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If you are given any shitty presents this year, will you send them to us to destroy or will you be a greedy bastard as usual?

greedy - poo

i will throw the presents at little children who barge past me!! if i have any left ova i will send them 2 you, but only if you strap little children to a bomb dats attached to the presents and let me detonate it - brown_stuff

Fuck you all, I'll be the one mutilating the shit! - Catherine

Greedy Bastard - scrote

No, I'll send them to the eskimos, they will be wise with their usage of them. Either that or they'll try to distill it into fucking alcahol or some shit and try and get drunk of "sock wine". Yeah. That was racist. I love eskimos really, WHO SAID BAD STUFF ABOUT ESKIMOS?!?! - George

I'm guessing that I constitute part of "us" so I'd gleefully destroy them for the cause. Let's face it, I'd do well to hold my parents back from destroying them for me. - Mzebonga

No, I will keep the gift and regift it next year at the annual Xmas party. - Poptart

plot revenge... - Russ Dire

yes - fnurkus artvark

I will be adding them to the cycle of shitty presents which seems to circulate, coming full-circle every couple of years. By giving the shitty presents to someone else you cannot be accused of wastage - plus it saves you having to spend money on someone you don't actually care about. - Turtle

I will keep them, to go with my shit collection. I'm up to 223 different varieties of shit. - Mzebonga

I'll be a greedy bastard as usual. - hippiedad69

I will send them to you after throughly stomping on them. - Ace

Well, if it's really bad, I'd like to send it to you to burn it. I like to share the excitement that pyromania brings. But, I usually don't get shitty presents. How so? I basically use X-mas to get a crapload of stuff I've been needing for the past year (or couple of years). This includes socks, undergarments (that's right, I said 'garments'), books, pens...that kind of stuff. Maybe you could burn all my old socks. BONFIRE PARTY! - McDiablo

My friends know better than to give me shitty presents. - WingNut

greedy bastard - josue

That's a terrible question and I refuse to send you any of my gifts. I would rather assume I send you your OWN gifts, like the nice person I am. - b_write

No, I'll give them to a needy pregnant hobo. - The infamous Jefferson Rottweiler

probably burn for warmth - Maude Lynne

As usual?!? I don't believe that I appreciate the insinuation. I'll have you know that I...I....well, damn. I got nuthin. If I send you my shitty presents, are you sure that you intend to destroy them? Poo. I'd rather send them to Herbert. At least he would appreciate me. Waaaaaah - bluemonkeyfearer

send them to you, let you have your wicked way with them :) - Caffeine Cruise

I'll send you socks from my grandma. You crazy kids at love socks. Do with them what you will. - idontmindthesunsometimes

i think ill burn them on the front lawn and as my neighbors call the fire department ill sing the team america theme song and tell the nosey local news reporters to fuck off or ill shove their mics right up their asses. - renae

i will destroy them myself with my mini dynomite - spike

Well actually I'm going to be a little bit of both. I'll keep the presents to destroy by throwing at passing pedestrians that look like the people that gave me crappy presents. - PyroPrincezz

I'll only send them if i get copies of proof that they're destroyed! - TRIpod

Have to go with the greed. - Balloons R Fun

greedy bastard - nick

Nah, I can send it to you, or you can tell me what to do with the shitty gift. ie. blow it up, smash it, do some dropping from high places. oh the fun that will come. - ~Jeepster

Yeah, you know what FUCK YOU! I have been living on the FUCKING breadline for the past few months, I NEED FUCKING PRESENTS.... Okay they'll be in the post... ...sorry.... - George's Clone - George

I'd probably grimace, thank the person, then use them for my uranium experiments that I do in the dark depths of my basement. After that, I'd simply send it back to the person who gave it to me. - Katoid

send them to you - lois

greedy bastard of course thats what am i supposed to do? when do you assholes ever send me anything? - l2o0aLo0

im not greedy... - colour-me-psycho

i would be a greedy bastard - blackwallstreet4life

I can mail it to you, but I think the quarantine workers might be up set. Have you ever TRIED mailing a chicken with TB? Some people just have no sense of humour. - Fish

what is greedy bastard. - Nonameloser

I already received two! You can have them if you want. Don't decide until you see the pictures. - PRchick

i will blow it up - I was that other guy

i will steel it from the store first. - its me agian

I never get shitty presents, if im not fully satisfied with them, im sure I could find a way to make use of them. - Zelda

A bit of both. Why should I let you have all the fun destroying my presents. I'll destroy all of my shifty presents personally and enjoy doing so as well.- Bumface

I'll wrap them up and give them to someone else to save money!!!! =) - lilboggs

i would enjoy it more if u destroyed the presents - pancho

I will of course, be a greedy bastard. - Zaqim

I will send them to you. I love you. No really. You all turn me on. ALL of you, even the monkeys. Ya thats right I love you. - *silverfish*

A greedy bastard probably. - Jenn

depends on what you call shitty, do you mean it in the sense that they are simply covered in shit? if so, I'd probably just clean them off and be happy with my sparkly shinyrific gifts. - Katoid

greedy - jo yama

i only GAVE shitty presents this year. i actually got some non shitty stuff. someone still shit on it, but it started out as non shitty - iamzbob

i like to destroy them myself... but who are we kidding, I never get shitty presents, they wouldn't dare! - kellykins

greedy - forgotten name

usal - trulte

I've never been given a shitty present. - Swine

Greedy as usual - Rhys

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