: September 2004

You've been working away for hours on a project and your boss suddenly tells you that everything you've done has to be redone. Your boss forgot to tell you an important piece of information, and insists that it was you was at fault for not asking enough questions.
How do you relay to her that you're angry and it's all your bosses fault?

Keep all of your school lunches for a week and hide them in your boss's desk. then rip a shoe off of an unsuspecting person and throw it at your boss, before storming out angrily to a life spent in a cardboard box.- bluemonkeyfearer

I would throw my pants at her and walk out.- j0eg0d

Oh it's a female boss... now that changes everything. This isn't just some trick question by JCP saying we have to re-write EVERY answer and such on here is it? If so, then I would hunt her down [I'd have to hunt of course as my many attempts for her to give me information about herslef were failures], and would shout at her door that it was all her fault for putting up these questionnaires in the first place and we were asking questions, our proof being the 'ask a question' section on this very website. I would tell her that her whole situation was ironic and that because of this, I would have to stalk her for the rest of her life.- Mort

Tie her up and slowly slice off her fingers...and then her toes...and then her legs...and then her arms...and then her head...and record her screams and send a copy to all her family and friends and leave all her body parts in her husband's bath tub for him to find.- Kali

U stupid mofo!!! it was ur fault cauuse u didn't tell me everything I needed to know!!! Fuk u!!!!!!- JAY

I would send an annonymous Letter stating 'You are being watched' and I would pay everyone at work to occasionally steal a glance at the boss, who in turn would be incredibly freaked out and would be really nice to us, and might even take back her mean evil penguin-forsaken statement and just let me have my weekly pay!!!!!!- General Sock Penguin

To bad my boss is a female, were it a male I would club him with a beaver tail and drag him into the middle of nowhere and tie him to a tree, bent over. I would then lube up a 2 1/4 in. PVC pipe 2 ft. long and ram it into his ass. After the sceaming would subside, I would slip several strands of barbed wire down the pipe and slip the pipe out leaving his ripped buttcheeks to clamp unto the wire. After slipping on my chainmail glove, I would grasp the wire with a firm grip and viciously ripped the barbwire straight out. But that's entirely beside the point. - freak ninja

Tell her calmly that she forgot to tell me the key information. Then if she insists that I'm the lameass, I say, "No Mary, YOU'RE THE LAME ASS! YEAH BITCHES, I'M OUTTA HERE," as I shove her pen cup to the floor and storm out.- RachelSometimes

Let out a really nasty silent fart and leave the room (making absolutely sure to shut the door behind me)- The Cady

I probably would finish the project. Steaming mad! And then after it the project was finished say to this person had I had been given all the information in the beginning I would have been able to finish the project much earlier. Lay it down. Walk away.- zema

1.scream 2.jump out window 3. come back to your boss's office with the head of a horse- lafemmecinema

be diplomatic about it explain the situation clearly tell her you misunderstood exactly how important the project is - trixie

Invite him or her over for tea and crumpets and knock over the boiling teapot onto their lap, by "accident" and cause their visit to be hell, and apoligize for being so accident prone, that way, he/she will refrain from coming near my work cubicle, meaning, Slacking off until they email me to say i'm fired.- Hufflebunny

Then the gnomes would get me hahahaha. lol!!!- BaboonBottom

I'd tell her off with my amazing ability to make stupid people look even stupider, and then quit the job and win the lottery(it's not happening to anyone else so it has to happen to me).- Lucar

who is "HER" that is my question...- rayyo77

Definitely. And if she didn't accept it I would stuff my resignation notice down her throat.- Turtle

I'd ask her if she needed coffee and if she'd like it hot, when she said yes, I'd take a steaming dump in it, when she got upset I'd say that's how I make it hot, it's your fault anyway for not asking enough questions about how I make coffee.- ArchbishopShaggy

Simply tell her she was wrong and refuse to re-do the work unless I get paid more. If she doesn't like it I'd walk. - m k

Get a dog shit and light it out side his door,its a laugh!- LORDOFHELLFIRE

I'd fire her. Oh, I'd find a way.- Encrusted Ernie

In my case I just could and would tell her boss who she is sleeping with and what drugs she is on but, she knows that so, I don't have these problems. For others I would suggest any myriad of juvenile to criminal pranks including everything from automotive vandalism to giftwrapped excretions. Leaving around signs of hexings and voodoo is also an effective way of unraveling the minds of errant authority figures.- Enfante Terrible

i scream like a fucking lunatic until i'm forced into unconciousness by a tranquilzer dart when she calls the cops on my fucked up ass- rolled up ear wax

(a)Punch your boss in the nose; and (b)if you didn't prevent it from happening to you, it is your fault! - harry simeon

I go to her office and pee on her keyboard.-me

Lets see.... I think i'd start off by doing alot of the things that happened in office space. Then i'd organize an underground plot to get the staff to revolt against the boss. It would start with rleasing all of his private information to all workers, after i had started a small similar company of my own which would support me after i got fired. The revenge would end when the company collapses and the boss starts working for me.- JAG

Whip out my daul pump action shotgun and blow 2 holes in her head and carve her into a table with my shiv.- Chicken nuts

My boss is not officially a "her" until "her" re-assignment surgery, but I'll take a stab at this, anyway. The best approach is the direct approach - don't use a relay. They might drop the baton. Of course, after the surgery there won't be a baton... - ...ript

Call Jason. Heheh. - Juniper

I would say the following as loud as I could, so all the other employees could hear it as well: YOU FUCKIN' BITCH!! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME ABOUT THAT BEFORE I STARTED? I'M NOT EVEN GOING TO TRY AND DO THIS AGAIN, IF YOU WANT SOMETHING ELSE DONE LIKE THIS, THEN DO IT YOURSELF. Then I would leave her office before she has a chance to respond or fire me.- Fleoa

Ironically enough, this happened recently. A-and you know, I-I actually found myself stabbing the vague bastard in his ear with a stapler...it was good.- weird

Do it calm at first. Take it slow. Think it over in your mind multiple times. Then confront the boss. If then and there a sudden rage overpowers you (with most it will) then you let it all out giveing it to your boss like the heavens have fallen under attack from hell. After all is said you ask simply for a vacation coming up for the next few weeks.- CorruptedPuppet

My good ol' MFCM formula. M is for murder. F is for fake your death. C is for change your name. M is for move to Canada. Works every time. Well maybe not the second time, or the first, if you already live in Canada. There's some loopholes. - FartMonkey

I'd throw my pants at her.- j0eg0d

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