: June 2004

When was the last time a stranger touched you and how did you react?

I really can't remember leaving the house the last couple of months but this tutor guy at college touched my shoulder and called me 'darling' one time. I told him to piss off, then he realised that I was a guy.-Mort

I am a cashier and when i was giving an old man back his change he tried to hod ny hand . I hated it . - julia

Hah. What a silly question. The last time a stranger touched me was the last time I passed a large group of blue collar construction workers, or a mexican delivery boy on a bicycle, or some stupid busboy standing around outside, or....the possibilities are endless. Girls live in a tragic world where they get sexually harassed wherever they go, and there's no getting around it...unless you want to dress like a nun. The last time a stranger touched me was when I was coming out of a restaurant, and this hideous Mexican retard came and grabbed my ass, saying things like "Mamasita." I distinctly heard the words "lick" "bathroom" "ass" "fuck" "floor" and "sweat," although I don't quite remember in what way they were used...This happens to us in the city all the time, so I was used to it. However, what little Seņor didn't realize was that my 17 year old boyfriend and a couple of his friends (who are all rather intimidating punks that are like, 6' tall) were walking a few feet behind me. Under normal circumstances, I would have given him the finger and spit in his face, but in that case I wasn't the one that reacted. You cannot possibly fathom how satisfying it was to watch my man beat this fucktard HorHay up into a bloody mess. Sweet Jesus, I love you Joey!!! But for something not-so-sexual, the last time a stranger touched me was in the movie theater. I went with my friend to see The Day After Tomorrow (which is a boring and shitty movie, by the way - with the exception of that kid who is really sexy) and this old guy with a weird-looking beard kept touching my feet for no apparent reason. Maybe he liked my shoes, I don't know, but it pissed me off so I threw candy at him for the rest of the show. And that's it.- Moron who can type up a big answer but is too stupid to come up with a nickname.

the last time a stanger touched me was yesterday in SF and I kicked him... it was just a reflex.. not a very good one though since the person whom touched me was a cop...- SG*

This lady at the grocery store who tried to get in front of me in the express lane.. I poked her politely and asked her to go to the back of the line, and while I was talking to her, I swiped her wallet =)- Hufflebunny

ate them for my dinner- ilovetuna

bum shook my hand. I gave him 7 cents and he felt so honored that he had to shake my hand. He wasn't that gross, but the simple fact that 7 cents set him off, that is truly sad.- eva psychotic

today when i was qeueuing...queueing.. god, how do you SPELL that fucking word? ok, i was Q-ing for tickets at the cinema, this dude was hugging me around the waist from behind. i mean, i didn't even know who he was, but he was there, and then, he actually paid for both his and my tickets, he sat next to me and held my hand in the cinema, then after that, he drove me home in his car and said, "see you tomorrow sweetie" and gave me this passionate kiss. who the fuck was he, dude??- SiNiSTaR (missed me? i missed YOU!)

DON'T TOUCH ME, YOU UN-FREAK!!! *slaps a tree*- InstantOatmeal

Oh, damn, funny you'd mention that...I was just thinking today how strangly frequent that is for me. You see, it's these little short inisible men. Shorter than me (amazingly), and they arent invisible, but then they grab your ass or your ear, and run away. Then a bird will pop out of the sky squaking like harry potter or some such devilry and POOF, the little men will become invisible...but how do i react? well, i used to spaz out, intending to rip off all their appendages and light them on fire, but then they always disappeer before i am able to do so, so i'm stuck there with running about like a goose with it's head halfway chopped off screaming "IM GOING TO CHOP OFF EVERY ONE OF YOU GODDAMN APENDAGES AND LIGHT YOU ON FIRE!" noodle. then those morons who are secretly working for the government who seem to think they are all fancy and undercover, but they don't know i acually know they're all in the conspiracy led by the pope begin giving me demonic looks and mumbling into they're wristwatches. then other government-conspiracy-pope-secret people grab me by the arm and take me away. damn them all.- Morshada

Meow!- Crouching_Coconut

The last time was around 14 days ago and 4 hours, i believe. It was an amazing event, fireworks sparked and heat boiled. It was at a barbeque and I was making kraft diner. So as the fire works were getting set off in the backyard and I was stirring in the pasta, a mentally handicap lady came over and patted my crotch. I giggled, then she perstisted patting... Then i explained to her that nothing was there anymore... then she smiled and limped out of my house.- LIckable Words (Taste)

A year ago, I held his hand, then did a up and down motion.. whoah.. It makes me nausiatated just thinking about it. He had a really tight grasp too, it felt kinda moist also... oooh.. my head is spinning. Yuck, it was the worst moment in my life. Thats why I dont touch anything that hasnt been throughly scrubbed by my bristled comb, and all my love making happens on plastic garbage bags on a vasilened hardwood floor. Im a world renouned((spelling? well for most all words I write... Gees... I've become to dependant on spell check)) germaphopic narcictic hypocondriac crazy fool. And ah yes after our encounter I slapped my tounge right on his rosy cheeks and smirked... "Now we are equal, SlopBucket" I have touched lots of stranger before I crossed this bold old dirt, I uset to rub people up and down, caressing there shoulders, patting there back, after I was just introduced... but all these overwhelming thoughts of the build upof germs, the reality of disease on humans ... ugh.. I dont leave my house much anymore even though its been evicted since I dont produce any money for the bills... i hide between my second and first floor boards most of the time. I have lots here though... and im free to leave and enter the house i please. Lifes great! But dont touch me! aHHH! skin...*shiver*- I aint Amassing Nah Cents, YO!

