: September 2004

Is there any sort of food/drink that you have/had an addiction to?
(Be sure to tell us of hiding it in your room or other places,
just to be close to it and have it around you to eat whenever you want.)

Sugar free candy. It is evil and addictive. It starts out tasting all nasty and sugar-substitutelike but then you find yourself eating another one...and another one. I have a storage bin full of these sugar-free delicacies in my bedroom. It is true.- bluemonkeyfearer

I love the taste of bread, but I am too lazy to walk into the kitchen just for a slice. So I keep toast in every corner of my house to help me. Also when the need arises; I always have a tasty condiment packet of grape jelly stashed in the furniture.- j0eg0d

This isn't such a great question is it..? I don't think there's anything I've been addicted to as such, though I would rather like to know what it's like for a woman to have cravings during pregnancy.- Mort

Once I fell in love with a cracker but my brother ate part of him...and...*crys*...You have no idea how terribbal it was seeing what was left of my one true love dissapearing into a hole in the ground...when I think about all the happy times we had together...*starts to cry uncontrolably*- Kali

cherry cola.. there's a case of it the living room.. Fritos... a bag of it next to the cherry coke...- JAY

PEANUT BUTTER AND BUTTERED BREAD DUDE !!! *nods head* ok, heres the deal, due to restrictions on the amount of peanut butter and butter bread i am (that they know of) aloud to have... You must remain MuM yah here?! I keep a bag of bread in a cooler under my bed, and it is under the camo-blanket that I swiped from my fathers supply depot... [insert snicker here], and i hide the peanut butter in a drawer behind my bed, where nobody has of yet to look for it, and when I run out, I go out into the garage and take one of the 7 things of Skippy smooth out and I soon go out to the store to replenish the supply, the butter is within the cooler with the bread, and i have a stash of about 2 buckets of margerine XD. ok, once again, REMAIN MuM!!- General Sock Penguin

I was once addicted to all forms of consumeristic pre-processed potato slices and reformed corn triangles. That explains my fatness. I would come home from school, take my shirt off, sit down in my chair and eat a bag or so. I'm not talking about the motherfucking 99 cent pussy grabbags, i mean $3.16 1 lb. familiy sized bags. yep, I'm a fatass.- freak ninja

Those vitamin C cough drop things...I can't get enough of them. I don't have to hide them because no one else likes them. The orange ones are the best, the pink ones taste like sulfur water and Kool-Aid.- RachelSometimes

Yes, peanut butter cookie dough. So easy to make, so grand to eat. One egg, one cup of pb, one cup of sugar. Simply orgasmic. I would make a huge bowl and just take it in my room and slip it undr my bed whenever someone would walk in. I'm not sure why I would, it' not like I wasn't allowed to have it. Probably becuase it was be soo hard to share such a heavenly substance. - The Cady

Diet Coke used to be a real addiction for me. I still must have an XL McDonald's every morning with light ice. There is always a cold one in the frig...or for one in the middle of the night.- zema

i'm crazy addicted to cigarettes, which is a problem considering i'm 15 and my mom doesn't approve. i've taken them w/ me when i go out, and i always have a bottle of perfume, mouth wash, and gum in my purse.- lafemmecinema

diet coke and budweiser oh and crisps- trixie

Whale blubber. Most people think Its gross, but its actually quite good. A large piece also doubles as a winter blanket, or you can wrap up alcohol and it stays cold. =) - Hufflebunny

I breath air forever. Gee it's hunky dory !!!- BaboonBottom

I was addicted to Pepsi for a while. Then one day I picked up a Pepsi can, put my thumb over the first two letters, and saw the word PSI dancing over the trippy logo. That freaked me out, so I stopped drinking that crap.- Lucar

the first question includes food/drink. haveing it around you to," eat whenever you want" .) leaves the first question with out any possible reeso,solution.sanity,sanity,oh where art thou?- rayyo77

Well, it's not really a food or drink but I wish it were. Those mandarin-smelling soaps. I used to keep a stash under my bed and sniff them every night. No matter how many times I tried the eat them due to their overwhelmingly delicious smell I just refused to believe that they tasted like shit.- Turtle

