: February 2005

A talking sheep dog tells you that the moon landing was a huge sham, and insists that you go to the doctor to look into these delusions you're having of animals speaking. When you finally get to the doctor, the dog sits outside the window, staring in at you as you try to explain to the doctor that the dog sent you. When the doctor looks, the dog waves it's paw at him and nods. Do you think the doctor will now believe you and if not, how do you convince him otherwise?

He will not believe me, so I would slip some LSD into the conveniantly placed hole in his stomach when he is not looking, because now that the idea of a talking sheep dog is in his mind how can he refuse the idea?- December

Nobody believes me. So I hit them all with hammers until they stop twitching. The dog makes me do it.- Mzebonga

Of course he'll believe me! He's the one who sent the talking robot sheep dog after me, trying to convince me that I'm seeing talking animals so he can get me into the asylum. He is very determined. I'll have to stab out his eyes and shove his robot dog right up his stupid @$^*%#ing !!@^&#$&#$@#!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ummm....sorry about that. Excessive caffeine...- bluemonkeyfearer

I know they didn't land on the moon. The dog is actually my friend Bernie, and I know this because he said when he was reincarnated that he would be a talking sheep dog. Sometimes, when I'm drunk, i walk around looking for Bernie, but he only shows up when he is away from his German Shepherd girlfriend. Come on bernie, i need time with you too!- jenoah

He won't believe me, because he, himself is also insane, and he knows it.- chaos_zero

i get naked and piss on him. convincing him im crazy. so i can bounce of padded walls. and eat free food.- Jord

yell at him in Latin with dramatic facial expressions and lots of gesticalting- mo

No, I do not think that the doctor would believe me and I would make love to that sweet doctor and then to the dog and then i would have the dog talk so that the Dr. would believe him.- Rachie pookie poo

The doctor will not declare whether he believes me or not, but will recommend for my malady a series of long, in-depth and expensive sessions of psychoanalysis to leach me of all my newly hard-earned dollars. The dog is really acting as a scouter for patients for the doctor, tempting in the mildly paranoic or hypochondriac with images of said talking animal. The dog gets any bones that need to be surgically removed as payment for his services.- Fish

Never mind. Kill them both.- Boblob

Why would i want to convince the doctor about talking animals ? He'll just ask me if this isn't related to the man that gave me candy in the park, when i was 5, or the fact that mom never loved me... and suddenly he'd just conclude i'm gay... Nah, i stay away from doctors... that's what he voice in my head always tells me... - Blinder

Same way I always do... with money.- j0eg0d


i wait for the doctors reaction and see that he also see's the dog.... at least at first, then he blinks and shakes his head and suddenly the dog disappears and you are locked into a maximum security loony bin where you are fed crippling chemicals for the rest of your natural life.- thathinguywhois

This actually happened to a friend of mine last year. Her health insurance didn't pay for talking animals, and that doctor visit cost her $96.- PRchick

I think the doctor should have a word with the dog... After all why am i so special that the dog speaks only to me and not to other people?? - Kellykins

The doctor looked outside and said, " I see nothing, much less a alking sheep dog!". He got up and went to his desk,"You crazy! I send you to house of crazees!" he pulled out a big button with a smiley face from his door and pressed it. An alarm went off and two men wearing white outfits loaded me onto a stretcher with many unnecesary straps and took me away. The sheep dog followed me into their car and sang marry had a little lamb all the way to the asylum. -me

He''d believe me, act all excited at this new discovery and tell him to come with him in a exuberant and over-joyed manner... until we reach the room he was guideing me to, then five over pumped men grab ahold of my arms and his face turns stern... tries to reassure me as I feel something pinch me in my ass and I slowly fade out... wake up in that all white room or in a foriegn city street... sense the medical system are more perverse and enjoy slaves... numero uno, it always unwinds like that... starting to bore me... at least once you'd think they admit to not seeing it and i could kindly go outside and point it out....- dubular

I believe that the doctor and the dog have an allience going on. He'll know that the dog can in fact talk, but he'll tell me I'm delusional and as they are taking me away, he will laugh hysterically, as I'm shouting to the others, "Beware of the talking sheep dog."- monkeeskittles

I think the doctorshould believe me after that since the dog waved and nodded at the doctor.. and if he doesn't... grr that doctor is insane and I'd try to explain it to him.- SG*

Doctors have no imaginations. I mean, come on, they wasted ten years of their life studying science in order to become a doctor--you think they're gonna believe something as unbelievable as a talking sheep dog? Well, I'd probably try to dumb down the situation so he/she could understand since their imagination died years before. How would I do that? Remind him of that film called "Babe". "Baa Ram Ewe..."- McDiablo

a talking dog? COOL!!! but Its prolly a delusion considering I'm always hyped up on sugar to supress my anger and sadness. But I would probably not tell the doctor this ,that would probably not convince him to believe me at all. But why would the dog tell me to look into the delusions of animals talking if he is talking? Does he want me to stop talking to him? now i'm sad....i thought he was my friend!!!- BoredBlondChick5

Yes...the doctor believed me from the start...He is in LEAGUE with the dog...- InstantOatmeal

sure he will, i'll make sure of it *looks evil*- hybridtheory033!

... Umm... put a gun to his head, and tell him to believe me! If he doesnt, then I would shoot myself in the foot, then wonder why the hell I did that.- Asylm Chik

Me no know.- Anna

Of course he won't! The very fact that the dog and the doctor are acknowledging each other proves that they are in fact trying to convince me I need to see the doctor, so the doctor can inject me with huge amounts of laxative, for their own amusement as I poop everywhere. Hmmmm..... poop......- Superman Dave

id blaze some weed with the doc that way even if the dog dosent talk to him he'll still think the dog talked to him.- jiggz420

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