How many fingers am I holding up?

ummm, probably your middle finger (which indicates "fuck you"), so I'm going to say one,(two if your using both hands)- RealmO

13? 14? Am I close? 9?- CasualFatality

Does this include the one creating a tent in your...well, i think you can see where this is going.- UR Only Dreaming

7-11-4 stop changing them, that's not fair.- eva psychotic

1- fuckwit

3. two in your nose and one in your right ear. - sorceress

how in the name of holy fuck am i supposed to know?! (None, if you're typing)- tinkerbelll

I'm guessing 1. That's how many people usually hold up for me. - staticca

99999999999999999999999.0000000066667- irish psycho

You aren't holding up any, you moron. They're connected to you so you don't HAVE to hold them up. Unless of course you're some sick freak and you're holding up yours or somebody elses severed fingers...- Chris

Oh my god!!!! You have no fingers!!!! - Artisanne, a.k.a Jackie

sock monkeys only have five fingers (hand, hand, foot, foot, tail) so three. Unless he's really good and can stand on one finger/appendage..- eva statistic

11- james

12- trixie

Why would you hold up fingers? I mean its not like they have any money or jewelry to give you.- AnthraxBoy

i dont really know butfor i know you might infact be a spanner fish- mental sock head

24- Taco

<stupidly large number removed> - Tako

3...... you're giving a peace sign with the middle finger up your ass- harbinger

Bah that's a trick question. You don't have any fingers. Not any besides the onees you're using to plug up your anus and ears to stop the evil green jellybeans from invading your body and taking control. Or I should hope not anyway.- Nelson

depends on your species. How many fingers do you have? - eva p.

Four- wraithform

None. I've just cut them off !- phoenix

5, you only have one arm cos the other was shot off in 'Nam- Chata

ummmm.... you are stupid.... am i right? or are you in danile?- dumbass forgot name

This is a trick, isn't it? I bet you're saying you're holding up some fingers, but you really aren't...and if I say that you ARE holding some up, you'll laugh at me and prance around like a month of Sundays at twelve noon........I bet you're holding up both your middle fingers by now..- McDiablo

only ur middle :( - brittykitty

none, theyre all in your ass- glitter me

mine or yours?- forgetful retard

Ah! I see where you're going with this! You're expecting me to say "That's easy, you're holding up five fingers!" And then you'll go "Haha! I'm holding up FOUR fingers! A thumb is not a finger, moron!" Well you're not gonna pull me in this time! I learned my lesson with that whole 'got your nose' bit.. - FartMonkey

seven. that's an easy one.- randy mandy

18- Peggy

7- Kisstyn

24 i know you, you freak.- CakeInMyPockets

you are holding up the number of fingers that i'm seeing, and if you would like to keep those fingers i suggest you put them back in my pants...- Phantom

3- moose

1- another idiot without a name

four and one half. - SkyofStLuke

how the fuck would i know im not sittin by rite at this second.....or m i. lol im not i swear fuck im not a creep now rilly im not.- devilsdaughter

fuck you, your a bitch. hey look, yer holding one up.- Daniel

3- JuggaletteCrystal

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