Monkey balls, I can't stop eating the damn things, I keep a bunch of monkeys in my closet and a pair of pruning sheers on my desk, I like em fresh.- ArchbishopShaggy

cucumbers. I eat them with the skin on and everything like a candy bar. I ushually keep about 5 in my fridge at all time. Is that weird.- m k

malt tea,i know weird- LORDOFHELLFIRE

Water. I like water. My sister is obsessed with dumping hot bacon grease on people from high buildings. She's in jail. Long story.- Encrusted Ernie

Well, I'm what is known as a polyaddicted individual. I have had esoteric training in the art of Tequila-Do, I received my clinical diagnosis in Generalized Carbohydrate Disassociative Abuse at the prestigious, outpatient clinic at Strong Memorial Hospital, I am a known and convicted user of mass quantities of shellfish by all of the local China Buffet Triads, and I have founded several elaborate religious orders around the use and worhsip of chocolate, coffee, various teas and sauces, as well as spreadable cheeses and Altoids, The Curiously Strong Peppermints. Basically, if you can put in your mouth, I can turn it into a highly maladaptive coping mechanism.- Enfante Terrible

COFFEE. i love to rub the shit on my nipples and then try to lick my nipples. it doesn't work so i then drink it out of a cup.- rolled up ear wax

Vernor's Ginger Ale (hot and cold at the same time!); my friends call it "acid soda" because it's too gingery for them——and it's getting harder and harder to find: the last three times I even managed to find any, I bought all they had in stock. I'm going to have to steal the recipe and make my own, I guess; I wonder if they quit making it?- harry simeon

Hasn't this question been asked before ? As a matter of fact, I am addicted to Arizona Iced Tea, Faygo, and Pretzels. Sometimes I even dip the pretzels in nacho cheese. Ohhh.... cheese..... I do collect faygo bottles and make sure I have atleast eight different selections of two liters in my room.-me

lots of things....lots of things.....damn i need to get some bawls soda- JAG

my bosses brains on toast after picking out the shrapnel.- Chicken nuts

I used to sit up and beg for a doggy treat now and then in a prior life, but nothing this time around. Now I just beg for sex (don't get me started). Seems all we do together now is the dishes (she washes, I wipe)... - ...ript

Just coffie, chocolate and stawberry marshmellows. - Juniper

I used to be VERY addicted to chocolate, all types. Several times I've nicked celebrations and stuff and hidden them under my bed, ready for midnight snacks. I used to go and buy several huge bars of the stuff at shops as well, so I got a lot of strange looks. The day I threw up was the day I went off chocolate for a while.- Fleoa

I went through this phase in my life where I couldn't stop drinking Yoo-Hoo. It was a horrible time in my life. I had never experienced anything like that. Okay... I lied. It wasn't Yoo-Hoo. It was coke.- weird

Well there was a drink afew years ago when I was younger that was out and around. It was the perfect super caffeine boost anyone could ask for. One can was like drinking two bottles of Jolt cola. It was called Surge. Not sure if many have heard of it but I had a big addiction to its dark green look with its unique taste. Being a hardcore videogamer it was perfect. Sadly it disappeared in a blink of an eye. It was there one day and like some government cinspircy it was gone the next day. Lets just say after that I haven't been a lively person anymore.- CorruptedPuppet

Coffee. Coffee is good. Must get more coffee. It's all over my room. Not that I hide it. It's just there. Empty starbucks cups all over my desk and on my bookcase. Bottles too. Two sizes of the bottles. I didn't know they sold bigger ones but they did, so I bought some. Now they're empty and on my desk. Also all over are bowls with the residue of coffee ice cream in them. Empty wrappers of frappuccino bars with the wooden stick shoved back inside. Mmm, I could go for one of those right now...but I at least have SOME self control so I'll get one after I finish this cup of coffee. It's not an addiction though. Starbucks doesn't own me. I can stop anytime I want. Not now though. I'm just saying is all. - FartMonkey

I love steak and there is a dead cow under my bed.- j0eg0d

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