: July 2004

Someone has spit in the pie. Are you still going to have a slice if it's your favorite type?

I have a thing about eating/drinking things that other people have touched, so I probabaly wouldn't, no. I'm so concious about that sort of thing I can't even bring myself to sharing a drink or anything... it must be some sort of mental disfunction or bad brain cells. If you are wondering about my veiws on kissing people, I have no problem with that. Unless the're male. - M. Mort

Is "pie" still another word for "furry front bottom"? If so, some people find that spit helps. Mmmmmmmmmmm... Pie.- Mzebonga

I'd take a piece, and shove it in the face of the person who spit in it- Hufflebunny

um...yeah- qereqw

hell yeah. why wouldn't I? in fact, id eat the whole damn pie, causing me to spew progectile puke all over my pie-spitter. but it will turn out that he was spiderman, and he starts spazzing out and doing all those crazy spiderman things. ill pretend to be madly in love with him, wailing "WRAP ME IN YOUR STRINGS, BABY, AND TAKE ME AWAY!" and he will. but little will he know that i am secretly TARANTULA woman, which blows his little bitsy spider all to hell. ill break the silk threads and promptley kidnap spiderman. ill take him to a little island where ill do strange experiments on him. ill then roast him alive and feed him to the squirells. but i'll keep his spleen and wear it as a hat.- Morshada

ummmm pie...what kind of pie...i have no favorite..umm probably no...every bite will fel like its the one with the spit..i would be forced to puke on the whole pie- stephano spencarno

My favorite type. Hells yeah. That doesnt come by often, I mean with the unpopularity of cannabilism in society. Hmprh... and i did get sick of those satanic cults, I mean what does satan have to do with Human flesh? Was he like jesus cept engouraged feasting on ourselves...!?!?! W/e... i personally... Dont get it. Blah Blah To me and Wheres the food?Oh and spits like.. human stuff...right? and well although the texture aint my favorite i come to take that chance when eating human pie all the time. People just dont know how sweet they taste otherwise they wouldnt put up such a fight(spitting everywhere)... Hannibal was a popular character though...AND If spiderman was real would you hate him too?..I mean really.. Ohhh... I have a headache. i dont get it, I mean seriously, Its like. I do whats i want, So whats it to you? Oh, You wanna live? well big deal, Dont we all? Huh.What... No you cant have my lollipop...Aint my prob. ...- QuicklyGargle Spit

To be honest, I've eaten worse things out of boredom.- totseloz

No, i'd take the pie, find who it was, and shove it in their fucken face, telling them to eat it all up.- UndeaD_SOul

Yes I would because my favorite type of pie is spit pie. Therefore if they didn't spit in it, it would be just a pie. I don't like normal pie, meaning I would only have a slice if it was spitten in.- Fredward

Well...maybe. First I'd beat up the person who spit in it to a bloody pulp (because spitting is a sign of disrespect, and, well, you know...it's my favorite pie.) If by then I haven't forgotten about the reason I was destroying the jerk in the first place, then yes, I would still eat some pie. - InstantOatmeal

what kind of spit?- BEER.

Of course! Who doesn't love Spit Pie?- wILLies

maaaaaaybe. then again maybe not. it depends on who spit in it.- cyberwaste

*looks down at pie* YOU SPIT IN MY PIE? *rolls it around in my mouth* Its pretty tasty! Can I have seconds?- Monkeeskittles

How am I supposed to answer that? It depends on many factors that you've failed to cover...did they spit into the mix, before it was baked, so there's minute traces of spit mixed evenly into all of the pie? Or did they merely spit into the finished product, so that I'd only get spit if I took a slice from that one spot? With the former I'd probably eat it, I mean you gotta die sometime..and wouldn't the high temperature whilst baking the pie kill the germs and whatnot in the spit?..with the latter I don't think I would. And who was it that spit? What about spitually transmitted diseases? If I don't know the person I'm not eating it no matter when/how the spitting took place, and there's a great, great many people I do know whose spit would equal a NO. Even if it's someone on my yes list, they'd have to fill out a little questionnaire.. "1. Do you brush and floss on a regular basis? 2. How long since you've eaten? 3. What was it you ate last? 4. Have you kissed/shared food with/breathed in the vicinity of any of the following people..." Maybe the safest answer would just be no? Oh wait, YOU'RE asking the question..- FartMonkey

NO, what if they have hepititus C?- cutebutcrazy

No, if I knew they spit in it. Yes, if I did not. It's all a matter of perception.- Such a Beautiful Bitch

