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What sucks most about December?

people putting decorations up on the first of december - poo the time you get 2 january u still write 05 for the date instead in 06..... - brown_stuff

The fact that the next month is January, when everything you bought in December has dropped prices by 75%. - Catherine

Christmas adverts - scrote

The fucking Cinema, oh sure the films are fucking excellent, but the little cunts that come in and make a shithole of my nice clean foyer need to be fucking bricked (that's like a stoning, but far more fun), thus, however fucking AWESOME a movie is over christmas, I dread the release. So Parents, remember, if you're taking your children to the cinema, don't forget to kill them first. - George

I mean, as if that weren't entirely obvious. In fact, that may be it: December's entire existence revolves around one thing. From the 1st to the 24th everybody seems to be going fucking nuts with Christmas parties and buying presents and decorations and other shit besides. Instead of making this a much better month for everyone, Christmas makes December suck like an angry squid. - Mzebonga

hmmmmm....lets see, CHRISTMAS !!!!!?????? And all that CRAP that comes along with Christmas...don't get me wrong, I like to give gifts but I can do that at any point during the year. Let's take all the money generated by Xmas and buy HIV medication for countless African countries who have been ravaged by the decease. We can also round up all the shopping mall Santas, give them a quick course in adminestering said medication. It certainly wouldn't solve the problem but it might go a long way in helping. - Poptart

spending money for a holiday made up for business' to earn more. - Russ Dire

christmas - fnurkus artvark

It seems to take at least five times longer to do normal things such as going to the supermarket. Why is it that everyone suddenly has to go to the supermarket at the same time? The weather's always a bit fickle too - It's kind of hot but not quite hot enough to take your jersey off. But you know that if you do take your jersey off then you'll get immediate skin cancer. Just remember: Slip, slop, slap and wrap. ugh.. . - Turtle

It's not over yet. I'm sure that, as soon as I identify something; something far suckier will occur to excede my expectations. - Mzebonga

Christmas - hippiedad69

You have to spend all that money. I wish you could just smile at people and they would consider themselves lucky to know you. - Ace

The snow. People driving in the snow. People throwing snowballs at cars. Icy patches. People driving on icy patches. Old people trying to walk on icy patches...well, that last thing there can make for good comedy, but you momentarily feel like a bastard afterwards for laughing. Key word: "momentarily." - McDiablo

It doesn't actually become winter until mid-December, but the month is rude enough to let snow occur before then. Where I come from, a faux pas like that just isn't socially acceptable. - WingNut

Not enough friends - josue

As normal, I would have to say the cold weather, but no. December is so sucky you have to go beyond the norm and dig a little deeper to find out what really irks me about december. Ah, December, a month of agony and pain. When you think about december you think about how your feet are constantly cold, your nose constantly runny, and all throughout your day in school all you can hear over the teachers monotone voice is sniffing and coughing. Then when you go to eat lunch, your only 40 minutes of free time, you notice even the lunch lady is sneezing and coughing. So you can't even eat your food. December pretty much sucks all around. - b_write

My Uncle Sidney. Radioactive snow. Elephants don't like to come out in the cold. - The infamous Jefferson Rottweiler

Being ho-ho-homeless - Maude Lynne

What sucks most? Well, let's see. Here I am in Nebraska. Therefore December means SNOW. And temperatures well below zero. I'm sure it's the same way in Canada, but seeing as I have never been to Canada, Canada's Canadian weather patterns are none of my concern. Anyhoooo, yes. It's damn cold here. And I get to walk home from school because my mother doesn't answer her cell phone. >_< - bluemonkeyfearer

Rant Alert! The crawling mass of shoppers obsessed by little "nice" gifts, buiying each other stuff that is pointless and will be received with a "oh, that;s what I always wanted" at the end, on Xmas Day. Gods sake peiople! buy others what they would like, what they will keep and use, or eat and like! Not what you think they wo0uld like! I'm an advocate of the wish list. Definitely. Also, mistletoe just plain sucks if your lips olook like mine do at the mo! Blooimin skin drugs - Caffeine Cruise

