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If you were allowed to name this new planet in our solar system,
what name would you give it and why?

I think 2003UB313 is a lovely name for a planet. Why are we always projecting our human habits onto other things? I mean, this planet probably doesn't need any valid form of identification to rent a car or get into an R-rated movie, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't have to have an annual Pap. So why not just let it be a planet and leave the poor thing alone?- PRchick

I'd call it "Your Anus" then it'd be WAY to obvious for school kids to laugh at and you won't have to put up with any of this "Ur-unus" bollocks from teachers that are no fun.- George

Bartholomew. I've no idea why, I just suddenly like the sound of it. And it can sort of adapt to my method of remembering the planets: MVEMJSUNP My Very Efficient Mind Just Stores Up Nine Planets ... Bollocks!- Kedski

Hmmm, what would i name it. Geesh no ones asked me to name a planet. How bout 2KingsPlanet. I would name it that becouse i would want to. The planets so far away, who cares about it.- Sick Wills

I'd name it Whogivesashit.- Junkie Deluxe

Poptarticus - It would be named after me(of course) and sometime in the near future I will rule the planet. I think it's about as far as I can get from Herbert in this solar system.- Poptart

Hmmm....A new planet? Well, I don't know. Depends on what's on it. May not even bother nameing it anything other than planet Shithole because we find some native aliens that 'live for peace'.

Planet Janet. Not only does it rhyme in an incredibly cool way, but it invokes thoughts of Rocky Horror, without having to resort to something clumsy like Planet Frankenfurter, or Transylvania.- Qbryzan

Shit i'd name it shit because i do'nt give a shit and it probably is .... shit!- Rotis

AWWW!! It's so cute!!! Astrologers or whoever the fuck makes up planet names really haven't been doing such a good job, have they? I'm sure we can all agree that 2003UB313 is a miserable name. Well, if you think about it "Earth" doesn't sound that hot either, "Venus" rhymes with the male genitalia, and, well..."Uranus"? Come on. Our adorable new planet should have an equally adorable name that actually sounds like a name, something cute that conjures up images of darling pre-pubescent little children with chubby little cheeks (on their faces) and ice cream. You know, like Skippy or something. I always thought Bacon would be a pretty cool name too. I mean, we've already given nine perfectly good planets all horrible names, so why the hell not?- Desi Monster

Freezing Dark Deathly Icicle- Khaki

I would call it love because we need a hell of a lot more of it in our solar system.- wiggleworm

iceopolis the coldest fucking planet EVER!- l2o0aLo0

After been given the privilege of being allowed to do something in general... I'd have to get out the mop and bucket,... then the syringe and change of pants... And by the looks of this planet it kind of looks like a sally or a pat... but I don't want to play up its androgynous attributes but perhaps instead, give it something more confining and imply a stronger personality onto that planet... perhaps one brave enough to come over and socialize with the rest of the planets instead of being out of our solar system, something like Joe, or Raphael... or Maybe, Sicily or Pajamabottoms... I haven’t really made my mind up on the sex... although really I hear Venus and mars are the only ones in the mating game, or that was some metaphor for the human sexes... I don’t know, I forget... But really, I think I'd give another giggle for the preschoolers and myself.. And make another "Uranus" "mycooch" or "Francesspenis" or "Suetit" or "Yacunt"... the options are endless... but "Yacunt" is really winning me over, nice how it flows off the tongue and really sticks in the throat.- Eaten pudd

I would call it either Pluto or Earth. You can never have enough Earths and if it was called Pluto, it'd confuse a hell-of-a-lot of astronomers with nothing better to do.- Sven the Masseur

I don't know about you, but 2003UB313 seems like a pretty hardcore name. NOT. Well, I wasn't even aware that a new planet had been discovered. I guess that goes to show how much I pay attention to the wide world of NASA. Well, the first name that popped in my head was the very uncreative Planet Slurpee, but it'd be kinda fun if it was named something almost unpronouncable: Pxleqzbgety. I bet that means "take your filthy hands off my woman/man you dirty son of a bitch" in Dutch or something.- McDiablo

Uranus , need i explain.- freak ninja

Well 2003UB313 is a crappy name for a planet. So then I thought about using a Disney name (like Pluto) such as 'Elmer Fudd' or 'The Genie from Aladdin'. Bu I don't think Disney would allow it. I always think it's nice to give things human names. Like Christopher, Sally or Grant. With this n mind I would name it Douglas. Douglas is a good name for a planet.- Almost deleted

Well, keeping with the great tradition handed down by the fellow whom named the 7th planet, Uranus... I would suggest calling it "Mypenis".- j0eg0d

I'd name it Herbert's Shoe Haven and we'd run away together to live there making little baby shoes.- King Jimothy

Zanzola because it's orinal just like me..- Animalfight

Plantheadbananahamick.. Because i like the word and just think it should be used more often!- x-amy-f-x

2003UB313 is such a cool name, why change it?- TomM


Who cares what I'd name it? It's not like anybody's gonna go there anytime soon.- King Jimothy

boogalygoogaly. cause its cool- airin

To be honest with you, I think the whole present naming convention is starting to run a little thin with the Roman gods being in finite supply. I like Janus because Janus was the Roman god of doors and 2003UB313 is like a doorway to the outer solar system. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself. I did wonder, however, what the odds of some NASA geek who found it (or whoever) happens to stop by this site and wanted to called it "Mzebonga" in honour of the humble British guy who answers questions here. Would I have creative property whenever anybody made reference to it in adverts etc...? But, seriously, how cool would it be to have a planet named after you?- Mzebonga


Harvey. It suits it.- parenchyma

I would call it monk... because it reminds me of a monks head i once saw while i was out walkig my fish.- Jackal-TRS

I would call it revetahw planet- Sexy Beast

funny dotty planet (self explanitory)- maria12345

A new planet huh? Well why don't we just name it Earth 10 and get it over with. I mean...scientists are going to find a way to inhabit every other planet in the universe eventually and drain them one by one. Saves the trouble of having to change it's name when we start destroying that one too. - PyroPrincezz

Bradley, because I have always liked that name.- Sparkles

a piece of rock!! - bex and jo

Hmm....I would name it...Rena :P- Veia

Monketus, because we're all a bunch of stupid-ass monkeys- Trajjik

213305983456454-76764 Because it would piss everyone off.- jsb01

Urpenis, well Venis and Uranus were already taken...- krazie

it would be the "unexplained". because it just sounds cool!- krissy_list


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