: June 2004

What celebrity above all others do you wish would die screaming in flames?

Well they all deserve a little bit of torture; I don't really have a preference. Burn them all. -Mort

dr. phil - julia

the one and only britney spears.. who else? I hope she burns in hell for all of eternity..... I know many people will agree with me on that.. I also hope and wish she suffers a horrible painful here on this wretched planet and I hope I can maybe contribute some time to her pain and suffering..- SG*

DC.. no i suppose DC's not a celebrity.. Britney spears =)I'd actually rather dump her into a tank of sharks.. but I guess beggers can't be choosers- Hufflebunny

hmmmm...............hmmm........oh marykate olson...because she looks like a duck- ilovetuna

Paris Hilton. She didn't do much to become a celebrity, whereas quite a few other celebrities waited tables, or at least auditioned for their parts....- eva psychotic

what, i only get to pick ONE? well.. maybe Jessica Lynch. we should lynch jessica lynch.- SiNiSTaR (missed me? i missed YOU!)

Well that would have to be Britany Spears or George W. Bu...Oooooooh....flames....Speaking of which! *pulls out a lighter* This is sparky! He's my lighter! *nods*- InstantOatmeal

didn't we already see this happen in Lord of The Rings? oh..wow...i can't really decide on ONE....the pope really scares me..you know papaphobia is the chronic and irrational but disabling fear of the pope.. GRAH. i know! ELVIS. i'd like to see him shaking his stupid flaming pelvis and screaming for his bloody mommy. i really dont mind his music, i just think that would be rather funny. - Morshada

None!!! We should love our brothers and sisters of the world, regardless of annoying voices and who they're dating! But if you want to make them one of the children on Barney for eternity, definately the Tooth Fairy. The bitch took my tooth, and gave me a freakin NICKEL for it! And probably to support some strange fetish of hers, too!- Crouching_Coconut

Well Ben affleck must be somthered to death by soiled extra fluffy pillows, Nicole kidman must be peaked to death by diseased crows, Angilina Jolie must die from a beesting on her lips (not realizing she was allergic to it), Kevin bacon must get starved to death for a month then brutally beaten by sickle cell aniemic anerxic teenage girls who end up passing out after a single bruise... So i have step to finish it up.But who must die in raging flames alive? The ultimate,The annoying, Rosie O'Donald... I would love to see all her make-up melt then all her fat evaporate, then hear her obnoixous hollar give me actual happiness. Yes! Yes! Yes! Die Bitch! Die! ... Wow that was the best fantasy I've had in days... It even beats me having animal sex with clint eastwood in a Mexico dessert with gay bandits seeking avengence for me stealing a 'órginal' silk purse. Oh yeah and that fucking Julia roberts... She must be die from being unloved and severe obesity... and i will make it happen... grrrrr......- LIckable Words (Taste)

This person isnt really above anyone, Shes completly below me even, umm.. what is her name... Fuck you know that girl on the highly respectable educational "Simple life" broadcast, I beleive she got caught for prostitution and she fucks alot of famous guys on and off camera. Oh, Shes only famous and attains celebrity status for being rich and schmoozing with celebrities at parties. Oh and shes thin with excessvely died blond hair that has some weird neck disease so she can never hold it up straight. I believe she blew a horse on a dare or something of the such and yeah... she beat her grandma up "accidently"... what is her name ...hmm... Well uh Its something to do with a hotel. HILTON! Yeah and she has a lesbian sister who repeatedly whines to the press about not being as pretty as her sister. Paris! Yeah, letting her being spared from my true anger rath... and being kindly burned to death isnt fair. Shes just such a sore... so many sores... a gross gross lady... That needs more deserving death of someone of her status.Perhaps being smothered to death by pubic hair from hobos? Or paint her vagina a bright smelly permanent green (if it hasnt already)then cut hair off and straighten her neck... which will destroy her celebrity status since her sexual permiscuos behaivour and social acceptance is Goneee! hopefully.- I aint Amassing Nah Cents, YO!

I would have to say...Jennifer Lopez. Or J.Lo...or whatever the fuck her name is this week. She's just stupid and deserves to burn. - CasualFatality

I wouldn't wish that one anybody, since I have dreamt of dying in a horrible, burning car accident many times. I know it will happen to me, since I have experienced it thusways (I should die this way for inventing such a horrible word as "Thusways.") Well, let me tell you, this manner of dying is actually pretty cool. Firstmost, everything happens in slow motion. THEN, the endorphins kick in, and there you (rather, ME) are (AM): living the last moments of life in a positively riveting way. Oh, yeah, forget about pooping your pants, as so many are wont to do in the death act. Your butt hole will be burned shut. - willies

Jade Gooding or Goody or what ever the fuck shes called....he fucking nose is gona try n take over the world, i swear to god.she just pisses me off....argh...im full of anger and haterid now im goin to have to punch something...(large hole now in my wall) im still angry.I cant believe it, i thought id conqured this problem.im going back to my therapist.bye.- keli_x_james(IM-BACK!)

