: April 2005

What is the weirdest thing you’ve been told or heard about lately?

That a pair of teenage kids younger than me are "dangerous" because they have no education and live in a truck.- bluemonkeyfearer

well there's this really snobby person in my school who claims she's "gothic" we'll call her Gaylina. She's goin on with my ex best friend(nathan) who threw away our friendship cuz he was jealous i got with the person he hates. Newayz a friend of mine was at the rodeo last night and she saw him and her up in the corner of the stadium. Where it was really dark and you could barely see em but Gaylina wasnt only watchin guys down in the rink ridin bulls but she was ridin Nathan like a bull! eek. so yea that's the weirdest thing i'v heard about lately...<_<- i <3 Hollister

this website - 123WEWEWE

Sleep, aperantly, people sleep at night, they have a flat soft warm surface called a 'bed' and wen its dark they sleep on it, its a load of bollox to me like!- Fucknuts

There was this guy somewhere that ate his underwear to pass a breathalizer test. in my opinion I would have let him off just knowing that he ate his own unders and his breath most likely smelled of shit. No he is a freak and likes to bite himself That is punishment alone.- 'Lyeska

that pigs fly- shag me

That my hair is pretty. It's an insane dark but somehow bright red color that makes me get stared at everyday at school like I'm some insane person. But now people come up to me and tell me how awesome and pretty it is and how I should never touch it again. Now I'm afraid to touch my hair so now I can't brush it or wash it or nothing and it's startin to get greasy.....- PyroPrincezz

OMG, A friend of mine works at Taco bell and told me how the little cinnamon twists are actually egg white noodles deep fried and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. Crazy shit huh?!- The Bubble

I read that the guy from Nepolean Dynamite died...as if!!!- MADD

Sock Monkeys are going to run around naked and rape people while they are sleeping.- Mickey D

Does the guy at the gym who kept telling me how he loves the warm weather, except for "them dang insects" count? I guess that's not weird, but he still creeped me out. - PRchick

The penguin that sits outside my window found a way to turn the handle of my door and get inside the other day. He told me my destiny was to ACTUALLY be the General of the Sock Penguins. until then I thought he was just out there because he couldn't be in the sunlight (theres an overhang & I leave water and ice outside with a little penguin house. hes got a doormat too, it says 'welcome'). but apparently he was there to relay information about how the General of the Sock Apes are re-grouping and are about to take Russia. He said that the new republic of russia was going to be U.A.W.H.P. (United Apes who Hate Penguins). SOO, naturally I agreed to my 'destiny and now i'm head of the sock-penguins ^.^. so eya. OOPS I SAID TOO MUCH! [insert sock-ape call here]- General Sock Pengiun

I know someone whose parents were almost killed when a chunk of ice or something went through the engine of a plane and forced it to make an emergency landing. If it had been marginally later, the plane would have crashed and probably killed everyone.- Mzebonga

some one said im hott,.... ( i dont know,... ive herd that alot,... but i dont think so)- "Dorknob"

Elmo choked on your grandmother's strap-on- Punk as fuck

I have a friend who had sex 16 times in a row with out a brake. - Alex

The Terry Schiavo debacle- Eye

nothing- hellraiser

You can help prevent pregnancy by playing sports instead of screwing ! True story: Howard County Maryland promotes abstinence, so instead or handing out or teaching birthcontroll methods, so they tell you to try other things instead of sex, like sports ! Way to go MD, watch teen pregnancy rates soar !-me

that british bees died out in world war 1 and that all the bees here now are actually decended from foreign bees because when the british bees dies, foreign bees were brought here.- moose

Hmmm..."Violent Crime is Dropping" - Not- Locokrew

Mr Pimienta is having a baby!- Steferella

i am soppousidly like by a lot of guys. they all say im hott - PtotheD

I have no idea, there's so many to choose from!- Anna

This website. o and that finger in the wendys chili- Someone Sexy

people are propsing legislation to allow teachers to carry guns to school. that really makes me uncomfortable. i dont know about you. htne again, i dont know you. for all i know, you could be some gorgeous babe with long, flowing hair, wearing a bikini and basking in the sun of alaska. and freezing you ass off, because you are in alaska you stupid blonde little shit. put a fucking shirt on.- Morshada

my girlfriends periord- bayou_a_budweiser

I hear weird things all the time. Most times I'm the only one finding it weird but there you have it. So I guess maybe the weirdest lately is about that guy who has been burying ceramic statues of animals in the hopes that it will make them grow. I mean, I've tried that and it doesn't work so he's just wasting his time. - Chow chows under the fence.

eatting blue jello makes green poo :)- insaneclownchicken

that if you buy new shoes, in order to stop them from giving you blisters and cuts, you have to... BITE ...them first. WHat the--?- SiNiSTaR

some girl online wanted to pee on me- butterfly

I am a descendant of the dude that invented knocking on doors. They used to just barge in and shit, until my great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great Grandfather Thag changed everything. Originally, they would leave two sticks at the entrance to their caves and the visitors would simply clack them together a few times. If the clacking did not elicit a call to enter from inside, or if the cave-dudes inside didn't come to the "door", the visiting cave-dudes would leave. Much better for privacy. All thanks to my great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great Grandfather Thag. :) - Thag

I appologise in advance to all Catholics, but as a protestant I couldn't give a flying frisbee. The new Pope. Former Hitler youth. I'm saying no more.- Cineworld Jesus

The voice in my head told me that his pants are shiny in the light. Does that count for anything...? - CasualFatality

??- karny gurl

A friend of mine was doing a self exam on his testicles, and in his pants he found a skittle. The odd thing was that he hadn't eaten skittles in a week.- idon'tmindthesunsometimes

"This is just a standard procedure. We do this all the time. No need for lawyers or actual doctors... Just sign here, and ignore that small print." Said Tom. So naturally I signed the papers, and layed down on the white sheet. Soon after, the lights turned hazy. Shrinking to a smaller light, I couldn't remember what I did. I then went to sleep. And then I woke up, and my eyes were gone, and so were my boobs. ~that was a story from Michael Jackson...- B_write

that my friend can eat her self out and she does it everynight before bed. it wasn't weird, it was actually more of a suprise.- *aeslehc*

That a girl came hard and squirted when she had analsex.- Ilikerear

that theres a girl who looks exactly like me.. .it fucking tripps me out- bunny

Recently, someone told me about this site. Second to that, My friends randmother just came down with syphilis. she's 72...- krnk

I was told that snot is really your brain trying to get out so I've been wearing a clothes pin on my nose for the past 20 years.- j0eg0d

I heard that some lady tried to eat her own leg but only made it to her knee before she got full and started puking.- Stabasaurous

iwouldn't know- smidget

some black kid who was going to steal money from his pot dealing dad. the kid has use full body lotion cause he has a weird skin thing.- jag


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