Are there any situations where shitting yourself is ok?

Apocalypse, maybe. As long as everyone else has aready been wisked off to heaven, and only the retarded and sinful are left. Or if someone pays you enough- eva p.

Absolutely. If someone told me that Benji Madden loves me and he wants to marry me and have a family with me, and it was true, I would try hard not to shit myself, but it would probably happen anyway. Wait-I would probably piss myself and faint in it, rather than shit myself, but either one would be ok in that situation. It would be okay to shit yourself if, for the first time in 13 years your mother who has never given a fuck about anything to do with you, wants to see you again, and when you go to her house in Arizona, you see that she is a married woman with 2 kids that you never knew about. It would be okay to shit yourself if you are a goldfish, hamster, toad, my step-mom, or any other lower life form. It would be ok to shit yourself if you are ozzy osbourne. actually, it's not ok, it's totally vulgar, but he does it all the time anyway so who gives. - tinkerbelll

laughing.- alex

A self shitting contest in Wisconsin.- Mzebonga

I have never shit myself in my life. Personally, there is no situation that I could get in that would make me shit myself. However, there are those who can not control their bowel movements quite so well, and drop a load when they get too excited. This is not acceptable. To make one smell the terrible odor of someone who has shit themselves would be pure cruelty and furthermore evil. So.... the answer is no.- bluemonkeyfearer

I guess. Probably being thrown into a lions cage, after ingesting a box of laxitives would induce the shitting of ones pants. Either that or when you die. (After you die your colon and bladder releases all the waste that they are holding at the time) Though I must say, if you know there is a chance of you shitting yourself, I suggest making a diaper out of a beach towle. - RealMo-K

only in a shit urself competition- dan

Oh yes, absolutely. But there is only one situation where this is ok, and that is when filming 'scat' pornography for sexual gratification.- Superman Dave

Right in between "I..." and "...Do".- weirdDAR

no, fear isnt real so why do that- twitch

of course, if ur one of those jackass people you can shit urself all you want and get paid doing it. Also, its something DC can do when he is in prison so no one will make him their bitch -Phantom

If that is all you can do to keep the martians away then....no it is not ok....ever- Shwee

Yes, there are. When a creepy old person asks you for help, you can shit yourself, cray, and throw a fit. It will send the old person into a state of shock, thus allowing you a chance to escape to the safety of the nearest gas station...unless of course there happens to be some deranged pink rabbit in the gas station, in which case you'll have to shit yourself again and run away, screaming.- CasualFatality

I wouldn't say it's OK. Though you could use it as an excuse to get out of some situations. Like if...well shit I don't remember my answer...*poop*- Anthraxboy

when being chased by a fat man and u have food in ur pockets- G-star

absolutely, I consider any situation shitself worthy- SG*

I guess you can't help doing it when you die- Munchie

Yes, when you go to the toilet.- Mr. Mortician

Yea wen dracula is sukin yer blood.- Crazy Bitch

zannax and two forties make it ok, right?- LeatherFace49

only when visiting old people in old peoples homes where they have the supplies to clean you up.- georgie

I know a guy who played drums on the Barnum & Bailey Circus band. He shit himself at the beginning of the show and had to sit in it throughout. I think that's okay. Somebody had to play. Trouble was the bari sax player was new ... it was her first gig and she had to sit next to this guy through the whole ordeal! I mean ... holy crap!- ChickSinger

yes, if you plan to change your underwear.- Morshada

perhaps, when it's involuntary or if you're in some extreme desperate situation, i guess shitting yourself can be considering OK, you know, what you absolutley cannot help it.- blasianchick

if there is a really big bomb down your trousers- paw

no- LostInnocence

when you have no other way to get out of an important function that you loathe such as a religious function with family or a buisness conference you can just shit yourself and say you have uncontrollable hershey squirts hehe! - thathinguywhois

