Results for July 2005

What question do you think we should ask on this Questionnaire?

What is your favourite element in the periodic table? BECAUSE there's lots of fun things in there! Like Gold can be sold for lots of money and you discover the person is a capitalist Lithium makes boring fire, Caesium EXPLODES really well, Helium makes your Dad talk funny at birthday parties, Murcury is very poisonous and can be fed to enemies to smite them and Boron has a funny name. There is lots of fun to be had on the periodic table. My favourite is Sodium, because it's flamable AND I tried to poison my science teacher with it.- George

I think you should have asked, What do you love the most about sheep. My answere would be that they are soft, and pretty, and warm to snuggle with at night, and no matter what you do to them they don't say no, or i have a headache.- SickWills

Why?- marion crane

How fucking bored must you be to actually be here?- Izzy

If you farted in an elevator would you admit it?- Mute8s

i think u should put in a question like...."If u were the opposite sex than u were, would u be gay/lesbian or both?" lol one of my friends asked a friend of mine and he said he would be a lesbian!! he cracks me up!- frizz09

don't ask anything just put a blank space and see what happens- aleta kajika

"What question SHOULDN'T we ask on this Questionnaire?"- Fish

Which is more offensive? Punching a three year old kid with down syndrome in the teeth or tricking him into thinking you're his friend and getting him to take a dump in his moms mouth while she's sleeping.- Shane the carnivorous vegetarian

What Question do you think we should ask on this Questionnaire?- Jefe

Where's the weirdest place you've picked a wedgie? Actually, any wedgie related questions would do. People's wedgie picking tendencies tell you a lot about them. Like, if they do it in public places, then they have no shame. If they don't, they might have to work on their self-esteem. Or, you can realize just how much discomfort people are willing to put themselves in. These people will most likely end up in miserable marriages without getting divorces 'cuz they're pussies. - McDiablo

How big is your dog's clit?- King Jimothy

if you can pick a place to go (anywhere in the world or another time)? why?- Krissy_list 2005

what is your favorite type of cheese- mr person

I'm sure you'll come up with something..- Cheza

Is a Vauxhall Corsa a hairdresser's car (Like George thinks) or is it a chavmobile (ask George on definition of this) or both... or neither?- Friend Of George

Why even bother asking a question? Just demand something stupid in writing.- j0eg0d

I suppose the obvious answer will be "What question do you think we should ask on this Questionnaire?"- bobcows

A trick question that no matter how someone answers it it will still make you look like dumb ass.- Eme2407

STOP asking me all these fucking I on trial here??- Northern Boy

Something about stuff. People like talking about themselves so come up with shit where people can babble on about themselves and pretend they're all creative. Then, you slap them with a bad answer award and shatter their fragile little egos. It's all about the pain here isn't it, you sick bastards.- Shadowen

can you lick youre elbow?- Odball1

Tsk tsk tsk...getting us people to do your job for you. Running out of ideas are we? Well I'm too smart for your tricks! I won't give you any ideas unless you make me an official member of The Insane Domain so THERE!- PyroPrincezz

"What color is your bely if the moose is facing west as the bird lands on top of the cow on a weekend?"- CasualtFatality

how many pancakes does it take to make a doghouse?- ireg

is there any reason to go to high school?- erica

would you REALLY like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony? and WHY?- rayyo77

What question do you think I should think you should be asking?- KTine

Is Lesbian Motocycle Brigade a good name for a band even though none of the members are lesbians?- Poptart

if you were another one, whould you like or love yourself now?- badbad

"What would it be like if you were made out of semtex?"- Sven The Masseur

which is smarter crows or dogs?- Catin

which is heavier a pound of gold or a pound of feathers?- scheree

when you lost your virginty- niki

what's your favourite colour? well it wouldn't be a proper internet test without it, would it?- freddie


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