Would you allow cameras to be installed throughout your house and
strangers moved in to pretend to be your friends and family?

As usual, for a price. Make sure to include the drunken uncle, and the doting mom, and the nagging sister.... and maybe for kicks, toss in a few snot-nosed kids to kick around.- eva p.

no thank you.- alex

Considering I have no friends and I brutally murdered my family, I could do with some replacement victims.- Mzebonga

No I certainly would not. I don't like my own family the way it is, why would I want another one? And the camera thing? What if the people who installed the cameras sold naked pictures of me on the internet???? I am going to go cry now. Wait..... is that a camera??? Now see what you did, you made me paranoid.- bluemonkeyfearer

Sure thing!! but I have a couple of demands before you invade my privacy: 1.You pay me a shit load of cash. 2.Beer, smokes, weed and food are supplied free of charge. 3.I'm allowed to do whatever I want that is to do with sex. i.e walking around in the nude,masturbating in front of everyone and of course wearing a dead chicken as underwear. 4.If anyone of the people that move into my house piss me off, I am allowed to ridicule them, poke them with a pointy stick and if need be sacrifice them in a satanic ritual. 5. I am the dominent male. This means we listen to my music,watch my T.V shows and when I go to bed I am NOT to be woken up..(for consequenses of this, see number 4). Now, that's not to much to ask...is it?- RealMo-K

yes... i fucking hate my family... if u want u can skin them all(alive) and send me the remains- dan

No. We tried this as a social experiment back in 1987. Unfortunately the powers that be didnt screen the strangers to be inserted into the house. It turns out one of them was a previously convicted salad molester. The things he did to the lettuce would have made your hair curl. And the tomatoes.... oh dear God, the tomatoes....- Superman Dave

It's better than some things I'd do with installed cameras in my home...- weirdDAR

yea it would be cool to scare new people and get a new set of cameras- twitch

hahahaha, that's funny. as if ur life isn't already being televised and everyone u know is acting...oops, they're gonna fire me now. well i might as well tell you, people don't really die, they just get fired b/c they pissed the director off...great special effects huh? -Phantom

Well.....If by "cameras" you mean candy and by "strangers" you mean friends, and by "pretend to be you", you mean seduce you ................then yes, yes...i would definately say yes. - Shwee

Sure! As long as they don't expect me to pay for their food or anything. It's hard enough begging for money to buy my own. Those bastards are probably plotting my demise so they can have my cheese aren't they?! On second thought, no! I wouldn't let them move in! Damn, now I have to go find a new hiding spot for the cheese!!- CasualFatality

How did you know about the cameras and the fake friends? This was supposed to be a top secret, government sanctioned job. Only Level-I security clearance could access that information....unless you're the government spying on me to see if I wanted the camera's in the first place. Well I do. And I'd thank you to avert your eyes while I "look" at the sock monkey porn that keeps appearing on my computer.- Anthraxboy

yes- G-star

I love this site...it is the only thing I look foward to every month! First of all, the stranger moving in and pretending to be my family already happened... with my disgusting, infantile, unintelligent, tasteless, hideously deformed, putrid, grotesque, rotund, and incredibly STUPID stepmom. And I must say, I didn't like it. At all. In fact, I still don't like it, and right now I can hear her disgusting cackle from the other room. But that's another story. Anyway, kids do that all the time...like with that show the real world? I would do it, but if my "brother" turns out to be a really cute guy...uh...it won't really be incest would it? I would probably hang something over the camera when I use the "shiny white bowl", and when I take a shower. What if someone leaves their underwear on the floor? Or has weird habits like incessantly singing the batman theme song? Or they have a pet weasel? I don't like strangers getting personal with me. That's all scary shit. I'm still only 14! WAH!- Ka Ka Chawinga

That depends on who they are. If they were all beautiful girls I'd have to check with my wife first to see if it was all right. Not only that I would want to vacuum around my easy chair to remove any of the old soybean husks that are continually falling on the rug. Otherwise I'd say sure.- Ears

o.o only if it ends up like Mad Mad House and there's another of my kind(Vampyre) there- SG*

For a lot of money? Sure why the hell not?- Munchie

No, I hate people.- Mr. Mortician

Nup FUK that.- Crazy Bitch

first off im a hermit i dont like people they read my thoughts, also i dont want people to find out about my gary colman and webster porn collection, oops to late......! and my fear and phobias concerning mongloidle dwarfs and crippled lesbian midgets from ethiopia have made me very hostile and Im positive they would not want to be around me, especially when im curled up in a fetal position in the corner sweating and shaking with a spork.......- LeatherFace49

not in the slightest- georgie

You mean like on that gay MTV show?- ChickSinger

No. I'm not sure if i would mind the strangers, but cameras? thats a wee bit creepy. Eh, pretty soon there will be cameras everywhere we go anyway. the government seems to think that they can keep us in control by watching us and invading our privacy. shows how much they know.- Morshada

no, what a pointless thing to do. the hell would i get out of that- blasianchick

yeah why not- paw

No- LostInnocence

what ! actually, that might be interesting, can it be the hollywood actors instead? I would so torment them with heavy metal and chaotic noise music! Then i would urinate on their garments and put lsd in their food and paint the walls in chaotic smears of body fluids and animal parts and start chanting to satan to raise demons to eat them! yeah that would be fun!- thathinguywhois

