: April 2005

You’re away for a weekend and upon your return you are ambushed by a camera crew. Apparently while you were gone, someone decided it would be fun to redecorate your place and ‘surprise’ you on TV with it. You walk in and not only have they used every color you hate but they’ve thrown out stuff that you really liked and can’t replace. How do you react?

Scream in an angry rage and SPORK them yes, spork them all!!! Mu ha ha ha- bluemonkeyfearer

i kill the shit out of everyone and turn into te hulk and jump away. is that possible, well its only as possible as that question happening to me.- 123WEWEWE

id go fuckin insane on there asses, and fuck there cars up.- Fucknuts

I think the whole shock thing would have to wear off... then I think I would be a bit traumatized over the things missing. Paint is only paint and I can paint the wall the color I want.- 'Lyeska

i scream and have a tantrum. i say to them if you give me my stuff back i will suck your tits dry.- shag me

Hmm...that's a hard question. If I react the way I want to then I would be on TV as one of the evil pycho bitches of reality TV and then people would be sending me hate mail telling me so. Then again that'd be a lot more mail than I usually get...So I guess I'd scream at whoever decided it would be fun to redecorate my place. If it was one of my best friends or friends I'd ask them if they even know who I am. If it's a complete stranger I sue them and the television company for everything they own for trespassing. - PyroPrincezz

If this were to happen, some time between me arriving home, and the ambulance carrying away the camera crew, I'd end up in a psych ward eating jello and playing checkers for the rest of my life. I like my space, dun't touch it.- The Bubble

I would shoot everyone in the house

I would thank them and then ask them where they live, and in the middle of the night I would attack them and do the same to their house!!!! Mwahhhhahahahaahah -Madd

I'd spazz out and hope that whoever did it runs away forever before i kill them!- Mickey D

Well, since I'm passive-aggressive, I'd smile and say I loved it, then silently fume for a few days. Then I'd order 40 pizzas and have them sent to the idiot who decided I needed a lime-green toaster and a futon. - PRchick

well. because I'm bipolar. I would probably be ina very good mood UNTIL THEY TOOK TEH DARNED HAT RACK FROM THE CORNER IN THE BATHROOM THAT I KEEP MY HAT RACK! ... I liked that thing... they took it from me... wait... they took the rack, BUT WHERE ARE THE HATS!! AND THE WALLS!!!!!!!!!!! NUUUUUUUEEEEE! **runs to teh bathroom and notices teh missing hat rack again* OMGDMFG! *gets saw and mask from board underneath the ex-hat rack corner & puts on mask w/ messy hair* ::VROOM VROOM:: lets play [insert maniacle laughter here]. [five seconds later] Who wants tea?- General Sock Pengiun

I redecorate the place in a unique shade of brain.- Mzebonga

go beat the shit out of who evers idea it was,... beat the shit out of the camera cerw and make them make evry thing the wat it was when i left- "Dorknob"

Re-paint my walls...WITH THEIR BLOOD.- Punk as fuck

I go on a rampage killing them all. - Alex

Kick em in the balls heh heh heh- Eye

i would beat the shit out of the person who started it and then tear the house apart and repaint.- hellraiser

The very sad thing is, this is actually possible. I'd probably sue their T.V. show for breaking and entering and throwing away my neat shit. Even after I won the case and walked away with an assload of money, I'd probably still miss the old bean bags and pizza boxes *sniff* good times man.-me

i'd probably cry to be honest. i'd be angry and tell them exactly what i thought of the room - moose

