: April 2005

What if we told you there is a camera hidden on this page and
itís watching you right now as you answer these questions?

Hmm. Good for you. You like cameras, don't you? Why are you stalking me like this? Do you like me? Don't hurt me. I want to live.- bluemonkeyfearer


does my bum look big on this?- Fucknuts

Can you see me picking my nose :)- 'Lyeska

i would show him some sex positions- shag me

*while picking nose* huh well I don't know what I'd do...wait are you serious? Is ther really somethin watchin me? *fingers stuck* uh oh...*waves at camera*- PyroPrincezz

I'd be like "hah, you're eyes is the one hurtin not mines" hehe. I jus woke up, so I looks horrible but HEY! *waves and blows a kiss* you's cute lil sock monkey's so I dun't cares, you can watch all ya want. I'll even dance for you. ^.-- The Bubble

I wolud get out this webssite so fast!- Tyboy

I'd tell you that you were lying....- MADD

I would flask the computer and start twitching MAJORLY!- Mickey D

I'd be very embarrassed about what I did after I read "10 Ways to Feel Sexy" in Cosmo- PRchick

*laughs* but there isn't.... is there? *shifty eyes* I so hope this is just a joke... because I'm not crazy, and I'm not on this site. this site doesn't exist i swear... ... so THATS what it is huh?! your an evil government government from persia made up of teh sock-monkeys? IS THAT IT?! *dies* Can I join?! - General Sock Pengiun

Well, it's only going to have footage of me picking my nose so I don't care.- Mzebonga

lol,... cool- "Dorknob"

fuck you! I have tin foil- Punk as fuck

Holy shit you bastards!- Alex

Well hellllooooooo there- Eye

sweet take a good look bitch- hellraiser

Ooo, that turns me on ! I think I'll keep my clothes off then. -me

id say you were lying- moose

Just hope it doesn't interfere with the one I planted in your bathroom...- Locokrew

I'd would be scared and probably leave this site.- Steferella

id laff. aas i am already.- PtotheD

Aaaaaargh! I hope I haven't written anything offensive!- Anna

AHH no i look ugly 2day! im goin to rant now.. so i've been swimming every single day for swim team and i have this hideous goggles tan.. you should put on the list of ppl that suck.. ugly ppl like me taht have goggles tans and look retarded.. we should wear fucking phantom of the opera masks. - Someone Sexy

i'd giggle. you got to see all my facial expressions. i make facial expressions when i read things. yes, i am a human. we could build a house together, make it like a loaf of bread. sit together at a table sewn from dandelions as we sip our drinks of vodka and topeka kansas, a place ive never been. we'll reek of radiation from the chemicals in the rivers. sip, reek, and smile as we grow more arms than we were initially intended to have.- Morshada

well u would see a very naked man- bayou_a_budweiser

I'd have to start playing with my nipples to give you something interesting to watch. Also, don't ask about the purple wig. I'm still in denial about the whole thing and it's easier to just pretend it doesn't exist. STOP STARING AT IT. - Chow chows under the fence.

Id do THIS!! - insaneclownchicken

I'd strip naked and dance around for your amusement only.- SiNiSTaR

i would say cool and give you something to see- butterfly

We would laugh, I mean, we laughed. Just now. We would then proceed to ask, "Are you watching THIS!??" and ... well, anyway- Thag

I'd tell you I only chew my hair when I'm thinking, then "Yes it is eyeliner"- Cineworld Jesus

I would most likely be scarred for life and would never leave my house again. Unless, of course, you were to tell me that there happened to be a camera hidden in my shower. In which case I would proceed to run down the stree covered in custard, screaming like a little girl.- CasualFatality

i would ask you to take pictures of me so i can finnaly get some new pictures on my profile cuase the one i have on their now is so fucking old!- karny gurl

I'd say "Damn. I look like shit right now." Then of course I'd be intrigued by the whole "voyuer" thing and proceed to do a striptease to "Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing" by Chris Issac.- idon'tmindthesunsometimes

eat a huge cake. and by cake i mean hot dog. and by hot dog i mean herbert...out.- B_write

i would start to take off my clothes....i always say i want to be famous.- *aeslehc*

cool is my nose running?- Ilikerear

ill put some fucking pants on.- bunny

I'd probably put on some pants.- krnk

I guess I'd have to ask if it's on or off.- j0eg0d

You'd see my big fat hard cock because these questions get me HOT. Yea that's right. You like it when I do this? Hmmm yea. How about this? - StabasaurousYeaaaaaa. You know you love to watch and I love it when you watch.- Stabasaurous

then i would ask for the software- smidget

tbats crazy talk.- jag


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