Santa Clause. He's Big and fat and white and steals money from the mall. - idontmindthesunsometimes

buying gifts for about 15 people wiht only 40 bucks. midterm tests that oyu know your going to fail but you attempt to study for anyways. "scene" chicks who take 7892347892 picturse of themselves with pricy digital cameras and wear ridiculous non mathcing clothes going around advertising sucky "emo"/"HxC" bands. getting my period on christmas, thats right its scheduled for exactly december 25th..theres goign to be hell at the table this year. - renae

the decoration - spike

For one thing the flippin persnickiteness of the snow!! It'll finally get cold enough to snow and EVERYBODY says it is going to but then it does and it snows like a centimeter and you don't even get to flippin throw snowballs at anybody cuz there isn't any snow to even THROW!!!! - PyroPrincezz

cold weather - TRIpod

money. I make less $$ in December than any other month, but the expenses go up. - Balloons R Fun

cold weather - nick

The amount of ass hole customers you have to deal with. I don't care if you need a turkey, get a ham or a roast it weighs a hell of a lot less, and I wont die from lifting them all, biatches! - ~Jeepster

Prositutes, they keep me warm. - George's Clone - George

The cold. My fragile bodily systems dislike the cold. It makes my skin orange... - Katoid

the stores are too crowded - lois

Definitely having to spend time with all the people you absolutely despise and wish would fall into a well and never be found again. Of course resulting in a movie that came from nowhere and has the power to kill if someone watches it. unless of course someone copies it and passes it on... Oooooo chainletters! Why the fuck were chain letters invented? For the pure enjoyment of the person who had no friends to watch the world be afaid and superstitous!!! Anyways December really sucks the most because of the cold... and im allergic to the cold! - l2o0aLo0's so freakin hectic... - colour-me-psycho

the cold - blackwallstreet4life

too many wonderfully saccharine perfect cadences. - Fish

you cant cook food on snow. - Nonameloser

how about the fact its cold but it doesnt snow!!!! - brown_stuff

I have to say the waiting. Counting down the days 'til Christmas only makes it seem longer, and yet I do it. I want my presents now, dammit. - PRchick

The bugs - I was that other guy

you - its me agian

The Fact that X-mas was meant to celebrate a dead loser who wasn't really a miracle do to the "Virgin" Mary cheating. - Zelda

What sucks the most is the people that think it's a religous time. It did start off by being religous but noone cares about that anymore. It's just an excuse to not work as much, get completely pissed, and give/recieve presents. Noone believes in god anymore. - Bumface

There are crazy, bloodthirsty shoppers everywhere. They would kill just to get to a gumball before you. I thought Christmas was about love and good will toward men, but obviously I was wrong. - Zaqim

all the garbage piled up at the end of the road. There is just so much that it makes me sad. Sometimes I gather it all up and build new things out of it. Sometimes I get caught and go to jail. Other times I just cry. - *silverfish*

The cold weather. And brown snow, it's not cool. Also too much family time kills me. - Jenn

Dreary Weather, Christmas Carols, we wish you!! NOOO!!!! *slaps self* especially the cold, that's definatly the worst and of course there's the merry christmas, and a happy...NOOO!!! NOT AGAIN!! STOP SINGING!!!! AAAAARRRGHHHHHHHH!!!! - Katoid

icy roads - jo yama

well besides the holidays, the family i don't like, the crowds, the people, the idiots, the politically correct "Merry Chris-Kwanz-Akkah", the fat jolly man pedifiling himself all over time, did i mention the goddamn idiots, being dumb fat and sloe, and the idiots. I cant think of a single thing. - iamzbob

The build up. A whole 24 days to prepare and its over in 30 minutes or less. - kellykins

your momma sucks ever day of the year so who cares - forgotten name

no money after xmas - trulte

It's dark and cold. And there's Christmas. - Swine

Other People - Rhys

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