Walk in, smile, drop your pants, and wipe your ass vigorously with the first new cloth item you pick up.- Locokrew

yell and scream at them to fix it- Steferella

yell at them and make them give me whatever i want.- PtotheD

Scream and run awy, never tp be seen again, rumored to have died and now haunting that "someone" who ruined my life! Then I wake up from bed, realising it was a dream. I then go on the trip and get ambushed by camera crew because someone redecorated my place with everything that sucks. Please return to start of answer.- Anna

i'd b like AHHHHHHH WAT THE FUCK!! and cry. maybe. - Someone Sexy

i sit down. i stand up and pace in exactly three circles. i walk to my refridgerator and grab a case of beer. i give everyone there one. i then lock all my doors, turn off the lights and begin playing horrid, cheesy disco music rather quietly while explaining to the crew of people that they are not going to be able to leave until im done using their cameras to shoot a movie. i will disract the interior designers by throwing colourful socks. then i will shoot a long documentary of the corner of the room. that i paint red, over their awful yellow paint. then i will let them out of the house, but not until ive made them all put on turquise pants.- Morshada

get mad and shoot the host- bayou_a_budweiser

First I tear everything off the walls while screaming "OH GOD NOOOOO!". I throw it all into the middle of the room, then push the furniture into the pile too. While they're standing there stunned, I light it on fire and then shove them into it. While the place burns I continue to scream "OH GOD NOOOOOO!" until it's all gone. - Chow chows under the fence.

flip the fuck out!!- insaneclownchicken

i pretend i like it, then when they're at their most unsuspecting, i dash out, lock them in, and set the whole neon pink mess aflame, all the while singing "look at the pretty pink fire... look at the pretty pink fire..." That would boost ratings for sure!- SiNiSTaR

punch in the eye procede to put camera up the person that is responsibles ass and tell them to get the hell out- butterfly

I'd pretend I like it and once the cameras are off, I'd find the person "in charge" and talk about reaching a "settlement".- Thag

Firstly I would stand with the sun directly behind me, because that'd piss the camera crew off and they would leave in a huff because they could only see my sillohette. On returning to my tart's palace I realise that they have made it a tastefull gaff. Which was mildly annoying, and the fact that I'd lost my collection of 16th century Dodo pubic hairs vexed me to the point where, as a self respecting englishman, I had to make a cup of tea that was SLIGHTLY stronger than normal. That's pretty darned angry I tell thee!- Cineworld Jesus

Hmmm...I would probably react like any monkey would. I would scream and bite and throw my own feces all over the walls. That'll show them. Bastards.- CasualFatality

hunt them down and torture them....them bastards!- karny gurl

First scream, then cry, then fling poo, then begin mass genocide of the entire home decorating show race.- idon'tmindthesunsometimes

Screaming at the top of my lungs, all the vultures would flock to me and land on my shoulders. (I met them on my weekend off.) and then we would pluck out all of their eyeballs. After I was done laughing and peeing all over their faces I would run over to the living room and start it on fire with vasoline and a gasoline mix. Then I would duct-tape them (the dead people) to a plane and ship them off to timbucktwo. There my clan of duckies would (purple duckies) would rape them 87 times until they collapsed from the over abuse of viagra shipments they found washed ashore from some iraqui ship. Iraqu has a lot of viagra because that's the only way to keep the women happy....weird huh....I think so. And after they were done with the dead people, we'd all go out for pizza.- B_write


I piss all over the stuff cos I like my place..- Ilikerear

i will spit on the TV crew and start saying horrible racist things.- bunny

hopefully, in the sea of mauve fixtures, and tacky yellow and azure wallpaper, I can still find the wallsafe with my gun. Shortly thereafter, I'd probably take a vacation..- krnk

I'd have to call the Witness Relocation Service and tell them my covers blown.- j0eg0d

First I shit myself and cry for awhile. Then, I tear the room apart while screaming profane words. After that, I go with the 'scorched earth' policy and burn the whole fucking city to the ground and then salt the earth so nothing grows again. The moral of the story: Never touch my fucking stuff while I'm away.- Stabasaurous

make 'em pay by sueing them- smidget

take out my shotgun round up all my neighbors and the tv crew into my neighbors house. At last the missile silo behing my garage will come in handy. Thier house is blown up. i pee on the rubble.- jag


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