So you're forced to turn into a super hero, what is your name and super power?

Well if I actually KNEW how to turn into a super-hero, I'd probably have done that long before I was forced to. In which case, I would be called something dark, and mysterious - like perhaps 'darkmysterious man'. Onthe other hand, I would become a parody of myself and live inside my own mind. For that, I'd have to turn in on myself, inside out, or imploding without a climax so I coudl liev inside my own brain. I'd love to be able to do that. Clearly I'm not a super-hero now, otherwise I would have already. HOWEVER, it may be still possible as I could be using my mind, in which I live, to write this.- M. Mort

The DEATH HAMSTER! Cheecky cheecky cheeky! I shall nobble nibble your toes and eat your BRAINS!!!- InstantOatmeal

My name is "Morose Man" (aliteration is always a touch of class in these situations) and my special power is switching from content to bitterly dejected in the blink of an eye and talking about ending my pitiful life without ever actually having any intent to follow through.- Mzebonga

MNAH! my name shall be....FRONDOS SYPHABRATE JUNCTIONFEN DIMRAD KIMFOR JGNASHGCZTYET! and if one does not say my name properly...my powers shall be RELEASED! (mwah hah hah)and you know what that means....yes, you know...DONT SAY YOU DONT KNOW, DAMMIT, yesss...yessess...yesssss.....i can use my..mad mind powers...to inject cocaine into the penis of he who bothers...this will cause his preciousss to slowly shrivel and eventually fall off into a rotted, mangled lump between his feet. this is how i will displace all the governmental officials on the planet..yess...and the women? the women you say? what shall i do with them? i shall again use my mad mind powers, but this time to brainwash them to be evil feminists, like yours truly, and help myself displace all the men in power...yesshh...- Morshada

Aren't they all drawn in by a moral (or immoral) obligation? I am Eva Psychotic. My father was exposed to radiation (true story) as a child and created a creature the likes of which no one can explain coherently. I do nothing quite well.- eva psychotic

sock monkey porn hero i let kids see sock monkey porn- socky

my name would be SIN! and.. I would spread... SIN! bwaahahaha!!- SG*

Fuck Buddy. X-Rated vision, Pornographic Memory, and a double jointed tounge- fuckbuddy


Oh My God I would LOVE THIS!!!!! My name would be the G-String Avenger, because I would only wear a thong and (sometimes) bra. Oh yeah, and I would also have these really cool rocket boots that have the stars and stripes painted on them. I would have a flying ice cream truck and instead of playing The Entertainer, or whatever song it usually plays, it would play the opening song from South Park. My superpower would be called Meat Vision. It's where I can make anything made out of meat appear out of thin air, by just using my eyes. And so I would fight to stop world hunger by just flying around in my ice cream truck, tossing burger patties and hot dogs and chicken nuggets out the window. I would fight crime by punishing the bad guys. I mean, what could be cooler than being beaten up by a girl in a thong? Oh yeah, and I would have to have a sidekick. I know this isn't your generation, but when I was a little kid, there was this character on Nick Jr. called Face, and he just this cartoony face that filled up the entire screen and would announce the next show or whatever. I thought Face was the coolest thing in the world, and he would be my sidekick. We'd throw parties, and Face would be pimpin' whores while I give everyone free condoms in pastel colors. That would be so cool...- Ka Ka Chawinga

cunt man i can turn in to a moldy cunt- moldy cunt

the flying jello pudding snack. I have the power of pushing things into my bellybutton and they shall be lost forever- Hufflebunny

Super Jeep... Ok that is lame but dang it I love my jeep! My super power?? I can fly, go through water, and crunch all the cars in front of me. Becasue my super power is to get through traffic and to my destination the fast I can with NOTHING standing in my way bwahahahahahah *evil laugh* ahem. ~Jeepster

My name is Mzebonga and I'm an alcoholic...- Mzebonga

smells like a fish boy. to stunn people by making them smell me. - brad

DISCO MONKEY the ability to mentaly tie my shoelaces- di maskiller

Geez, must you even ask me that? My name would be Slurpee Faced and my power would be, what else?...turning all beverages into Slurpees. I would also have the ability to give people brain freeze with the mere touch of my hand. Take that, suckahs!- McDiablo

first! ,forced by who??? whats that dudes name??? you tell me that,THEN we'll talk about MY NAME< - rayyo77

Names are irrelevent as I would develop the ability to undo having been forced to do anything, resulting in the seemingly stupid undoing of my turning into a super hero. [ i was forced to write that]- Sven the Masseur

billy bob - power have incest with everyone who is related to me (my entire home town)- nullboy

My name is Toxicolo, and I can turn animals into mere stuffed decorations.- jesterozzy

I am FEMANAZI!!! and my power is to...be on my period 24/7 and eat men!!!- ChunkyFlamingo Testicles

I'd be Fromage. I'd be able to turn anything into cheese. But I won't wear one of those hats shaped like a big wedge of cheese because those are just stupid. I'd dress like an everyday civilian weirdo so you'd never suspect me of having any super cheese-related powers. What's cool about this is all this stuff is already true about me. Well except the part where I can turn anything into cheese. - FartMonkey

