What is the weirdest thing you've seen within the last month?

Micheal jackson.........wait, I see that freak all the time on T.V!!..........probably on this website called BME. This person on BME stuck pins in his ballsack, then hooked up electrical clips to the pins so he could electricute his balls.........for some people this is a turn on, for me it's just stupidity.- RealmO

Hehe...I saw some guy get his dick sandwiched between elevator doors. For some reason, he was hard, and he just happened to be standing too close to the doors. It was quite funny..- CasualFatality

With no provocation, my girlfriend removed her shirt in public and licked her own nipple, replaced her shirt, and kept walking. Not a word has been spoken about the phenomenon.- UR Only Dreaming

The news story from Tiawan about a group of researchers taking a beached (dead) whale to get autopsied. They put the whale carcass on the back of a truck, and, while driving through an intersection in a busy part of town, the gasses within the whale caused it to explode violently. It showered a bunch of bystanders with rotting guts, soaked cars, and made the road so slippery that they closed the road for a couple hours. Explosive whale guts... yipee.- eva psychotic

a pigeon flying- fuckwit

a russian guy eating peanuts on the F train. I know it doesn't sound weird but he kept making these weird bullfrog sounds and looking around like someone was out to get him or something.- tinkerbelll

Well my mother's dog is sick and urinating blood. So she made a vet appointment and they told her to get a stool sample. So she rigged a plastic bag to the dog's behind. I felt so embarassed for the dog.- staticca

janet jacksons left breast- irish psycho

A vagina. Those things look weird. If you look at them straight on they look like hamburger buns.- Chris

I saw someone wearing heels with sweats, it wasn't cute. I don't even own a pair of heels. Sneakers are right up there with the greatest things since sliced bread.- Artisanne, a.k.a Jackie

I guy on the city bus, with a perfectly sculpted afro, singing a round (you know, a verse repeated over and over, faster and faster)some what loudly, and the guys who sat infront of me, slowly getting pissed. Balling his fists, glaring, and eventually moving, but to no avail.- eva statistic

Someone throw themselves down a bowling lane trying to be smart, and missed all the pins - and went flying into the gutter. He got severly hurt 'cause it was turned on and the lane sweapt down the pins and crushed his hand.- james

an episode of CSI when ppl. dress up in animal costumes and grind all over each other.weird, but delightful.- trixie

A couple of fat homeless people re-enacting Janet and Justin's dance at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, and doing it well.- AnthraxBoy

the purple monkey who is hidden in my shoe cuboard- mental sock head

A bird fly into a squirrel.- Taco

a dolphin having sex with an orange hippo while singing the song "i am trying to break your heart" by wilco- Tako

my girlfriend's mom- harbinger

It was a man, at least, I think it was. That's what he said he was when I asked him. He was bleeding from the eyes and kind of smelled funny. It was one of those smells that kind of reminds you of your childhood, you know, that rotting flesh smell. BUt I still have my doubts about him being human, because after I politely asked him why he smelled like a corpse, he seemed to grow and get red in the face. I don't know. But it was strange. Oh wait, this was meant to be weird, *amem*. I don't nkow. But it was weird.- Nelson

Two kids in their mother's shopping cart (different incidence) One boy wantsthis, the other needs this. 'Don't do that joey, i just got done (sobb) organising it (full-on wailing insues) Really, no joke.- eva p.

Singing fish heads.- wraithform

myself asleep, while looking down from the ceilling ..- phoenix

my reflection- Chata

i saw a large reflictive box with the dumbest looken guy in it HAHAHA you had to see it whew..... i dont know how he got in my bathroom though.....- dumbass forgot name

I saw someone in my class wipe their runny nose with the back of her hand. I mean, how gross can you get? *Coughitwasmecough* Oh, another weird thing--Miss Roger's Sweater actually updated her site. - McDiablo

*thinkS* no idea- brittykitty

a dead guy on the subway and no one cared. then we a te pizza - forgetful retard

I don't know if this really counts, but I'd have to nominate a totally inexplicable dream I had wherein I saw Micheal Jackson struggling to run up a down escalator. He kept saying "I AM immortal!Yeah I am!" like he was arguing with someone, but there wasn't anyone with him. I really did dream this, and it scared me. - FartMonkey

your face - just kiddin'. urmmm that's a hard one. Probably Janet Jackson's nipple, that was beyond gross. and a Jesus action figure! its true!- randy mandy

A mime in full makeup at a bus stop- Peggy

midgets on tv- Kisstyn

A sandwhich on my bedroom floor when i woke up and 3 mice in a cage.. which i dont own ............true........... I drank a bit the night before, i admit.- CakeInMyPockets

My penis after being on the Atkins diet...- Phantom

my dog chasing a gator- moose

your face- another idiot without a name

A two-foot sucker fish stuck on the tank, so I could see down it's gullet.- SkyofStLuke

a guy that was 6'4 and u would think he would have a huge penis but he didnt even have a lil bit of something it was so fuckin small lol i mean like toothpick small fuck i was so scared - devilsdaughter

i watched a co worker hooking up with a girl from the office, a married co worker, with a hot wife. hope she finds out, dibs on wifey :)- Daniel

the inside of my boyfriends fucking dick- JuggaletteCrystal

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