: June 2004

If you had a secret room, what would you fill it with and why?

I would fill it with cement to keep people questioning if there really is a room, thus them not being able to enter it - they'd then question their own mortality and kill themselves.-Mort

stuff- julia

well the room would be air tight and cold so that my blood would never go bad.. so I'd fill the room with little sacks of human and alien blood (very sweet and stronger than human blood).. and I'd fill it with the blood so I wouldn't have to search for prey often and so I can get a snack/meal when wanted..- SG*

I'd fill it with mini jello snacks- Hufflebunny

id fill it with a tv. vcr and maybe a dvd...and alot of midget porn...and maybe a pony...and alot of poop... and pirate constumes- ilovetuna

Mexican immigrants, tree frogs, caramel, and nitrous oxide, together. Don't you wish you had my superior forethought? - eva psychotic

i would fill it with all the people i hate so that they wont go around terrorizing other people with their shit. the room will be really teeny tiny, so that they'd be suffocating on each other's bullshit.- SiNiSTaR (missed me? i missed YOU!)

Lighters and matches and gasoline and alcohal...why?- InstantOatmeal

well, air for one. i'd need to breathe. besides that, dirt, trees, plots to take over the world, you know, the things you'd find in a forest. that way, space monkeys might be attracted to it. They could dwell there, and they could be my friends. They would help us conspire. Because as you know, space monkeys are pretty damn smart. and wise. jesus was a space monkey. but jesus is really a wooden podium that i chat with sometimes. he is very wise, so i call him jesus. but his mother was a chrstian, so he gets all uppitty and offended when i cal him that. so now i call him buddha. but his father was a buddhist. so i call him Buddus. or Jesubud. the leprachuans like to drink with him.- Morshada

I would fill it with lots of Altoids, a water cooler, and Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles,and Chip Esten. And make them do hoedowns for all eternity. Why? Because I derive pleasure from the thought.- Crouching_Coconut

This is easy to answer, my actual secret room is filled with custard. People are always like 'you cant have your custard kelly', 'you dont deserve it''... 'Give me your custard'... And Im like "ok" cuz little do they know... !I have an secret room full of it!. So Im like ok.. and there like "Damn straight", then i laugh and then there like "Why ya laughing I just took your custard?"... And i blush and look inconspicous... placing my index finger delicatly on my bottom lip, glancing around discretly. "Ooook, wierdo..."... Then i cackle and flea to my Soft Heaven (as i like to call it)... I swim and swim in the piles of yuummm.. Custard.. Yummm... Oh and If i had some more room Id store my collected dead bodies to mutilate... I think my mom is beggining to get suspicous of my "Friends"... I mean one day one has an eye ball the next day they dont... Shes starting to think that there isnt any forgiving crocodiles in canada.- LIckable Words (Taste)

Every cute puppie possibly fitable and use it as my secret weapon to get WHATEVER I want. Like for instance:"Oh little child will you leave me alone?" *open the secret door* ... *gasp* *I kick it* *stumbles inside and falls into a hole*, another one: "Oh come on let me go to the mall with my friends mooommm!" *Opens door* *SEES PUPPIES GALLOPING OVER ONE EACH OTHER* "Ahhhh... Oh hunny do whatever you want...awwww" * Kicks her* She falls into a hole*.... Yeah i could keep going but Not!. Anyways... I have a hole in front of the door inside because it is a "secret".. duhh... I wouldnt do it but I have to, to ya know keep it a secret which is what is hard when using the secret weapon... So maybe I should just fill it with all of the comic books i stole... yeah y not?hmph. Oh and if you were wondering the hole leads to, a pit of leeaches,I mean they have to die, Geeessss, Who knows who they would tell?... And imagine if that got out, the consequences would be dire. Oh and I have to use the hole for when the puppies become 'Dogs'.- I aint Amassing Nah Cents, YO!

What if we already HAVE a secret room..? Does that count? And why should I tell YOU what I've got in there? You probably just want to know so you can try to steal it...- CasualFatality

I would fill my secret room will all the bodies. There, I've said it. Bodies of water, you silly fool!!!- willies

a secret room hey....?hhhmmmmmm...(**deep in thought**) ill get back to you on that one!- keli_x_james(IM-BACK!)

