: November 2004

What day do you think should be a national holiday
where you get the day off paid and everything?
And don't say your birthday, no one cares about your stupid birthday besides you and you're just faking it.

Well, considering the site is Canadian, It would be something special like Red Leaf day or something super fun like that, and we would get free leaves and have leaf wars, and make Leaf Angels and everything! Then we could throw it in the americans' faces that we got the day off and they don't- Hufflebunny

It should be a national holiday everytime somebody dies. - membersonly

Hallowe'en is my favourite celebrated-mostly-in-North-America-only holiday. It's great dressing up as someone you're not...unless you're one of those girls who uses the day to dress in minimal clothing. Those people should HAVE to work on Hallowe'en in UGLY UNIFORMS that are itchy and full of lice.- McDiablo

halloween- Got Faygo

May 16th, Merry Happy Bobunkspadunk Day. This is the day that you can do whatever you want and not go to jail. You get three days off paid and 5,000 dollars spending money.- monkeeskittles

Ah, I hate birthdays anyway.. I hate any kind of celebration like Christmas etc. there's too many people herding throguh the streets being happy and twatish... I think that should be a national Mort day. I like Mort. He makes me happy. I think he should have one day devoted to him because he is brilliant and should be made God.- Mort

Melbourne Cup. (that was yesterday) Can't be bothered thinking any more, so I can't claim any witty ideas. sorry.- Sven the Masseur

Election day- Lynx

Tuesdays.- Superman Dave

one day I believe should be a day off and also get paid for is halloween... that would be the best thing ever... ohh yeah- SG*

Halloween or perhaps a day in February to break up the winter blues a little- Poptart

Christmas - No thanks

July 4th- andrew

The day after my birthday so I can get drunk on my birthday!- Fredward

Wednesday and maybe Thursdays when the sky is grey because I eat hay- JonTrodd

The day Mcdonald's came into being - on this glorious day, poor innocent cows are slaughtered and ground up to build the world's tallest ronald mcdonald figure made entirely out of ground beef. of course, in order to rear that many cows, vast and precious rainforest land will have to be ploughed in order to create pastures. The fat corporate cats can sit back and inhale their beef shooters on this wonderful day, and people everywhere can take part in the beef-a-thons, and get these innocent creatures' blood on their hands, for an entire day!!- SiNiSTaR

I think every day should be a holiday, but that's just because work sucks and doesn't pay enough to be worth it.- bluemonkeyfearer

August 27th. august because it has no good holidays. 27th because 27 is a perfect cube. - mascarahero

national sit on your lazy ass and sleep day.- boobookittyfck

MY BIRTHDAY!!! HA!! You'd better give me a monkey butt award for this one. Hehehe oh yes monkey butt, I shall stroke it and stick my finger in it.- Nelson

I think there should be a National Mr.Rodgers Memorial day on the day that he died. That man lead a great life. He impacted many of our lives and taught our kids how to take off your hats when you get inside. I'll never forget him.-me

every monday- Fish

I would like to instigate an International Holiday called "Kill a Motherfucker Day" where everyone goes out and kills at least one motherfucker. That way, if everyone kills someone, we should have nobody left. Yay!- Mzebonga

How about a national Halo 2 Day? I take that day off anyways, why not get paid for it? It would be law that everyone should own a copy of Halo and Halo2, and if you don't you are executed by horny elephants wearing Master Chief costumes, and a fat man dressed as Cortana who is sexually attracted to you.- Mantis

XMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- *star*

National Pirate day!! I dont know when it is, but im pretty damn sure there is one!!- NoobyFop

The first day of Summer- Jules

erm...10th May..and it should be national cheese day. You know why? Cos I like cheese! the question is..should we have one day for cheese or lots of days for all the different types of cheese?...**babybel**

Every Monday- Dragon_Bomber

Hmm.. I would like to have Halloween as a day off.. - Dementia

We should make a National Apple Pie day, to solve world hunger.- SkyofStLuke

Christmas and Easter- yosoydame

I want to get a paid-day-off for everyone's birthday.- j0eg0d

MY FUCKIN BIRTHDAY OK! *crys* seriously... 22nd april... cos.... thats not my birthday... really- dark-angle

every day!- samsamsam

yesterday- profdunn

April 20th...duh- freak_ninja

I think national holiday's should celebrate language and every single word spoken gets a dollar and if someone isn't rewarded a dollar with you in ear range then they can tear out your teeth and... 'everything'. This would cause abrupt chaos and everyone would be exchanging money while savages lean over bleeding aristocrates. The idea of "I" just getting paid would be perferable to mantain peace, maybe the entire population should take turns and have a day and celebrate them for their life and contributions by there closest friends, family and people who won't leave them be... Hm, yes pleasent idea, what's better then mantaining ones humanity and state of mind by riches from those who supposivly love you. Disillusion or not we must be .. be... hm, birthday's sound awfully similar to this idea, but how abnoixious is it to say "Happy birthday!"... the worst fucking quote... besides "Merry Christmas!" and that goddamn exclamation mark, so clingy. ugh, I propose, a new greeting..... *Rolls eyes into the back of my and strain to see my brain offer an idea* "your Face is tastiful"... No, denying we are all superficial on the egoist day, this will suit just fine... and sounds great without enthusiaism or not.- SteamRisingLicks

We should have national unemployment day. So those of us that work, can feel like unimportant slobs as well. Get a job.- Venomous

There shouldn't be fucing holidays. There all fucking gay. we should get everyday off.- Spidey44

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