Umm...let's see...I think it was a few weeks ago. I actually got out of bed before 4p.m. to go get a Slurpee from the gas station. I was still in my pajamas and half-asleep and the local crazy guy tapped me on the shoulder to ask for money. Since I was still nearly comatose, this scared me quite badly and I jumped, screamed, and fell over. I then got up and grabbed the first thing I saw (which happened to be a stick of beef jerkey) and threw it at him...that was fun...- CasualFatality

I felt that I should be paid money, not that I have been a whore before, mind you (then being only eleven and such) and if, perhaps, this person would continue, I could get a bit of the ol' "stranger wank." He said that he was not my daddy. Furthermore, he told me that HE should get the money, since I had been asleep on the cross-country bus, and hadn't intended to wake me.- willies

j,hleldldo smiy neaimwel idso kqeptlslym thats ma anser....uncrack the code if u really wana kno!!!lol- keli_x_james(IM-BACK!)

Sometimes when I give my change to the 7-11 clerks, our fingers touch. *Sigh* It's so romantic. Yes, yes, that's the most action I get in a week. So sue me.- McDiablo

It was probably when this retarted kid head slapped me for no reason when I walked past him in the street.......... obviously, I reacted quite abruptly by kicking him repetedly in the face and me stealing his wallet so I could purchase smokes and get cheaper bus tickets on his concession card (because of his so called "disability"). Although it's pretty fucked up catching the bus to school because I have to drool down my shirt and pull my own hair just to get a cheaper ticket.- RealMo-K

He hit my sax case (approximately 20 minutes ago) and I reacted angrily, turning around to glare at him (I sure gave him a good glaring), upon which I walked into a traffic light pole.- Sven the Masseur

two seconds a go and I freaked- rosetintedthor

i was at work I wirk at a gs and when i gave this groce man his change back he tried to hold my hand. - kandi melt

i dont recall running into a stanger ... or having them touch me.. but id probably flick them off and start throwing things.- JAG

three years ago, well..my spitting snake spit in her eye- igor-sevulba

this one guy rubed by me and i took out my axe and planted it in his forehead- juggalojimmy

she grabbed my tit and i punched her in the nose- fk yeah

That guy bumped into me on the elevator..tried to make it look like the elevator was crowded and he had no choice. I didn't let him get the better of me. Thinking back to the beloved Nurse On Acid, I waited until the doors started closing, grabbed his jacket and leapt out, positioning his head right between the closing doors. I stood back and laughed as the elevator went up, and as his head hit the ceiling it got sheared clean off and fell back to the floor. A little brat blonde girl standing there started screaming because there was blood everywhere. I went over and picked up his head by the hair and tossed it to her. She dropped it and ran shrieking and wailing. I stood there and laughed some more. Pity it was only a dream. I hated that girl. - FartMonkey

A few days ago after my hair mysteriously turned black and purple, some lady in ball tart(wal mart) went to touch it. I proceeded to throw my box of tampons and scream.."IF YOU LAY YOUR HANDS ON MY HEAD, I SHALL CHOP THEM OFF AND SHOVE THEM UP YOUR ASS) She looked at me weird and walked away.- Monkeeskittles

Two days ago - I went into convultions- Inconvenient

loved it- fxdlo2

This Guy who i barely know at school touched me and it felt good so i wanted to f*ck his brains out... does that make me a slut? if it does oh well- BadassArchangel

never happened.- the man with the crazy hat

one time in a men's room at a movie theater a couple years ago some guy tried to kiss me. I hit him as hard as i possibly could and left the bathroom, going back to the movie i was watching.- um... that guy

she touched me on the ass. and i slapped her...ass- fuego


last night i knoked out some bloke - chicken nuts]

Today when I was working and I had on these 'rubber barbed wire' bracelets, and this guy came up to me and just grabs my wrists so hard and I wanted to scream. Then he said "Cool, they're just rubber."- SEXY MUFFIN BOY

Today at work, I am so use to it now I feel like touching every person in sight sometimes. Just to piss the crap out of them. ~Jeepster

It hasn't happened in awhile. I wouldn't say a complete stranger touched me but I barely knew this guy anymore he turned into an asshole and it was like I never knew him. You see we were on the bus, just getting out of school and he was sitting behind me. He started pushing at the back of my seat, and every time I turned around he pretended like it was an accident. Then he started tapping the back of my shoulder, and laughing. Eventually I was like what the fuck??? And he said nothing so I just moved. I dunno if it was because he thought I would fall for that shit or what but that just proves that not ALL girls give into that bullshit. Some guys think that by poking a girl, and laughing at her it will grab her attention but thats not true for every girl. I didn't find it sexy, and I didn't find it a turn-on I just thought he was being a pest. If you want to grab a girls attention, there are other ways besides harrasing her for example: "Talking to her?" - Temptress

Let's see today and I fell down screaming- Blood_Junkie

today .no reaction though seemed a bit strange as they had grabbed my arse!- deviant

wen u see me on the highway get the fuck outta my way! Thats all i have 2 say! - kimboly

I duly paid her the fee she was owed.- Mzebonga

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