: April 2005

Who is the oddest member of your family and what do they do thatís so odd?

My little brother. I recently found some very solid evidence that he is homosexual and likes our dog in ways that he should not. I found a tampon in his bedroom with brown goo on the end. He wears this t-shirt with a hole across the chest so one of his man-boobs poke out, and he runs around saying "hing chong pong". He thinks that Michael Jackson is the math teacher at the high school, and that potatoes grow on trees. He's thirteen years old, and I think he's a SPEDder mutant from hell.- bluemonkeyfearer

my brother. he changes my "do not disturb" sign just when i dont want to be disturbed. HOW THE HELL DOES HE KNOW!- 123WEWEWE

uncle bob, he is a retard. and keeps pigeons. - Fucknuts

My youngest sister's husband. He wipes his ass befor he takes a shit and uses baby shampoo on his pubes.- 'Lyeska

my sister is the oddest member of my family, because she just sits lookin at you and grins- shag me

My aunt barbara because she's still living in the "old wives" times. She believes in home remedies and that she is too old for computeres etc. When I'm her age I'm going to be still acting young. I don't get old people that act old.- PyroPrincezz

My cousin eats only the green crayons out of every crayon box he gets. He doesn't talk yet, but he seems to know which crayons are green. Anything that is green he eats it. Grass, leaves, soap, watermelon rhines, crayons, markers, limes....just...green...stuff.- The Bubble

The oddest person in my family would have to be me, Im just weird...wait what kinda question is that???- MADD

My brother is the oddest because he's a skitsofranic freak!- Mickey D

My mom makes lists of lists she needs to make, my dad talks to himself in shopping malls, my husband eats one meal a day, my daughter speaks her own made-up language and I like to shower in the dark. You tell me who the oddest is. - PRchick

My brother Invy ^.^ He doesn't do much. he just sits around, follows me. he tells me the answers to tests too at school. I love him, hes awesome. oh yea. I can bounce basketballs off his head and he doesnt care! This one time, at band camp, he told me his head fell off from playing clarinet during practice... I haven't played since.- General Sock Pengiun

My Grandad drives a green three-wheeled car and smokes a pipe. He's deaf and half blind so he can't see or hear shit but we can't stop him driving. He's almost killed two employees where I work by cutting them up.- Mzebonga

i think that might be me,.... i go to this site when ever i can, talk to my self,... try to burn things and so on... lol- "Dorknob"

my rabbit has bipolar- Punk as fuck

My sister she is a male.- Alex

Hmmm I guess it'd be my husband. He makes strange collages and spends hours in current event chat rooms baiting people.- Eye

me because all my family does like the attention of others and i bring in a lot of attention.- hellraiser

Most likely my Uncle Johhny. I don't even know if his name is Johhny. He's the family drug addict. He got all into Cocaine and Heroin in his younger years and it carried on 'till the present date. He steals things.... alot. He just runs into people's houses and takes their VCRs and Stereos and pawns them for drug money. He's got something like a thirty-something year sentance in jail now. One of the most odd things about him is he bought me the 2003 Almanac for Christmas a long time ago, but I don't know if he even bought it. Atleast he was caring about my school work or something. -me

my grandma, she says rude things with out even knowing. like when i asked her to wash my hair she said "ok, let me get my jugs out" stuff like that- moose

An Aunt - Truly insane - Horrible Pathological Liar...- Locokrew

My brother is the oddest because he talks to his pants.- Steferella

my grandmas soo wierd shell ask me what im doing in the bathroom....- PtotheD

It's a tie between my two dogs. They run around playfighting, they bark for no reason, they growl at me in the dark, they pee inside sometimes, they take dumps on the back porch and are generally mental.- Anna

me.. im hella weird - Someone Sexy

my mother. she randomly starts whistling the wizard of oz "were off to see the wizard" or whatever song. she thinks she knows what my dog is thinking at all times and attempts to communicate for her. she even has her own special dog-voice. she has two knees on one of her legs. she believes quite strongly that george w bush is the antichrist (okay i agree there). she dances rather awkwardly and does jumping jacks in front of the television as she watches reality tv. - Morshada

i am and i am a rabbit- bayou_a_budweiser

Well that would have to be me. I hang out in our backyard and peek at people walking by from under the fence. If they see me, I yell out "I'm chow chows under the fence! I can see you!" and then bark a few times for good measure. - Chow chows under the fence.

opie, he drags his balls across everyone and pisses on the ones he likes.- insaneclownchicken

Do i have to pick just ONE?- SiNiSTaR

me iam a freak- butterfly

Me. You know me and what I do.- Thag

My Dad, he found it amusing to touch me while I tried to sleep when we went fishing last year (It's okay I was 18, wait that still doesn't make it okay...) Oh my Mum has bigger biceps than me My sister calls everyone "Jeff" My cat is in-bred But yeah. Dad.- Cineworld Jesus

I think i'm the oddest member. I mean, who the hell else would run around with underwear on their head while flinging G.I. Joes from the roof and singing 'Walk This Way'??- CasualFatality

my brother in law pat cuase the way he acts is so fucking weird.......i guess it was because he was raised but two different families or something?!but idk.- karny gurl

My dad. He's a schizophrenic. 'Nuff said.- idon'tmindthesunsometimes

There's this lady called Aunt Big Toe. And actually, beyond her weird name, she is actually pretty normal compared to Uncle Big bird. He's the weirdest thing you've ever seen. He likes to eat cow shit.- B_write

my brother. i dont no why- *aeslehc*

me. I don't fcking know why...they're too noral...- Ilikerear

my little sister is the oddest member...she told me that when she washes the dishes she makes sure she cleans the knifes really good..- bunny

My grandmother constantly talks to herself about how she shouldn't do this, or eat that..usually while she does said thing....then later, bitches about doing it...I can handle most of this, but she usually does it nekid. if you saw her nekid, you'd understand- krnk

I guess my dad would be the oddest member in my family, because whenever I take a bath, he sits on the toilet watching me the whole time. I think pooping for that long is pretty odd.- j0eg0d

Me, the rest are dead from my killing them for touching my shit and redecorating my room while I was away. I left the dead bodies out the front of my house as a lesson to the others.- Stabasaurous

brother, he is alive- smidget

my cuz just got an electric guitar. he doesnt even know how to play.- jag


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