Women, sexual entertainment.- XXXXX

I have a secret drawer, so a secret room would be a hundred times more helpful. I'd stock it full of sugary foods (so my rabid family members don't take them), money, random good looking guys I snatch off the street, and my CDs. Oh, yeah, and Slurpee machines. You've gotta have at least three or four Slurpee machines in a secret room.- McDiablo

Playstation 2 plus a shit load of games. big screen t.v with DVD player and heaps of movies computer with cable internet connection (with unlimited dowloads) Bondage cage with matching whips Heaps of porn, beer, weed, strippers and awesome food. (and a cool bong) A wicked leather couch and giant lava lamp A secret tunnel that leads to a skate park (a secret skate park)..........I fucken hate all those 12 year old fags that take up too much space down at the one where I live......agh! An airconditioner and heater........ A giant refigerater Heaps of money flying monkeys (like on wizrd of oz) a giant lazer that comes out of the ceeling so I can blow up entire cities. And last but not least a strobe light, so I can trip out when I'm stoned/drunk. Do I really need to justify my reasons for wanting this stuff? - RealMo-K

MONEY!!!!! I don't actually need all that money, except for the purpose of sitting in it and bathing in money. Does the term "bathing" count, or does it have to actually be cleaning you to be classified as "bathing"?- Sven the Masseur

piscean females.- rosetintedthor

makeup for emergencies - kandi melt

uhhhh.....id have to go with the commong response of naked women, guns, computers, and kfc miniture bobbleheads- JAG

i would fill it with 3 bongs, 2 lbs of pot, 2 girls, and a video camera. with the pot and bongs i would smoke it untill i became retarted, then smoke out the 2 girls, then have fun retard sex.- igor-sevulba

weed cuz id be smokein that shit all day- juggalojimmy

sex toys and contraptions cuz i can't put it in a regular room!- Amaranthine

my computer and all the porn i could grab- fk yeah

Heck, if I had a secret room I'd just live in it hermit style, no more of those stupid humans or their stupid "Access Hollywood" shows to deal with. I'd have all my stuff in there, along with a time machine and that little zappy thing from Men in Black (that movie sucked but I want that thing) that erases peoples' memories. Then I could visit anyone I wanted or have them come visit me, and then zap them as they leave so they don't tell people about where I am, as if anyone really cared anyway. Also food and a toilet, because what good is a secret room if you starve to death in your own feces?- FartMonkey

packing peanuts, to remind me of when i was a little kid. I use to get in the big boxes and sit among the packing peanut things...oh the good old days.- Monkeeskittles

Flying potions and invisibility pills - So I could fly and be invisible.- Inconvenient

secrets- fxdlo2

With porn and . I'd fill it wtih porn cause since i'm a girl i'm not allowed to like that stuff and i do and it's really hard to find stuff on the computer since we only have one computer and havin to go into history and delete all the sites you went to is really diffucult to do after mastrabating five times in a row.- BadassArchangel

money, for obvious reasons.- the man with the crazy hat

grenades, so i can fling em at people for no real reason. Got a problem wit dat?!!!- um... that guy

my secret shoe collection- fuego


sexual tourture chamber- chicken nuts]

I'd fill it with sexual intercourse. Because I need to satisfy my wang ness.- SEXY MUFFIN BOY

Slurpees and anything to do with Jeeps. Why? Cuz Heck who can live without slurpees? And dang it I love my jeeps and stuff- ~Jeepster

I'd fill it with kinky sex toys, lubrication, massage oils, handcuffs you name it I would put it there. - Temptress

Lot's of bubbles and I don't know exactly why. I just really like bubbles.- Blood_Junkie

litterally full with cream smarties and bikini clad ladies(i'd like to see them eat their way out)- deviant

popcorn and movies cuz i love watchin movies and eatin popcorn.......but there must be blow up furniture, a bed, and my7 boyfriend..... - kimboly

Swedish Playboy models.- Mzebonga

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