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So, *wink* what are you wearing?

Granny panties, Chanel No. 5 and a smile.- PRchick

I could lie and say I'm wearing nothing at all and have my mighty wang in my hand, sadly though I'm wearing one grey sock, one blue and black sock, a pair of offensively blue boxer shorts, some jeans from GAP that I'm sure I havn't washed in half a year, a tshirt that has the japanese flag covering a picture of the british isles, humourously replacing the town names of english towns with Japanese ones. Finally I am also wearing a nirvana hoodie, which is falling apart and smells mungy.- George

Just a big blue raincoat. Nothing more, nothing less.- Kedski

My self grown furr coat, a Purple G-string, and a big smile.- Sick Wills

My armband and a needle...- Junkie Deluxe

not a heck of's damn hot in here OK, I'm naked....I'm almost always naked while online. If they pay for the webcam, I gotta givem the webcam ! OH MY, That's the Full Poptart !!! - Poptart

Knee high, two inch thick soled boots with hi heels so I can kick your perverted ass for looking up my black mini skirt.....And stop looking at my tits!! IT'S A BLACK TURTLE-FUCKING-NECK T-SHIRT!!!!! THERE'S NO CLEVAGE TO SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!- TheOriginalMixedblood

Hold on, I'll ask him. - "Hey, wink, what are you wearing?" Wink says he is wearing a sport jacket from Saks, but since this is his game show, you really should let him ask the questions.- Qbryzan

I'm not wearing nothing but a davey crockett hat ;o) backwards ;o) oh yea and bicycle clips ;o)- Rotis

God-honestly? Jeans and a T-shirt. I am wearing a thong, but still..the outfit is pretty hideous. (it's laundry day). Why would YOU need to know, you horny old man??- roadkillpuppies

Clothes- Khaki

Jeans and tee-shirt, boxers too. Will be nekked in a mo to do exercises and get in bed.- wiggleworm

pants.... and... uh....hehe! MY BOOBIES ARE HANGIN OUT!- l2o0aLo0

Um, *bats eyelashes*, Oh not to much... Let me check,... Um, a pair of old paint stained jeans, low rise... got a bit of ass crack I'm battling with in the back, and some steel toed boots... or there where some steel toed boots... oop I know seem to have found some socks... ones with red bands near the toes and coloured grey with white splashes... I must take these sweaty things off... *slowly rolls them off*... Um and a shirt with words to faded to read anymore on it... cause I wear it so much when I sleep and is quite old. I think that’s about it, unless you count nail polish and tattoos... hah, I'm kidding, I'm to much of a wuss for tattoos... and nail polish... it burns my nose...- Eaten pudd

very little- Sven the Masseur

I bet those who say "nothing!" will get a monkey bum. That's just a prediction. But, you just so happened to have caught me dressed as a surfer. No, no, I'm not dressed in a wetsuit, although that'd be kind of cool. I should just put on a wetsuit one day and try to pass it off as being normal. Hey, if I lived in Tofino it would be!- McDiablo

Well, *wink* I'm wearing a *wink* black nike t-shirt. (shirt slowly comes up) Along with that, (faint zipper sound) I was wearing green dress pants with *wink* *wink* purple diamoned boxers underneath. ohh yeah. Now, once my socks are off, the package is unvieled. so to answer your question, nothing.- freak ninja

I thought about making up something 'insane', 'wacky' or hilarious answer. However the real answer is probably better. i am wearing a pair of Speedo shorts in blue and red, and a beige hoody with 'Lou Johnson - Exterminator' and a silhouette of a cockroach on it. Oh, and my glasses.- Almost deleted

The blood of the last homo that winked at me.- j0eg0d

Nipple clips, a thong (turned inside out and worn backwards), knee high leather boots, and a parrot.- King Jimothy

baggy pants and a tang top no underwear or bra- Animalfight

I Am Wearing Ankle Warmers, Trousers, Pink Jumper + Under Garments.- x-amy-f-x

Non-descript clothes, I like to blend in.- TomM

penisqwe come on my back.-toope

A sock... and it's not on my foot...- King Jimothy

a G string, and some high heels. HA! not- airin

A pair of boxer shorts that used to say something to the effect of "Football Crazy" on the arse but are so old that the actual name and the print are lost to the mists of time. They're surprisingly comfortable actually... Oh, wait, was that a come on? Have I ruined the moment again? DAMMIT!- Mzebonga


im naked- b-g-d-k

Clothing with enough 'give' to accomodate a large meal if necessary- parenchyma =D what are you wearing ?- Jackal-TRS

a shirt and panties- Sexy Beast

nothing :P- maria12345

Hmm.... why do you want to know you perve? Oh wait....*slaps self* Can't say that, that'd make me a hypocrite...and that's bad....veeeery bad. - PyroPrincezz

A T-shirt type nightie that I've been wearing for a solid week.- Sparkles

covered in shit- bex and jo

Nothing ^_~ lol- Veia

Hmm... Clothing- Trajjik

swim trunks- jsb01

a jailbird suit.- krazie

jeans and a tshirt! why?- krissy_list

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