all. But, i warn you now all i do is rant about random shit all the time.- Izzy

Whoo Hoo!- Mute8s

i would personally run around town...or maybe just to my friends house and say "HAHA! i am a contributing member of The Insane Domain and ur not!!!" just cuz im kool like that lmao!- frizz09

we could have farting contests, or make banana boats. if you want i totally know how to rap, i am the lost member of NWA except i'm hispanic but that's ok, they know i am a bad mother fucker at heart who hates women, dogs, rival gangs and winnie the pooh. winnie is bitchless. - aleta kajika

You'd have an awful lot more gloating about the status of the downtrodden proletariat plankton. Stupid mindless prokaryotes, no understanding of their own existence, open for rampant exploitation by the gaping maw of the cetacaean capitalism.- Fish

I'd set my self on fire.- Shane the carnivorous vegetarian

Ummm you are right confused.- Jefe

I already am one, so how do I answer this one? I'm really not a great contributor seeing as I haven't submitted anything in eons, but I'm working on it, okay? Okay?! What if I WASN'T a contributing member? I guess I'd spend my days wallowing in despair, drinking Slurpees, surfing the net, playing video games....uh, wait, I do that anyway.- McDiablo

4 words... porn, and more porn!- King Jimothy

that would be cool- Krissy_list 2005

cool, i am just passing some time doing this and if it gets posted then sweet- mr person

No thank you...- Cheza

I'd suck you off... with a miniture black hole..........- Friend Of George

I would call myself Info-Joe, and I would write reviews for movies I hate.- j0eg0d

It would fufill I dream I've been harboring ever since I finished reading this question.- bobcows

then i would smile and eat my cake....- Eme2407

What if? make me one then i'll tell you- Acid

Are you out of your fucking mind??? Oh that's right you are...............- Northern Boy

First, I'd hurt myself to know that this was really happening. Second, I hurt you for doing this to me. Third, I hurt myself again for hurting you. Fourth, I hurt you again because I like that sort of thing. Fifth, I kill everyone. Sixth, I kill you. Seventh, I kill myself.- Shadowen

i would eat my hat.- Odball1

I would jump up and down in joy, run around than probably run into a wall, break my nose and end up in the hospital with a concussion and forget it ever happened.- PyroPrincezz

That would depend on your definition of "contributing". If by "contributing" you mean regular site clean up after a frat party, then I would probably piss myself, crawl under my bed and live out the rest of my life as a lost sock.- CasualtFatality

you might actually go insane- ireg

i dont know.....- erica' good to go. ya' want a copy of my mental evaluation test,it's a good read,i.q.(136,bad day)psyce ward room number,(classified, but i could trans-migrate to the hall and take a look and get back to you on that.i haven't been outside in a while,,i have some.eyes?standard amount.special abilities?severe panic disorder,with all the upgrades and accessories.race?not to fast if it's all the same to you,but i could speed up if i need to.i like pizza,,,and, the daily show.weight? sure if i have's some money($$$$$$$) ok,here's some more($$$$$$$$$)let me know if you need any more,,i mean we're freinds right? peace and love,wish you were what???would ya'll excuse me,i have leave for a few seconds,,be right back!!(:) (ok scotty,beam me up) - rayyo77

I got nothing to prove.- KTine

I am Muahahahahahaha- Poptart

My God!!- badbad

Then you'd end up with a lot more stupid, unfunny questions like the one I just suggested above.- Sven The Masseur

You tell me!!- Catin

I'd fall off my chair- scheree

i wouldn't do it, i hate stuff like that- niki

why thank you very much :)- freddie


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