I will become the Poopanator that would be my name. My superpower is stopping the world from shitting except myself. Nope you wanted to eat tacos I wont let u on my toilet. I will be queen of the toilets and ruler of the toilet paper companies. No one stands a chance. If you try to fight I will shit and pee all over you. You can never win. I am the master, the smelliest shitter in the land, the brownest stain in the world, the most loud when constipated.........I will clog your toilet dont even start with me......doodoo droppings all over your face........in the end it will rain diarrhea and all will be shitted on.....dont worry Bush has already started my plan with shitting on the world.........yes if u think u shit better.... try me.......- fairygirl

my name is Rosalinda Hernandez- Starburst

My name is the abonimable "ho" man......I am a sophisticated pimp robot sent back in time to fight crime with a dildo filled with hyrochloric acid and a team of ninja prostitutes from japan. - RealMo-K

My name is the invisible super fucker, I am invisible, and also irresistable to bitches, and I can fly and bend reality like Neo.- deeth

It all depends where I'm at during the transformation. If i was at an all-you-can-eat buffet, I would turn into The Bottomless Pit, with the power to consume all food of any given amount. If I were anywhere else, I would turn into George Bush, with the power to be inredibly stupid and have no one important notice.- freak ninja

well i wouldnt look at being forced to be a super hero as a BAD thing but, in this case i would be named "flower girl". my super power would be i'd combat the stupidity of men by throwing dart like flowers into their chests penetrating their black hearts making them into personal love slaves, to hand off to any woman in need of a man to own. there would be no cure for the man, only a punishment of favoring the woman howEVER she wants for as long as she wants.- ristixxx

My name is Walcho!!! the nun. My super power entails eating many mushrooms and spitting them at pedestrians while in cars.- JWOOSTYLE

My nick name would be my stripper name Kandy Melt . Send to annoy and bitch at annoy everyone who I hate .- Kandy Melt

My name would be SuperJen and my super power would be I could tell what people were thinking. Then I would kill all the fat bastards i could find.- QueenJen

my name would be super queer. My powers would be i could turn people that are strait gay to try it out for how ever log they wanted to be gay.- pitty witty

Eddie-O would be my name, and i would have the power to fly- eddiot

Kandy Melt . My super power would be to bitch and annoy all men on earth.- slavekandy

I wood have the power to inflooence nearly every facet of human life on this planet without nobody knowing I'm screwin 'em. My super name wood be George W Bu....oh wait, that is my name.- fishmankurtus

Cummman- able to blow the back of recipient's head off with first ejaculation of session; and so on.- Kelly

pussyandheadman--be able to make a girl give me head and ass at will.- dudegonewild1

i am called Atom. I want to implode so badly. Only if i can do it more than once.- eva destruction

buttman and the fart of doom- the plankster

my name is big titty betty, my power is to uh, have really big round juggs *bouncey bouncey*- igor

Don K. Puncher is the name and my power is to make womans assholes close tighter then key hole.- Billhgates

je ne sais pas. I already thought that i was a superhero- queenjen

I'd be able to split in half, and both halves would regrow to normal size. One half would stay me. The other half would be a hot chick. I'd fuck her, then she would turn into a sandwich. I'd eat the sandwich and reabsorb my other half. Yeah suckers, now you're smackin yourselves for not thinking of this first.- Some Guy

My name would be kandi melt and my super powere would be to piss every teenage boy off in the world but also to have their hearts in the palm of my hands. - kandi melt

i am Dr. Smart Ass!!!! i have the power to piss ppl off....oh wait i just revealed my secret identity! damn u garden gnomes!!!!!!!!!!!!- spanky_da_biznatch

My name would be Greasy Underwear Woman and my super power would be that I could shoot underwear out of my armpit and make people pass out when the underwear hits them.- Monkeeskittles

Raven, Shapeshifting and extra strength- chained

Stewie. Killing everyone with an IQ lower then 150 with a single glance.- Calaba

My name is Depressedchick and my superpower is pressing buttons. So theyre depressed you see. Um. Yeah.- turquoiseraven

ambysexual person able to switch genders at will- Hollywierdo

Melancholic, brooding upperclass young business woman by day... but by night, the streets of new york are protected by Baldemar! He (yes, -he-) patrols the skies in the form of a bat and swoops down on his enemies, screeching at them until they fall to the ground. then morphing into human form, complete with top hat and cane, he cracks them one with his cane. His drawback - he must feed on human flesh in order to survive, otherwise he will not make it through the night to transform into young business woman and rule the city via the stock market... But there are plenty of homeless people, criminals and idiots in new york city to support Baldemar and his nightly flight of justice!- turreima

My name would be protana and i can manipulate matter.... i.e i can turn a coin into and elephant, and i can turn George Bush jr. into a smart person, and i could turn Britney Spears into a singer and i could turn myself into a superhero.....you get my drift- BadassArchangel

chiizus power to controll all cheese (chiizu is japaneese for cheese)- nullboy

retro-specks, its all in the name ;)- Tom

I'd be a Healer.Then I could heal cats and dogs.- Krackhead.

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