: April 2005

David Bowie decides that he wants to use your place as a getaway so he can write songs.
Do you let him stay rent-free and do you make him do chores?

(Shame on those who don't know who he is! At the very least you should have seen that movie Labrynth! You have heard his stuff you just don't realize it damnit. Sure he's creepy looking but he rocks. That's right!)

My place? He can sleep in the bathroom cupboard, but only if he cleans the house. And I will tie him to the fanblades if he doesn't do a good job.- bluemonkeyfearer

i never heard of him.but if hes some kinda famous singer tgen id tell him to let me feature in one of his songs or maybe dedicate one to me or maybe just thank me on tv.- 123WEWEWE

he can stay, but he would have to adept to death metal, and let my drums overpower him. we could be a duo, but he has to clean the house naked, so i can point and laugh... obviously.- Fucknuts

Hell no he likes to bite himself.... I don't need him to chew himself up in my presence.- 'Lyeska

yeah i would give him an exciting chore wash me in the bath.- shag me

I'm probably going to get a monkey butt for this one but who the heck is David Bowie? I've seriously never heard of him but maybe I've been living in a box forever. - PyroPrincezz

Rent free, yes, and his only chore would be to not let me hear him singing. I dun't like his singing, sorry. v.v- The Bubble

Who's that, but hey it dont matter who it is, they still gotta do my chores!! Haha suckers!!- MADD

I wouldn't let him stay! He'd take the poparatzi away from me! (smile)- Mickey D

David Bowie? No. But if it was Huey Lewis, I'd totally let him stay rent-free. I bet he makes a mean omelet! - PRchick

I let him, naturally, stay rent free for a bit until he gets really settled in than I throw him a bill and have HIM pay the rent *laughs evilly* and if he doens't agree to that! I'LL SIC MY SOCK PENGUINS ATTOM!! >.> hehehehehehehehehe. naturally, I'm not as Violent as I say I am... 'PINKY! BRING HIM TO The Chair!'- General Sock Pengiun

I heard his Laughing Gnome song and the things he does with lodgers. He can't stay with me. Nuh-uh. Besides, I'd only piss him off by singing "Magic Dance" the whole time.- Mzebonga

make him do chores- "Dorknob"

tell him to get the fuck off my lawn- Punk as fuck

Yes, but he would have to do chores. - Alex

He is free to do my laundry. By hand please.- Eye

i make him do my chores or he is out - hellraiser

Well, I don't think I'd do either. I'd probably go all Silence of The Lambs on him and take his skin so I could be David Bowie. All the concerts and chicks would probably go to my head and I'd forget I was Chris and not David.-me

stay rent free.- moose

Rent-Free? - Hell No....Chores? - Absolutely- Locokrew

Let him stay but make him do chores- Steferella

welll, ill make him do chores unless he can give me something else thats better for staying.- PtotheD

Who's David Bowie? Well, anyway, he'll need to earn his keep!- Anna

who the fuck is david bowie? now if it was a. someone sexy like brad pitt or b. some sexy band like green day i'd like hell yes but not david bowie.. whoever the hell he is- Someone Sexy

he can stay rent-free, but he has to pick up the dog shit in the back yard. he also has to wear a purple jumpsuit when he eats. he also has to wear one of those big, cheap bicycle helmets when he walks around or does normal things, like a retarded kid does, because hes david bowie and hes a genius and we dont want him to hit his head on something and die.- Morshada

no he pays the rent and dose the chores- bayou_a_budweiser

I'd make him sing songs I like but otherwise I'd let him stay rent free. He seems like a fun guy to hang around with, and at the very least I can get him to read my script for Labrynth 2. It's where the girl goes back (again played by Jennifer Connelly) and she's all bitter with life. The goblin king (Bowie of course) has become evil and the land is in ruins. It's going to be a dark and twisted tale and I'm sure he'd love to be in it if only he gave it a chance. - Chow chows under the fence.

fuck that hes doing all the chores- insaneclownchicken

He has to pay rent and clean the toilet just like everyone else! I'll give him a huge discount if he lets my friends come round and peer at his weird eyes and make fun of him every now and again.- SiNiSTaR

ya take care of me if you no what i mean- butterfly

He does not get to stay rent free --- as a cost for the inspiration that is my dwelling, he must give me an ANNUAL amount of 2 million dollars. If he chooses to do chores, it gets knocked down to 1.5 million. His choice. "Art always comes at a price Bowie."- Thag

I just point, and ask "Starman waiting in the sky? Where's that Bowie? This Properganda can't continue. While you're at it, my mum wants to give you a proper gander."- Cineworld Jesus

I would make him spit-shine my spoons. Every single day. We can't have those spoons feeling neglected because even silverware needs some action once in a while. - CasualFatality

make him do chores...make a mess in my house you better clean the shit up!- karny gurl

Hell yes! He's David Bowie! If he wan't do invade your personal space so that he can write songs then by all means let him do so! You don't bother him with silly things like rent and chores either. It's sad when the creative process is disrupted.- idon'tmindthesunsometimes

List of chores.... of course these would all inspire him for good writing things. ~Clean my toilet. (i haven't flushed in years.) ~Eat all of my cooking, and my mom's face. ~Smoke pot every day. ~Stalk a weird old lady down the street. ~Ask me for a spanking every time he's "naughty" ~Join me in my church band ~Smoke more pot. ~Make love to me regularly- B_write

hell yeah. i would make him suck my dogs dick.- *aeslehc*

make him blow me hourly- Ilikerear

i make him do chores and roll joints for me- bunny

He would havwe to wash the dishes, and write personal songs for me and my friends..just transition music, not like theme songs, just entery, and exit music. I want my theme song to by written by mephiskaphales.- krnk

Let's put it this way; his first chore would be to wax my back.- j0eg0d

He can sleep on the roof and yell out to everyone about how horrible I am to him and how I make him do all the damned chores even though he doesn't live in the house. That's right Bowie, GET TO WORK.- Stabasaurous

no, i call the cops- smidget

finally someone to clean my toilet and buy me food.- jag


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