Has anyone told you to "keep up the good work"?

What work? Teachers hope that we don't work, or, better yet, do obviously horrible work. Sadistic bastards. - eva p.

my art teacher(s) - alex

Plenty of times. What it really means is: "We're paying fuck all and you're working like a bastard. We think you're an idiot but you're running the company for us. So, yeah, we like you, you muppet".- Mzebonga

Yes. Well, not exactly. My Algebra 2 teacher told me I was doing really well in his class. (I am really good at math and whatnot) This was really strange, as he is regarded as hostile and dangerous. It was very intimidating. I have no clue why he chose me as his teacher's pet. I am terrified of that man now even more than I ever was. Oh am I glad that I am now in Geometry.... but wait....now it is the geometry teacher that I fear. What is this world coming to???? - bluemonkeyfearer

Yes they have. I have two opinions on this actually. Somtimes it's good for encouragment other times it's quite annoying.I used to work at McDonalds.I know, I know!! but I was desperate for cash so I could by my motorised scooter (which by the way, fucken rules), needless to say once I got me scooter I was out of that Mcfucken Mcdump.....As if cooking burgers and putting discusting food in a deep frier is something that is really THAT hard, let alone something that should be encouraged and praised.- RealMo-K

yes during sex- dan

Yes. It was meant as a sarcastic insult though.- Superman Dave

I don't work, and one time someone said "Keep up the...no work." I didn't like that guy.- weirdDAR

no people hate- twitch

My best friend tells me that all the time. We'll be chillin at the mall tryin to pick up girls, and i'll say something like, "You must be an angel, because you fell from heaven and landed on your face" then they'll get mad and walk off. So my friend turns to me and says ,"Way to go asshole, keep up the goodwork" -Phantom

If by "have" you mean - has and by "keep up the good work" you mean - damn you have a sexy body, do ya wanna fuck?............then yes...all the time- Shwee

Yes. I promptly, punched him in the jaw, kicked him in the groin and dumped a bucket full of rotting melon on his head. Stupid bastard should know better than to say such horrible things to me..- CasualFatality

my mum- G-star

in third grade and then it all started going downhill- SG*

I don't do good work- Munchie

All the time, I'm a genius you see...- Mr. Mortician

yes and i say yes sir, here stick this pinecone up your ass...- LeatherFace49

fucking annoying bastards!! does it look like i'm going to keep this up when you go??- georgie

Yes, but I'm a hooker, so it carries a slightly different meaning for me.- ChickSinger

yes. some teacher said that to me the other day. i told her that i would be getting in more trouble, but half the time i'm half dead, spralwed across the floor, crushed under the constant pain that the little men in my head inflict upon me. she told me i was disrespectful, and gave me a "write-up", or some such shit. god, i hate that woman. whatever her name was.- Morshada

yes.- blasianchick

no my works crap- paw

yes, I fucking hate it.- LostInnocence

yeah I hate those fuckers they smell like partially digested orange juice and should be made to wear flowered dresses and leiderhosen while drinking strychnine so that they die horrible convulsing deaths yaaaaa!- thathinguywhois

All the time. See, you just did.- dumbass who filled out questionnaire twice b/c forgot to put in nickname

yes- pete

no- Simone

no, i like to think i set the curve for the losers, and i promise, we will keep up the shitty work- chunky funky seXXXy monkey

No- shit faces ex

Losers do that to all the nerdy kids.. I usually hear.. you can do better.. or try hard next time.. got to love college!- Jeepster

yes they were doing a good job- nnn

not recently- Jimmy

Yes, 13 people so far. None of them are alive now. *grins evilly*- turquoiseraven

I think, but I was to busy keeping the blood from his head- ~PrettyNightmare~

Yes. I think there is somekind of rememberance in my brain (?) that contains some stoned & drunk tramp, mumbling stuff like that to me.- phoenix

yes- fishguts

Yes. Pretty much every science teacher I've ever had. They want me to cure AIDS and cancer.- WaterDragon

