Who is the stupidest person you've ever seen on TV?

The person they haven't caught yet for that terrible mass murder somewhere... he had a pretty stupid face that was drawn all weird. If they had looked properly, the sketch the guy drew would have looked more like me than it did. Admittedly I was waering a mask, but still - they're professionals, they should be good at drawing masked perpetrators.. Suckers.- M. Mort

George W. Bush...- InstantOatmeal

Jade Goody. You'll not know who that is but, suffice to say, it's one of those people who appeared on Big Brother and achieved a certain amount of celebrity even though she is obnoxious and stupid.- Mzebonga

george dubya. Little georgey can't seem to put together a proper sentance. stupid condescending bastard of a money sheep. - Morshada

they're plenty of them. Simon cowell needs to be stuffed with bird seed, jessica simpson needs to be poor for a year, the hilton girls need to be captured by terrorists, and all the characters from the OC need to suffer something unspeakably foul, like chicken poo mouth wash, or oyster facials.- eva psychotic

rosie o'donnell- socky

BUSH... what kind of damn question is that.. i'm pretty sure eveyone answers this question with the answer 'bush'- SG*

George W Bush- fuckbuddy


The ladies on the home shopping network, who try to sell you weight loss shit. Maybe if they want people to lose weight, they should get off tv, so people won't spend hours on end sitting in the living room, while their ass grows into the Lazyboy- Hufflebunny

I am not sure what their name was... but it was some guy on one of those Japanese shows on Spike TV... he was so busy talking about his girlfriend that this huge ball on a rope (not like a cement on or anything but it must have been heavy) came right at him and he got knocked down into this pit of mud! *drools mud* It was hilarious becasue the guy was covered in it and was all like "Did we just start" in Japanese! ~Jeepster

I'd say George Bush but perhaps it's Saddam Hussein for getting caught by George Bush (indirectly) - I mean, who hides in a hole?- Mzebonga

george w. bush - brad

probably those kids who blew themselves up mixing tequila and chlorine or something- di maskiller

Ashton Kutcher. Okay, so he plays a dumb guy on 'That 70's Show', but what's with his taste in women? Does he go for the stick thin gals? I mean, Brittany Murphy looks near death and Demi Moore--uh, yeah. Next he'll be hitting on Maria Shriver, and if he does my sister's friend has this to say to her: "Skeletor called, he wants his face back."- McDiablo

it's a toss up,,,,,,,,,moe ,larry, or curly. - rayyo77

myself- Sven the Masseur

what is this TV? my pc is my friend- nullboy

Dr. Phill- jesterozzy

Some chick who said that she didn't want to eat buffalo wings because she doesn't like buffalo...WTF?? But the pres of the US would def. take the cake..the man makes an ass of himself everyday...everyday that he gets on tv!- ChunkyFlamingo Testicles

Can you postpone this question to when the offspring of britney spears and carrot top is the star of some stupid sitcom? - FartMonkey

Honestly I would have to say the purple tellietubbie man you dont just do that...I cant believe they let that gay man or lil boy wear a purse....What are you teaching the males of America... to go out and by a purse and rename your ass Tinkiewinkie...hell no.....soon we are going to see grown men singing "Stinky Winky, Tipsy,Alaih,Coke" do you see the hidden meaning in this show. Its not Tinkiewinkie,Dipsy,Lala,Poe....that show is their to teach us to stay away from things...we must be aware and be careful our children well your children I dont have any are supervised while watching it...this can be harmful and the #1 reason for why so many boys turn gay and why the worlds corrupt....... thanks for taking time to listen to my thoughts yours truly - fairygirl

homer simpson- Starburst

any person that participates in "Big Brother".- RealMo-K

Regis Fillman- deeth

Feminem, plain and simple. Or If you prefer to call him Marshmellow Mathers or Enema or slim anus. whatever floats your boat. - freak ninja

o man, the stupidest person i ever saw on tv, was on the man show... the one when vanessa was trying on bikinis and getting men to buy em for her... the stupid man was the man who sniffed the crotch of the bikini and jacked off i nthe dressing room when she walked out to find another bikini. the entire world watching saw this mans weakest moment. boy was he stupid.- ristixxx

George W. Bush- JWOOSTYLE

Dr. Phil- Kandy Melt

Anna Nicole- QueenJen

Simon Cowell- pitty witty

Barbie- eddiot

dr phill - slavekandy

That's too easy. His middle name is "W".- fishmankurtus

katie kouric- Kelly

Jeff foxworthy- dudegonewild1

simon cowell, and everyone on the lifetime channel. I was really counting on a certain show that offered to make performers into stars to be getting threats from al quaida, but no, a certain show that football fans watch every year had to steal the spotlight. Not to menation someone's right nipple.... no wonder. - eva destruction

roy chubby brown- the plankster

bush - igor

william hung- ledzeppelinforever

Rosie O'Donnel- Billhgates

George Bush- queenjen

Pretty much everybody..people suck- Some Guy

dr phil - kandi melt

shit arent they all stupid asses? why bother?- spanky_da_biznatch

Britney Spears oh wait you said stupidest not person Id like to stab with a spork. Conan O'Brian. Did I spell that right? Oh well who cares? I just think he's an idiot.- Monkeeskittles

they're all stupid coz they all have more money than me, or are actually stupid- chained

Anna Nichole Smith- Calaba

The chicks who do the stupid stupid adverts for the St Ives Apricot scrub stuff. itty bitty scrubbers indeed. pfft. Its good stuff though- turquoiseraven

without a doubt, George Walker Bush (also the most despicable)- Hollywierdo

probably the bloke who presents 'animals do the funniest things'... or everyone who has ever appreaed on big brother/equivalent reality tv show. then again, there aqre a lot of stupid people foolishly given television access... not all idiots are funny- turreima

George Bush, Trishelle from real world Paris,and too many more to mention - BadassArchangel

myself- nullboy

mmm, marko on uk big borther 5 * clapps hand fast n high pitch yay comes out *- Tom

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