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What if the next time you leave your place, the members of TheInsaneDomain snuck in and redecorated using swords, light sabres, shoes, pure rage, slurpee gernades and giant drumsticks?

I think maybe I'd be pissed, since I just redid the living room. Maybe you could harness some of that pure rage and clean the basement?- PRchick

I'd feel glad that I was finally in a place that was trully worthy of a student house, I'd crack open a cheap beer and kick back with Poptart and Herbie. Or kick Bach, depends how lucky I am.- George

I'd jump up and down and gleefully say, "Yaaay! Weee!" *coughcough* AHEM! I mean I'll stick my fists in the air and scream, "fuck yeah!" Then rock out. Rock out HARD. I'd be deeply worried by the 'gernades' though . . .- Kedski

I would hope to come home while they were all still at my house, i would be a little upset about the suprise makeover, insane domain style. and Chain all the members of TID crew up and rape them one by one.- Sick Wills

I would go on a killing spree with a light sabre in one hand and a drumstick in the other. When the police finally shot my slurpeed ass to the ground everyone at TheInsaneDomain would be hunted down and mutilated by angry mobs of homeless eskimoes.- Junkie Deluxe

THAT WOULD BE COOL !!! well minus the Slurpee grenages. My place has pretty much had the same look now for over a year. It needs a make over! I want swords and shields, battle axes and armor. Red and Black colour scheme sounds great to me. Who do I contact and who's paying for it?? oh oh...and a small dungeon to lock Herbert up in! With a tiny rack, iron maiden, a juda's cradle and various whips and saws. - Poptart

Dudes and dudettes. Let this be a warning to ALL the members of The InsaneDomain. Those swords and light sabers had better be hung up on the wall to add to my other weapons for decoration, those shoes were nice black and gothic and put in my closet, that rage was a new dvd for me and placed in the dvd player, those slurpee granades decorated my back porch, and the giant drumsticks wrapped up as a gift for my mom. If not, each and every one of you will be identified useing my superior canine nose and I shall send dust bunnies after you to make you sneeze, torment, and then finally kill you all.- TheOriginalMixedblood

I suppose it would depend on one thing - what flavor are the slurpee gernades?- Qbryzan

would those giant drumsticks be chicken drumsticks or just drumsticks cos I like chicken and i like chicken drumsticks, I would be dissapointed if they were wood drumsticks because i do'nt like eating wood! ps. could you use pork fat or instead of shoes ive already got some of them thankyou. oh sorry ill leave the keys my keys with charlie dickinson who will be flying geese down by the docks you'll know its him because he answers to the name charlie and he has geese thanks- Rotis

Tear it all down and have my own room back. - Khaki

I would keep leaving and entering again just to get that shocked feeling once more. Then I would leave one more time to see if they came back and did anything more. When I arrived back after that I would take a lightsaber off the wall and go on an intergalactic quest to save lovely Todd from the invading roll-fingers on the planet Love.- wiggleworm

i would assasinate them. dont bring that shit niygguh!!!- l2o0aLo0

As long as there’s no camera crew involved and my old chair that reeks of hamster piss isn’t touched... I'd be completely fine about it... in fact I'd cry, and lunge into the slurpee juice just because... change is good... and I especially hope its the one I just emptied and sent all my stuff to your address... the place needs a bit of furnishing.- Eaten pudd

What exactly are "slurpee gernades"? I'm unable to "think" (that's hardly rare, but there is a context) of anything faintly amusing, so I'm going to leave it there- Sven the Masseur

Swords?! SLURPEE GRENADES! I'd like both. Sign me up! Uh, I mean....*leaves her place*- McDiablo

what do i need to do for this to actually happen?- freak ninja

Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. Just shoes and Herbert juice would be a different matter.- Almost deleted

(?) ... (looks around) ... is that what happened?- j0eg0d

I'd think it was an improvement, but I'd still go on a murderous rampage stabbing anything that looked like Herbert with my new light sabre.- King Jimothy

I would actually like that, will they do that ?????- Animalfight

That Would Be Super.- x-amy-f-x

My self esteem's pretty low anyway, so I'd probably be glad someone was paying attention to me.- TomM

Where's the beef?-toope

I would be the happiest person alive! I would still hunt down and brutally strangle each and every member of TheInsaneDomain... but I'd do it with appreciatiobn, love and tenderness!- King Jimothy

If it was cool, Id be happy, if it sucked, id be pissed- airin

Well, I'm guessing I'd be part of that plan so it seems slightly less like a cushy deal of getting someone else to decorate your pad. It does, however, sound like fun so everyone on the plane, get over here and help me redecorate! We'll have a party afterwards!- Mzebonga


Nothing new ther then. May take me a few days to notice.- parenchyma

so what... i could use some re decorating... my place looks like shit... hmmm slurpee *drools* yer i could go for one of those right now hmmmmmmmmmm guys wana come over now ?- Jackal-TRS

i would literally die- Sexy Beast

OMG ide scream with joy - maria12345

Well if the MEMBERS of TheInsaneDomain redecorated using all that stuff, then my parents would kill you and you would have to go into the Decorator's Protection Program. Then I'd steal all the lightsabers and keep them because I think a real lightsaber would kick major ass! - PyroPrincezz

They would have a long wait, because I never leave my room- Sparkles

thats a statement not A FUCKIN QUESTION. people these days. cant even write a bloody question. RETARD. tut tut. God i bet u speak dyslexic as well as writin it!!!- bex and jo

I'd love them forever. And uh...give them hugs! and muffins!- Veia

Murder- Trajjik

thats a good idea I think I'll do that- jsb01

ROCK ON!- krazie

that would be cool i think- krissy_list

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