Yes, it is an awful cliche. On the rare occassion when it comes sincerely, from somebody who I respect, over something I actually feel good about, I may not be offended. I may even appreciate it. Quite often, the phrase is a tired condescension. My worst, personal nightmare with this advice, was when I lost a bunch of weight in my early twenties(ten years ago), but wasn't at whatever was perceived as perfect, and idiots would regularly oggle me with goofy grins, and then spit out the dreaded babble. Little did the drones suspect that I was stark-raving bulemic and dying slowly. If you'll please excuse the unsolicited, public service announcement, I would like to state, for the record, that such extreme, GEN-U-INE Insanity, as bulemia, is not primarily driven by sheer vanity or stupity. Most of the women I met in treatment were very intelligent, much to my own surprise. The vast majority of women who develop such illnesses have been raped or molested and all are living in a culture that reinforces the messages received by such traumas. I know this is an unfunny, buzzkill answer, that may potentially receive the odious monkey-butt award . However, this question was the irresistable inspiration for me to, finally, come out of the closet to you folks about my Truly Insane past and say that, although I have appreciated the humor and intent behind the occassional, rabid mockery of anybody that would engage in such behaviors, shame only fuels the disorder's mechanisms. It is a shockingly common illness and quite deadly. I hope my clinical history with your Mental Institution has sufficiently proven my conversion to the Doctrine of Creative Rampant Insanity, professed here at the InsaneDomain, to be forgiven for my depressing micro-dissertation on The Ugly Truth. I really love you assholes. - Enfante Terrible

yes, i hit him with a 2x4 afterwards- Seneeb

Yeah, right after I got done banging my girlfriend's mom and told her that her daughter was next. - asswipe picasso

yes, and i hated it. i felt like a dog who just learned a new trick i really just wanted to hit them and lagh at their face, people should just leave you alone and go eat some cheese and go drink some toilet water for all i care.- the flying cowboy

yea my stupid teachers- kennay

No, but i did tell someone to keep up the good vagina once.-Me

no,i never colored in the lines in kidergarden(or however u spell it,,see hooked on phonics didn't work for me? - BaYBeeLeTTe

yes...but we won't say who... :-)- tigriss

Yes. Why do you think I drink Slurpees so much? - McDiablo

in bed? no. In school? no. It's expected of me, damnit- AliŽra

My special ed teacher ^_^ she has frilly socks- Hufflebunny

yes and it didnt make anysense considering i was doing it all wrong to begin with- Becca

no there is no good work, only bad work and worse work, bye- snowbunny

have anyone told you? sort out the grammer man, HAS anyone told you...what's the world coming to...- stinky

NO. -frankiespanky

no, I'm the biggest slacker on the planet- poptart

yes, and frankly, if I know I'm doing a good job I'll keep doing it, but if it's for some egomaniac who's trying to scale the corporate ladder by taking credit for my work, then no. He can shove my good work up his ass.- Your Mom

Yes- Paige

Yes, then I proceeded to stop whatever I was doing out of pure spite. If they thought I was doing a good job perhaps I can keep them disillusioned for just a bit longer...- ferretchick

Yeah, but that's only when they're slacking off and I'm somehow the one stuck doing all the work and they have to try to convince me that I'm doing a fantastic job so I won't stop and make them contribute something. FartMonkey

Heh heh....Yeah right...Good work...me? YOU WISH!!! Feh...good work, shheh! As if!- InstantOatmeal

yea- kinky k8y

ummmmm............ yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh- Jesus

Yes. Why is this question asked though? I need explainations for this. I don't feel right answering this now. I'm going home and you don't post this answer. Or post it but make me seem more cool about the answer provided. Wait, no.. nobody's ever said that to me before! Okay? Happy? Cheese.- Tommy

stupid teachers- roy

Not lately! Which brings us back to my original question, Why does she am hate me? fuckwit

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