Results for December 2005

Would you like members of TheInsaneDomain to join you this year for holiday celebrations with you, your friends and your family?

not really - poo

...u would probably scare them 2 death...literaly - brown_stuff

I have no friends or family, but you're welcome to join me for my microwave TV dinner. This said, we won't be watching TV, because the likelihood of someone throwing out a working TV is slim until after Christmas and/or New Year. - Catherine

Only your pets - scrote

You know I'd fucking love that, Herbert should totally meet my 82 year old nan, she'd knock the living crap out of him, sure she's old, but she's one of those old ladies that ISN'T dying for anyone, she's got too much spoiling her grandkids to do yet. I think Mzebonga, Poptart and my Dad would talk about music, because it's the easiest smalltalk in the world. McDiablo and my sister would go and be arty in a corner somewhere, just warn McD that my sister may try and eat her muff. JCP and my mother will ACTUALLY become the best of friends and come up with many ways in which they can plan to destroy me, in a social sense. Emerald and I will be, well, I'll find a quiet place... Oh Drunkennewfiemidget wouldn't come, because he's too cool, I LOVE YOU! - George

The members of TheInsaneDomain ARE my family. - Mzebonga

WTF JCP??? I'm going to have to go to even MORE Xmas functions than I already do?? sigh...they better have lots of drinks !! - Poptart

fuck yeah, we can all get drunk and cause mayhem!!! - Russ Dire

nope - fnurkus artvark

Herbert and Emerald are invited because they're cute and they stow away easily in a cupboard. If any you other misfits think you can stow away in a cupboard then you're welcome to come too. - Turtle

I'd like to bring back SAnimal so Christmas can get ruined. - Mzebonga

Hell no! - hippiedad69

Maybe, if they are interested in group sex, they souldn't come to my house. Sickos! - Ace

That would be fun, but I think a lot of bitter ranting and/or mumbling would occur. My mom's not too into the Anti-Christmas thing, so she might make us go downstairs (where it's usually damn cold) and rant/mumble down there. I'll probably whine the whole time about how cold it is and....hmm, okay, that really doesn't sound like a good time at all. Forget everything I wrote doo. - McDiablo

Not if I have to do anything. At all. - WingNut

No - josue

All of you can come over and watch us get drunk. it's a beautiful thing. - b_write

Not unless you bring me lots of expensive presents and/or cash. - The infamous Jefferson Rottweiler

you can join my family - Maude Lynne

Only if you'll exterminate my family for me afterward....or really doesn't matter ro me. - bluemonkeyfearer

Of course! We'll make it a party! You guys bring the booze. I'll have the bitches! - idontmindthesunsometimes

no fuck off. - renae

maybe - spike might be entertaining if they all got drunk and started warping christmas carols into the insane versions of them. Like Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way to hell! - PyroPrincezz

I'm currently in japan, i doubt thats coing to happen. - TRIpod

Not sure they could handle it, but if they're game so am I. - Balloons R Fun

no, not really - nick

Yes... McDiablo and Emerald are for sure going to have to celebrate with me at some point.. Spammy I sure will have fun with Emerald at some point. hahaha - ~Jeepster

I remember what I said for my original answer and now I'll say this: You wouldn't last five minutes with my family, I guarentee. - George's Clone - George

frankly, no. - Katoid

Fuck you guys thats just more money i have to spend on X-Mas gifts!!! - l2o0aLo0 thanx - colour-me-psycho

no - blackwallstreet4life

Not particularly, I'm not sharing my poor beknighted and entirely sane relatives with anyone. They're mine to drive to distraction and corrupt, and mine only. Sorry. Have a small child instead. You want the baby? Who wants the baby? It's tender and tasty, and only $3.95 a pound at Shylock's. - Fish

i am uncumfortable around people with pycosis. - Nonameloser

Sure. You bring the Jack Daniels. - PRchick

I dont like the fact that u hate us in the USA so no way. - I was that other guy

as i said before why should i, u hate us. - its me agian

Maybe, depends on how insane and entertaining they may be. - Zelda

That would spoil the insanedomain. Once they seen me, my friends and family they'd realise that they weren't so insane in the first place. Noone would ever use the website again (apart from me, my friends and family). As I have no friends and family then it would be me alone that visited the website. Business would be lousy and the website would get closed down. So NO NONE OF YOU CAN COME. - Bumface

no....thank-you - pancho

HA! HA! HA! My family already thinks I'm insane. I don't need any help. - Zaqim

OH YES PLEASE DO! I will even let you use the good hand towels. - *silverfish*

Hell yes, as long as my family would be annoyed - Jenn

eh...sure why not. - Katoid

sure, wht the fuck not - jo yama

sure, they'll go away transgenderized - iamzbob

Nope - kellykins

no - forgotten name

NO - trulte

No. Not really. - Swine

Ha ha ha, I'm laughing at the very idea of it. - Rhys

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