Hugh Jackman- XXXXX

It'll probably be said a lot, but Britney Spears. I think for her reputation's sake, she needs to die. She's been getting weirder and weirder as the years go on. I'd rather not accidentally look at news headlines and see what kind of shit she's been pulling--that's what Whitney Houston is for. Somebody, please, just dump some kerosene on her and light a match.- McDiablo

It would have to Paris Hilton.........sure, she has a good body. But what about the face?....she looks like giraff. And what is she famous for anyway? she's not even talented. Wow! your dad is rich and owns hotels!!!.........big fucken deal.- RealMo-K

EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF OUTKAST (with the possible, not probable, exception of whoever does that piano introduction to their latest crock of shit)- Sven the Masseur

Robin williams- rosetintedthor

dr. phil - kandi melt

ooo thats a toughie...there are so many deserving celebrities...Paris Hilton- she did absolutely nothing for her fame and fortune except be born- JAG

theres something about gene hack man i hate. so he will burn- igor-sevulba

FEminem- juggalojimmy

so many to name. juliette lewis clay aiken meg ryan jim carrey ashton kutcher demi moore- Amaranthine

theres no celbrietty above but i wish britney would get the fuck off me tv- fk yeah

Just one? Oooh man.. I want to say britney but people can't be SO stupid that she'll be around for much longer, can they? That would be kind of a waste to dispose of her when she'd just fail miserably and fade from the public eye anyway when people realize that evidently they were smoking some weird stuff and listened to her "music" voluntarily, wouldn't it? But maybe people ARE that stupid, and maybe I want to see her die screaming in flames just for pissing me off. Screw the public eye, what's it ever done for me? Burn the whore! - FartMonkey

Conan O'Brian, He's not exactly what you'd call a celebrity, but I would gladly light him on fire and watch him die. Do you guys have any matches? They film that show in New York right? That should provide some great late night entertainment. This Tursday, bring marshmellows and some matches and you guys met me at the place, we'll but an end to his "comedic" life.- Monkeeskittles

Thats a toughie....so many boybands. I'd say..Louie Walsh. An evil prick who created many British boybands.- Inconvenient

jim carey- fxdlo2

Donatella Versace(i don't if she counts) she's supposed to be a fashion Desigener and her makeup is horrible- BadassArchangel

Martha Stewart.- the man with the crazy hat

WILLIAM HUNG! That no talent ass disgrace to China grabbed fame for being able to make people wanna shove windshield wipers into their ears and throw rocks at their t.v. screens when they see him there. Hey, since i put him down, does that mean you're gonna do it?! YES!!! THANK YOU!!!- um... that guy

Justin timberlake- fuego

michelle moore- br549

brad pitt- chicken nuts]

Courtney Love, because she killed Cobain.- SEXY MUFFIN BOY

Umm do I have to pick one, I have so many... Brittney Spears, Christina Aga what the heck, Nick Carter, Aaron Carter, ummm shall I go on? I think I wont just so I don't take up to much space. ~Jeepster

Britney spears! I know this is a common one to hate but I have a good reason for it i'm not going to say she should die just because she's a blonde. Reason 1-A couple years back she said she wanted to set a good example for teenage girls not to have sex. But then a few years later she turns around and says that she doesn't care, and that she gave up staying a virgin. Reason 2-She kisses Madonna on stage. Who fucking cares? It was just a peck on the lips, and now suddenly everyone is video taping it and jerking off to it like it's a big deal when it's not. Agian this is really setting a good example huh? Trying to gain more attention from the media. And finally-Her "Everytime" video she made. She sents the message out that her life is difficult for her, and that she wants to be reincarnated into another life. But you know what? Lifes a bitch, fucking deal with it. If you don't like all the attention from the media then you shouldn't have become a pop star in the first place. - Temptress

Kan ye west must die. that contradicting fucker- Blood_Junkie

the cheeky girls straight up is there any need for these people- deviant


Marlon Brando. Why? Because the fat bastard would burn for so long that you'd get more value for money.- Mzebonga

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