Results for August 2005

What items are red and/or black in the room you're in right now?
Will you mail them to us?

OK, I collect lady bugs, so the list is too numerous to fit here. But, I really hate the ladybug citronella candle my mom gave me (P.U.), so I'll gladly send it along.- PRchick

ummm this malteser wrapper is coming your way I guess... umm one of my fingerless gloves (I have poor circulation in one hand) I guess I could send... ummmm my cat, if I painted him red and black, I'd have to iron him first though... just for fun. There is nothing I wouldn't send you guys, how about my Dad, you guys want my Dad?- George

Um, I have on my desk: A red Bible, a red mousemat, a red pencil, a red torch, a black stationary holder thing (for holding assorted pencils which are not red or black), a black journal thingy and a black guitar tuner which I have been searching for months but is mysteriously right in front of me staring with it's scary input/output jacks. There is a distinct lack of red and black objects in my room. This has disrupted my feng shui. :( PS. No you cannot have my treasure you pesky little thieves! Begone!- Kedski

A cup, a checkbook, a cd case, my underwear on the ground, a 13" vibrator, and a hooker. I'll send you the underwear but they are a little stained.- Sick Wills

Every hooker I've picked up for the last ten years... sooo much red...- Junkie Deluxe

I don't have anything left in my room that's black or red....JCP managed to steal them all over a sucession of visits !- Poptart

My cube and playstation two......That's pretty much it....Oh, and my CD purse thingy and wallet. Sorry. Unless you want the used scrunchie, I'ed be dead for giveing any of this stuff away.- TheOriginalMixedblood

I am in a completely white room (no black curtains, nowhere near the station)- Qbryzan

I have 24 empty cans of Carling lager but they are black , red , and white ah shooks do they count! Sorry i have a piece of black cotton you can have that if you want? just found it on my trousers.- Rotis

No I won't mail em to ya. But umm..the fire hydrant and that's it. - Khaki

Tee-shirts, carpet, headphones, pc case, wallet, socks, starsky and hutch dvd, safety deposit box, vans shoes, trousers, gamepad, pc case.- wiggleworm

Me. and other unimportant things , such as shirts and other articles of clothing.- l2o0aLo0

Hum, a cockame "I spy"... Okay, I'll play, Um... well, My monitor is the first to go... cause I have a mini screen in the corner playing round the clock porn with bad lighting... and then there’s all the black shit... my old stereo system, C.d rack, sheered whip, black painted slugs (tank, too), old golf bag, two old mossy balls that are black with some brown in it... okay fuck, this will take forever, how about I just send everything? Okay... It'll be in the mail quite soon... I'm off to got pick up some cardboard, velcro, some scotch tape and deoderant.- Eaten pudd

The background of the website, for one. Also the chairs, but I'm at uni at the moment so nearly everything's white. Hopefully, I'll be able to rectify this problem, anyone feel like donating black and red paint to the noble cause?- Sven the Masseur

I have black and red striped socks. Sadly, I love them far too much to mail them. They can be pulled up well over my knees. That's right, my KNEES. I love them in the winter because they keep my toesies, feetsies and legsies warm. Could I just mail a picture of them to you instead?- McDiablo

I guess the computer is in red and black because of the background. I guess I could try try e-mail it to ya. Other than that there is a bag of mesquite brbq chips and a whole lotta shoes, and i like my shoes.- freak ninja

My fishing box, my cigarette tin and the seat of my bicycle ( I keep it in my living room). I might mail you my cigarette tin, as I'm giving up. Instead of smoking cigarettes today (usually 20) I have only smoked 2 cigars. i'm stll going to die thogh. Crap. Dying sucks. Maybe I should just smoke if I'm going to die anyway. NO! YOU CAN'T HAVE MY CIGGIES! YOU BA$TARDS!- Almost deleted

I got a black eye with red capillaries... I'm licking envelope shut now.- j0eg0d

I don't know because I'm color blind, so I'll mail you everything and you can send back what's not red or black.- King Jimothy

My pants ...okay- Animalfight

Speakers, Wires, Computer, Chair.- x-amy-f-x

Don't be a loser. - TomM

penis moo-toope

I have nothing in my room red or black. I guess I could turn off the lights and cut myself then I'd be in blackness with red blood leaking everywhere. Hell no I won't mail myself to you!... Well, maybe if Herbert was there to greet me...- King Jimothy

red: rose, red devil horns, red nail polish, Black: curtains, computer, stereo, 2 chairs, my hair, lots of clothes, shoes, jewelry box, blacklight- airin

A hole-punch (no, you can't have it, I need it), a broken yo-yo (no, you can't have it, I love that yo-yo), my pen knife (no, you can't have it, I love that pen knife), a flashing heart-shaped bike light (what the fuck would you want that for?) and 2 empty bottles of budweiser (1. they're kinda black and red & 2. I'm not sending them to you because you'll get pissed at me for sending you empties. I'll buy you some proper beers when I get back).- Mzebonga


Me. No.- parenchyma

ummmm there is a red pencil case.... some red power cords and about 25 black computers.... and no i cant send them to you.... i would get shot for that.....- Jackal-TRS

my stuffed bear nd black laced dress- Sexy Beast

my carpet is red and my pc is black- maria12345

Uhh...most of my clothing is red and/or black. But....other than that my parents don't want me to paint my room black...they say it's depressing. They're so wrong. I'll tell you what color is depressing, PINK! Everytime I see pink....I want to go jump off the nearest bride. least i answered the a lot of detail! Will I mail them to you? Do you want my clothes? I guess...if you'll buy me new ones. - PyroPrincezz

a remote control and the blood on my fingers from a scab I picked.- Sparkles


Hmmm...just one thing a pencil holder... No you can't have it. I luff mr pencil holder *hugs it* :P- Veia

My desk a stack of paper and my tongue, no- Trajjik

the computer screen- jsb01

Red and black... Red roses. No, they're glass. They might break. And a black desk. No, I dont wanna send them. Im not paying for shipping and handling. - krazie

books and papers- krissy_list

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