I'd do just about anything for the right price.- dumbass who filled out questionnaire twice b/c forgot to put in nickname

no- pete

fuck no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- Simone

yes, as long as they paid me outrageous amounts of money and petted my tail constantly- chunky funky seXXXy monkey

No- shit faces ex

How much would they be paying me to do this? Ahh forget it.. why not... not like I got anything exciting happening in the summer! Move on out family.. move on in strangers!- Jeepster

no thats just too weird- nnn

Most definately- Jimmy

Only if i meant i could have more lollipops and bananas- turquoiseraven

Yeah... but I think the cast and crew would freak out if they find all the ummm... remains. Then I'll have to get rid off the ca... I mean, it wouldn't be a good idea.- ~PrettyNightmare~

I've just asked my other personalities. Most of them say 'No!'.. democracy! Cameras=monarchy!!!- phoenix

no- fishguts

NOOOOOOOOOOO! or maybe... yeah... I'd do that, and then I'd put ink on the cameras so they can't see, and I'd put chickens in the people's mouths in their sleep.- WaterDragon

Clearly, the elements of your proposal are of a repugnant nature. Most rational beings would require powerful, ulterior motivations to stimulate their willing involvement. Therefore, the question is; under X conditions, would you agree to activity Y? At what point, in variable circumstances, do you break down into a whore? Or are you just a slut for free? For $/$,$$$,$$$, I would agree to X week/s of your proposed harrassment. I'll have my lawyer call yours.- Enfante Terrible

for the right amount of money yes- Seneeb

Yes, I'm betting they would be a lot cooler than the parents that I got right now. I also wouold like to add that I would want a hot "sister" to umm... play with. HEY! we're not really related.- asswipe picasso

only if the cameras were mainly in bathrooms and the starngers listened to punk rock so much that their ears turned red and they liked to eat cheese.- the flying cowboy

yes id start a 3 way- kennay

I think i'd do it,only if they gave me a shit load of money. I would treat them like i would if they were my real family, yell at them, tell them how pittifull, self ceneterd they are, i would beat them, steal from them, run away from home, pretty much give them hell and regret they asked me to accept their deal.-Me

fuck no!!- BaYBeeLeTTe

no freaking way, my luck they would be stalkers...thatz just creepy- tigriss

Nah, because then I'd feel like I'd be copying some reality show--like "The Osbourne's". I'm pretty sure these cameras would end up putting my every move on T.V. As for the fake friends and family, that also reminds me of "The Osbourne's" for some reason. Is it just me, or were there always random people in their house?- McDiablo

How about... I install cameras in your house and I move in as a stranger acting as a member of your family- AliŽra

only if the cameras were connected to the internet and the strangers were sex crazed maniacs ;)- Hufflebunny

Yes, because that is by far one of the most imaginary leprachaun in the world. No but really yes i would because it seems like something I would do.- Becca

no im mean that would be wirod! haveing some freak of a guy watching you sleeping and *maybe* having sex. i wouldnt. gross. and strangers, i, comeon, that could happen tho. mom and dad could be any thing *a dancing sock monkey* or *stripperella* i mean the possiabitites are endless. you never know, maybe aliens do exist, maybe they do. hummmm.- snowbunny

no.- stinky

I've done it twice now and all I get is hate mail. -frankiespanky

Yes I would. I'd pretend right back, until it all became too much and I snap. Fuck the mother, shit in the father's mouth, give the sister an anal experience she'd never forget....all the time sharing bongs with my 'so called friends', making them shit in bags at gun point....- poptart

Hmmm...maybe if I was paid enough, and one of the strangers was Johnny Depp.- Your Mom

No way- Paige

Course I would, then people would finally realize what a stupid, egotistical, two faced bitch my mom was. Then I could get some badass double kid to play me and that way when that kid got smacked they could charge her with assault. I'd like to direct whatever kind of picture it would be. Also, I'd arrange it for my family to be naked, but instead of my family I'd use stunt doubles because no one would wanna see my family naked...gross.- ferretchick

I guess so..you don't say that the cameras are on or filming me/us, or that this is going to be televised or anything, so are these people just trying to fool me? Who's that damn stupid that they don't recognize their own family? Sure I'm stupid, but not that stupid. You should be ashamed for asking such a stupid question. FartMonkey

No...I like my friends, cause they're nuts, and no one can be like them...NO ONE!!!! You may NOT take them or misplace them in any way whatsoever! - InstantOatmeal

no- kinky k8y

one day...- Jesus

I would agree to do that on the condition that I can act out murdering each one of them in their sleep with a butter knife and vasoline. The mother would also need to make cheese sandwiches. Lots and lots of cheese on the sandwich.- Tommy

um no- roy

Only if I could live somewhere else while it was going on.- fuckwit

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