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If you could save anything for a rainy day, what would it be and why?

A portable sun, so no fucker can complain about the weather and I can (finally) tan, and if my enemies piss me off I could singe them REALLY well.- George

umm.. I'd have to say i would save Mollys virginity for a rainy day, She is the softess most beautify sheep i have ever cuddled and fondled.- SickWills

anything and everything because I love rainy days, but probably good chocolate, champagne, a nice Ella Fitzgerald or Etta James or David Bowie record, beautiful pajamas, sex, oh and maybe an umbrella. And a cat. And a good book. A mystery. A good mystery.- marion crane

rain so that everday could be rainy. i love going for walks in the rain cause then people don't know when you are crying.- Izzy

Umm porno mags. why? well first for the obvious reason and second those slick water resistant pages sure make a dandy umbrella if your wife/girlfriend catches you using those mags and kicks you out in the rain.- Mute8s

i would save my reasons to cry till a rainy day so i could go out side and cry. cuz when u cry in the rain no one can see ur tears.- frizz09

absolutely nothing because rainy days blow balls. when i was a wee lad in the hills of assfordshire, only the native americans would celebrate the rain. i never cared much for it as it is only water in small drops and a big waste of time. however i am fond of snow, it tastes like shit and can kill a tickle me elmo. trust me i tried that. - aleta kajika

well, I'd use a black body to store a large quantity of sunlight, thereby guaranteeing myself not only an infinite source of sunlight, but also a high incidence of neoplasms from the incipient radiation.- FIsh

well, I'd use a black body to store a large quantity of sunlight, thereby guaranteeing myself not only an infinite source of sunlight, but also a high incidence of neoplasms from the incipient radiation.- Fish

My dads pain pills, they're hours of fun and.........where the hell am I? - Shane the carnivorous vegetarian

Cat hairballs. So I can throw them at people. What else are they good for?- Jefe

Cork grease. I'd use it so I can easily put my clarinet together and take it apart. I haven't played that thing in ages. I remember in Grade 6 some guy told me my clarinet sounded like a dying seal. I should've ripped him a new asshole, or at the very least a vagina--then he'd know what us girls have to put up with (minus the random bleeding, I guess). Wow......I went really off topic there.- McDiablo

I wait until it rains to shower if that counts.- King Jimothy

be any where but here- Krissy_list 2005

i wouldnt save something because i like rainy days and would be out wandering around enjoying it firsthand- mr person

Something creative to do- Cheza

I would save a baby seal, because if it rained to much the water current will get too powerful and wash it away and it may die. I'd sooner kill the fucking seal myself.- Friend Of George

Making mud pies. Because the rain makes the dirt easier to hold.- j0eg0d

A jar of rain from another day and another place just see what happens when I dump it out and it mingles with the new fresh rain.- bobcows

When it rains, all you can do is curl up in a ball. I would save my blanket for a rainy day, and nap it away inside.- Joel

Playing in the rain! DUH!.... the only time u can play in the rain is when its raining....- Eme2407

I would save my best pair of undies,you never know who might drop by- Acid

My Raincoat..................Don't ask's a rainy day dumbass!!- Northern Boy

I would like to save up some thunder and lighting. If there is going to be rain then damnit I want some fucking thunder and lighting to go with it. I mean, it's just in poor taste for rain to come down without any sort of fun show to go along with it. Down with plain old rain, yay for loud thunder and lighting shows.- Shadowen

Bottle of water- Odball1

Pots and pans....because my roof leaks.- PyroPrincezz

A penguin because penguins will one day rule the earth and I want to be on their good side...and because I'd like to see what would happen if I were to take him out of my sock drawer and actually bring him into the realy world.- CasualtFatality

a midget .... you have to ask why- ireg

curling up in my big chair and reading a book. in front of a fire. with coffee. or hot chocolate.- erica

TIME,,,because once it has passed, it's not comeing back,will not be repeated,will not come arround again,you can not respend "SPENT TIME".my opinion only:NOT ONLY CAN TIME BE USED,WASTED,THROWN INTO THE PAST NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN,,,IT IS TRULY THE ONLY THING THAT CAN BE TRULY AND FOR EVERMORE MURDERD WITH NO HOPE OF REBIRTH,RESSURECTION,AND MOST CERTAINLY,,,NO REPEATING.(that would be cheating and you can't cheat time).....can you.<-----period.- rayyo77

Bicarbonate soda. Bubbles- KTine

I wish I could save all the money that I've spent on video rentals over the years, then I could afford to buy a plane ticket to somewhere where it isn't raining.- Poptart

an umbrella. to put it in home and get into rain without it- badbad

A common answer like "water" or "rain" because I can't be buggered coming up with something actually original and have to revert to the artificial reverse-psychology-reliant "originality" that takes no effort.- Sven The Masseur

a tarp to make a boat for when it starts to flood- Catin

an umbrella- scheree

my big book because i never read it - niki

a good book, preferably our man in havana by graham greene, or the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy parts 1-5- freddie


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