Results for July 2005

What sort of plans do you WISH you had this summer
(or if you're in the Southern hemisphere, winter.)?

The plans for the microsoft building, so I can find it's weakness and fly in on my xwing and blow it to smithereens! HUZZAH! Alternatively I could move into my new house and start life as a quiet, if eccentric student. But we all know that's bollocks.- George

This summer i wish i could go to scottland, and visit the sheep farms. I would wish for nothing more than to go to scottland and come home with a new wife.- SickWills

Heading to a Buddisht monastery, Johnny Depp. - marion crane

i wish i didn't have to dump my shiting boyfriend cause i could be getting laid right now.- Izzy

I wish I planned on leaving my room long enough to acknowledge it was summer.- Mute8s

i wish i could just be care free and jump into my swimming pool naked....WoOt!! SKINNY DIPPING!! lol the only problem with that is...i dont have a swimming pool:(- frizz09

definitely genocide or extreme destruction. think about it. if you had a lot of time on your hands you'd think you could think up something to delete the stupids you deal with every day or that stupid real estate center which overtook your drinking spot. instead thoughts of reality tv shows and cold coffee from dunkin donuts are prevailing. what the fuck is up with that. how come we don't call it ocean time all turn into sailors and have four hour rigorous buttsex. it could get raunchy but it isn't more raunchy than a nudist colony in florida. trent renzor would do it, why don't you? because you just don't have what it takes. you don't eat a balanced diet and you don't have spirit. buck up little camel, there's light in the back of your tunnel.- aleta kajika

I wish, this winter, to spend all my time up to my ribs in a giant vat of packing foam with 3 sunburnt penguins and the latter half of last Thursday. One important proviso: All must be wearing pink spandex with the words "I am a walrus" emblazoned across the nether regions. Good times (and sunburnt penguins) to be had by all.- FIsh

To go to the theater, I know that may seem lame but the last movie I saw in a theater was "Pet Cemetery" and I cired like a little bitch. The fact that I was 34 at the time doesn't change the fact that that movie was really fucking scary.- Shane the carnivorous vegetarian

Getting laid on the beach. Make that in the the sand. That way its not so hot. But sand gets everywhere...damn.- Jefe

I wish I could set Herbert and Emerald up on a date. Wait, I'm not sure if I trust Herbert. I mean, he seems really happy and huggable, but huggy people/sock monkeys tend to scare me. I'm not sure if he'd keep his hands and tail to himself. Emerald is still young and innocent after all. Maybe I should set her up with a hot chimpanzee or something....or at the very least a teddy bear.- McDiablo

I wish I was running a strip club for good old country boys that like sheep and goats. I'd even have a 5 tooth limit in order to get in... more than five teeth and my bouncer Bubba Lee Johnny Ralphy Pot Pie would whoop your ass until you meet the 5 tooth limit.- King Jimothy

to be with the man i love- Krissy_list 2005

road trip with girlfriend- mr person

To go to Japan with friends- Cheza

Going round the world in a yellow submarine, in the sky, in a balloon, with hookers.- Friend Of George

I wish I had planned for the city water conservation. Soap just doesn't lather as well with sweat.- j0eg0d

I'd like to be planning where Camilla Parker Bowles and I would be running off to. Or Angelina Jolie.- bobcows

i wish i were in Spain- Acid

Laying on the beach somewhere far from this tiny town with just my friends...- Eme2407

You Mean it's summer???? I have to stop drinking...........- Northern Boy

It would be nice if I had fabulous plans to go see wonderful things. Instead, I get to amuse some dude in my living room and question my own sanity in general. While that is quite fun, it also only lasts a few weeks and then it's back to the same old crap. So I guess I wish that what plans I did have would last longer.- Shadowen

trip to mars- Odball1

I WISH I had plans to get a summer job at Walmart, just so on my first day at the registers I could use the microphone they use to announce deals and such and say "ATTENTION WALMART SHOPPERS! No need to panic...but there is a seriel killer on the loose and he has a vendetta against Walmart and anybody that shops there" And then of course I'd watch mass hysteria insue...or just people laughing either way I'd get fired but who cares I don't need your dirty money!!!!! - PyroPrincezz

I WISH I had plans to gather my own circle of henchmen, overthrow Bill Gates and take over the world. Sadly, I don't have those kind of's all about motivation. - CasualtFatality

lying on the beach- ireg

the plans that include driving around in my nonexistant car.- erica

look back on my remodeling project that is finished! I WISH!@#$&^!!! im' not ever going to finish it!!,,,ah ha! wait a second,,,fish sticks,,skillet full of oil to cook them in,,stove on,,,,,,OH NO! i forgot to get tarter sause!!!,,must run to store!!,,,,.uh,uh,mabey that remodeling will get done after all.i just need to eat a little something first.>;)- rayyo77

I wish I was shaking peach trees- KTine

To go on a world tour that would continue on into the winter where I'd travel the Southern hemisphere and so as not to have to deal with any snow for once. (Oh well, maybe next year !)- Poptart

grass to feed ass!!- badbad

Does that mean that they are plans that I would rather have than those I do have? Nothing. If there's something I want to do, I incorporate it into my plans, even if it doesn't end up being acted upon. Ergo, my plans are exactly what I WISH I were doing.- Sven The Masseur

to go camping in the snow- Catin

staying warm (ish in Southern hemisphere)- scheree

to go on a REAL vacation- niki

i wish i was interrailing around europe.- freddie

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