: September 2004

Did you do anything exciting this summer (or winter for those in the other hemisphere),
and did it involve greased up sock monkeys in any way?

No. Sadly, I did nothing. I am filled with regret for my lack of insanity over the summer. However I must admit my jealosy of the greased up sock monkey's summmer of greasy doom and fun.- bluemonkeyfearer

The little kid from down the street kept picking the flowers from in front of my house. One day he came squeekingly along on his tricycle right up to the flowerbed. I had been waiting in the bushes for three hours just for this moment. I leaped from my hiding spot, stretched a sock monkey over his head, and rolled his sceaming ass out into the street.- j0eg0d

Haha, my summer consisted mostly of being wet. No, not by greased up sock monkeys unfortunatly, but by the good 'ole British weather. They say sun, we get rain.- Mort

Nope, nothing....except climb mount Everest and then I went skiing in Austria and then I was tired so I went to Jamaica to relax on a beach but there was a tornado....but thats all.- Kali

no....- JAY

No! it involved Greased up Sock PENGUINS, not monkeys, i have nothing against monkeys, as a matter of fact, when i finish my penguin experiment, I will redo the whole food chain, and the second step down from the top, MONKEYS!!!! (however socked up they may be) And at the top, would be ME(not the human race) and PENGUINS (the penguins are meat eaters, and try their best to stay out of the monkeys way, for the monkeys can (although rarely do)take on a single Penguin)... BACK TO TH SUMMER< no i did not do anything except purposely ruin my best friends wedding by throwing table spoons through the windows and hitting the -pope/bishop/priest/dude who reads the Book/guy up who weds yah-and knocking him out... i unentintionally hit the dude and he fell to the ground with a *glompupume*- General Sock Penguin

i plee the fif_- freak ninja

I was searching and searching and searching for a sock monkey to call my own, but I couldn't find one. Not one..oh God I am so alone...- RachelSometimes

Not a single thing. - The Cady

lol...I did the wine tour in northern MI...sorry not as exciting as you are looking for. - zema

i sat in an endless sea of boredom.- lafemmecinema

no summer was pretty shit its like groundhog day everyday- trixie

We hosted a French sock monkey exchange student... yip... we sure did.. those Greasy Frenchies..- Hufflebunny

When I wear my socks. I mean sock monkeys I have to grease up their assess so that I can slip my feet into them. lol ppp- BaboonBottom

Sock monkeys are okay, but real monkeys are much more satisfying.- Lucar

yes,, and ,yes,,and,yes,,,however on that last part,,,yes but,,, no grease was involved- rayyo77

I fear that my answers are too much based in reality for some people and so I will not tell you about all the horrendously-exciting things I did this winter including having my house slide down a banky cliff thing while I was still in it. So, no. Nothing exciting happened and no I am not insane or even pretending to be insane.- Turtle

I became the first man to ride down Mt. Rainier naked, on a soiled mattress, with a lit torch sticking out of my ass. This was however unintentional as I was trying to cook pasta while high and just got the whole process wrong.- ArchbishopShaggy

One to many GYOB visits.- m k

Set a light to my self with a lighter and deodrant- LORDOFHELLFIRE

I hibernate. Sorry.- Encrusted Ernie

Did it involve greased up sock monkeys? Oh Baby! Did it ever! According to The Chinese Almanac, this is The Year of The Greased Up Sock Monkey and if you don't want your temples and graineries plagued by rats or other infectious vermin, you had better stroke that Illutrious Greasy Tail, daily and according to the strict specifications of the I CHING. I celebrated The Year Of The Greased Up Sock Monkey with the use of copious amounts of wasabi, rum and other psychic lubricants, as well as with bonfires and the discharging of recreational explosives. Of course, it is also important to remember that when tangling with the supernatural forces of The Greased Up Sock Monkey, or any of his archetypal, Trickster counterparts on the astral plane, you had better be a slick and reverent Greased Up Sock Monketarian yourself because the Trickster always gets his fee for facilitating your favors from The Oracle as well as for your safe passage along all roads and highways, earthly and metaphsycial, and his price is steep. - Enfante Terrible

hell ya baby but hell no i ain't telling you about it. it'd make you cry- rolled up ear wax

(a)Babysat my brother's drunk GF all summer; it was pretty exciting having the cops come to my house every time she'd get DUI fever——how does she get away with it? Most people get thrown in jail after the third time——it was pretty exciting wondering that, just now, even.(b)One of the only things not involved in the summer excitement: sock monkeys, greased or otherwise.- harry simeon

I guess you could say my summer was exciting. Half of it I spent high, and in that state, about everything can be entertaining or interesting atleast. I got Banned from two different McDonalds, kicked out of the mall 23 times, did 666 forward rolls, woke up a hotel full of old people, smoked 30 bowls, and six joints. I did end up greasing up a sock monkey, why I did is none of your business, but I will say that it included a bundle of bannanas and a dead squirel. Good times....-me

i went broke a few times to save our plummeting economy.- JAG

sitting in the carpark playing my faviorate game which has the same rules as "VOYEUX" ;)- Chicken nuts

no, but ask me about last summer.- ...ript

No not really. And it wouldn't have to do with sock monkeys anyway. - Juniper

Greased up sock monkeys? NO. I almost fell off the same cliff thrice in one day though, does that count?- Fleoa

Nothing exciting this summer. Not like I tryed but, what can you do in this day an age. Not much can be done without someone breathing down your neck making comments like that is un natural or he is unstable. Its rough stuff.- CorruptedPuppet

A better question would be, did I do anything exciting this summer that DIDN'T involve greased up sock monkeys? Ah, the memories...- FartMonkey

I jabbed at my eyelids with my fingers to see the little flashes of light it causes.- j0eg0d

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