Maybe if a vicious animal was about to attack and eat you (sorta like a stink bug).- dumbass who filled out questionnaire twice b/c forgot to put in nickname

no- pete

When someone is chasing you with a chainsaw with the intent to kill you.- Simone

no. no no no.- chunky funky seXXXy monkey

Maybe after drinking about 10 shots of everclear and five corresiedons.- shit faces ex

When you have to wear depends... haha.. imagine you are walking around town and boom you are like wholy crap look at that (instert shitting image here) I totally just shit myself... haha at least I was wearing my depends!- Jeepster

no unless the world was blowing up- nnn

When your really scared or stuck up town and desparate- Jimmy

Attempting to eat poison- turquoiseraven

If your gonna get butt rape I guess- ~PrettyNightmare~

I don't know. Can't imagine ANY different situation.- phoenix

yes- fishguts

Of course there are. Like if you're getting paid a lot of money. or if you're freezing to death and you need something to keep you warm.- WaterDragon

Death, childbirthing (although childbirthing itself is a huge faux pas), infancy, old age, violent illness, consensual fetish activities, car accidents, being raped (this is actually recommended by black belt safety specialists,as a self-defense technique, to repulse and temporarily distract an attacker) any violent assault, or other very fucked up and horrifying circumstance. Or maybe winning the lottery.- Enfante Terrible

getting shot, maybe.- Seneeb

Sure, when your parents drag you to one of their precious dinner meetings for their big corporate jobs and you sit there and shit your-self and yell, "I told you I had to poop mom, don't you love me enough to let me go to the bathroom?"- asswipe picasso

no, however pissing yourself is okay, as long as you are sorounded by cats, then every one is used to the smell of it and doesn't care, in fact it adds to the theme of the room. In fact I seriously recomend that people who own cats piss themself daily.- the flying cowboy

yea if a bear is gonna eat me, or if i wanted to get out of school- kennay

Only when youre in a GIANT bubble, and there are rabbid dogs chasing you, you have 6 , and no less than 6 guns pointed to your head and your are told " yarrr... if ya' don't lick ye' elbows, you gets da booty boomer... yarr..". If your feet were soaking in corn, shitting yourself would be unneccasary and wrong.-Me

yeah, like if some one pops up and scares the shit out of you lol- BaYBeeLeTTe

yes...REALLY scary roller coasters- tigriss

I'm always cold and so I often wet my pants in order to keep warm. I only shit them during emergencies...like when the heater doesn't come on very often during the winter months.- McDiablo

I always shit myself. I always get in trouble.- AliŽra

If you're sitting on a port-a-potty and someone comes up and rips the door open.- Hufflebunny

no i dont think so no. nope no absolutly not....I mean if you gotta go then you gotta go...so yeas absolutly- Becca

no.- stinky

Yes but i'm not telling you. -frankiespanky

When you have the flu. Either you shit your pants or puke all over the floor. If you have a bucket handy well that's all fine but that is't always the case.- poptart

No. There's a place for that y'know...the bathroom, not your pants.- Your Mom

Eww no- Paige

Well...if you were about to have your brains sucked out by zombies I guess...or if you were going to be vaporized by robots lasers or in some instance where no one would notice that you would be shitting yourself because you'd be dead anyways so you'd never know what they thought nor would you care because I'd be going to hell anyways.- ferretchick

Possibly the only sort of situation would be where you'd shit yourself in order to become so repulsive that someone you don't want around you stays away. This has many, many exceptions and rules, for example this is NOT ok if you are in a small sealed car with innocent people. FartMonkey

Only when you're laughing too hard...Which happens alot for me...Tickle tickle...- InstantOatmeal

ermmmmm no- kinky k8y

depends...........- Jesus

If King Kong were about to step on you, you could shit yourself. If the Lord came down and talked to you. If you caught two of your younger siblings fucking eachother, it would then be okay to shit on them.- Tommy

always- roy

Probably if someone shoots at you.- fuckwit

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