Hell yeah!!!Adds to the flavour! but who would be so nasty as to spit in a pie?ooooohhhh....hmmmm, someone like me.**- Keli-Weli

no. Doubt it. Might get sommat nasty.- field


only if the spit is juicy....lol- plank

Hell no- TheCady

PIE!! I love pie. Yummy, creamy, delicious, sweet, so wonderful. Mmmmm... No one can get between me and pie; not spit, not projectile diarrhea, not even two of the hottest men alive, (Benji Madden and Tom Delonge) not anything. Besides, when has spit ever hurt anyone? Eating someone's else's grimy, filthy, germ-and-bacteria-ridden saliva is hardcore and sexy. Also, after having been tricked into drinking my cousin's urine, I've sort of lost fear of bodily fluids that have not been extruded/excreted/squeezed/tinkled/gushed out of my own body. Okay, I know I'm weird. - Ka Ka Chawinga

sure. i already have herpes- Ice_Pick_Abortions

only after I cum in it.- RipRap

Of course! after i kill them for doing that to my pie...- biscuit

who can resist pie? - JAG

No, I'll throw it in their face.- Ash

of course, it might hae been a bit dry otherwise- The Spanking Mistress

mmm, mmm. punkin' spit pie. my salivary ducts are aching.- bongy

Of course. That doesn't even require any insanity to provoke this kind of response, especially if the "person" (human?) who spat in it is hot.- sven the masseur

i'll have a slice of whoever spit in it, please.- .Sheep shagger

I would demand the entire pie actually. Hmm...And then I would eat it ALL. Because really... I am not going to contimplate whether or not Ive devoured the spit and I wont allow myself to be taken away from my favorite type flavour... to contimplation of whether its normal or anything pecular is contained in this pie. As I have no self-control or Shame I will have to eat the goddamn pie entirly... yum... pie.....mmmmmhhhh.... So there.- LAstNightsdiner

if i just made out with the person who spit in it, then yes- seamonkey

yes- zeb

Not really, no. Unless they have that really nice tasting spit that some people have.- Planque

Depends who spat in it -if it was Elvis then I'd aim for that piece and use his DNA to create an army of Elvis clones to take over the world....mwahahahahaha!!!!- Hayz

Hell yeah!- Kino

And get herpes, no thank you. - alisonwunderland

YES!?!?!?!?!!!!! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU TURN DOWN PIE?!?!? ARE YOU MAD?!?!?!- tink

no there whole face will get a pie massage!- jimmy

NO WAY!!!!!!- Biffo35

No. I'm going to pick the pie up and shove it up the faggot that spit in its ass! then im going to put him in an ant bed and let the ants have my pie.- TommyTheCat

no, I dont trust them.- I thought you already knew it

depends how much spit, and if the spit in question came from a contaminated source.- la femme cinema

no i will spunk in it a give it to someone else- plankster

Favourite...pie? Those words are foreign to me simply because I don't like pie. I never have liked pie. Pie and I are not friends. Except chocolate pie because chocolate makes everything taste good. Wait--somebody spat in my chocolate pie?? BASTARDS! *Takes out her nunchucks*- McDiablo

I would eat the spot where they didnt spit.- damyang

DUH where have u been- megica

Hell yea...I just wont get the part thats been spit on- Im Coming For You

of course!! i like pie!! speacially cow!- tobasco_saucer

No. I'm going to hump it.- Mzebonga

The pie? My Favorite type? A slice? Welll, creme a cod tounge and a slice of THE absolute pie would be insane to refuse.. now regarding the spit...and regards to this someone, was it frizzy or very liquidy? and if there was any hawk or reminance of food previously eaten? Im a huge pie fan, seriously you should see my sites and randomly spread shrines over my town, If it was my favorite or not, curoisity would get the best of me... but i may have to dicest it and investigate the extent of damage. Well the answer is yes, I will take a slice but Im still aprehensive if I should go as far as to place it in my mouth... well hey... I kiss people...they usual have spit in there mouths except when I kiss the Mzweet's from planet racoom, there salivaless. Mh, yup I will eat it, and if that person happens to be someone I wouldnt consider smooching, I'd commit suicide with a fork disapointing ralph and karen as they see someone has beat them to the prize... but not knowing them, they'd still be content with poking at my dead body.- Solid Light Cakeyness~~In my Pants.

It helps to spit on it for lubrication - saw that in a movie...- ript

i'll spit back into it then eat it- bumswipe

hmm, well that depends on who spit in my pie. but id still have a nice chunk of pie. it all goes down so, no biggie.- Asshat

Well, the bacteria will bake off in the oven...but still it's disgusting nonetheless. Perhaps I'll poison the whole pie and then force feed the evildoer some of their own spit and arsenic. That'll teach that moron. The perpetrator will be dead, but the lesson will be respectfully followed from then on...- ferretchick

What I don't know wont hurt me, but If I saw the dude spit in my pie, I'd hit'em in the jaw, then eat the pie.-me

You betcha, guv. lol.- cocoplops

yeah i'll lick the spit first then i'll eat the pie.- dri_Z

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