: December 2004

Why is this place such a fucking mess? You're grounded. That, or you get a spanking.
Which do you prefer?

WHY IS IT A FUCKING MESS?! I DIDNT DO IT!? is what i'd say- Horse

Oh a spanking, definatly. I bet that approx. 95% of the people who answer this will say spanking too.- Mort

If I was grounded I could stay in my room and weave/watch lord of the rings all day and that would be fun. A spanking....no. Mental image of my parents trying to spank me.... 16 years old... NO. Lord of the Rings...yes. Spanking....NO!!!!! *Sob*- bluemonkeyfearer

neither.- Eviltoasterstruddel

Spanking. Hehe. Wait, who's spanking me??? - Rebel_Christian

Spank me: I've been naughty.- Mzebonga

Isn't this ironic? I was just grounded for a week. I'd have to take the spanking, depending on who it was from. Would Herbert spank me with his tail? I'd like that. I'm sure he'd like that too.- Hufflebunny

I prefer to get the spanking b/c it is a little bit of pain while getting gounded is prolonged torture.- ShadowWhisperer

spanking, oh spank me master, I've been a naughty girl- SG*

Well after mishandles and spilled the hamster cage, the dog thought defiscating was allowed... Soo.. that explains the soil in the middle of the room turning to gravel. And after that trip to suntannatropical, I fogot it for so long that once I arrived I believing it was a feng shui comtemporary design gift from you. So.. I watered it explaining the brown puddles and plants stolen from the neighbours garden. I also bought a dozen of arosol cans to cover the scent which is in bulk in that corner of torn boxes. OH and the trash is simple because I ignore the sense of bags and order... that comprising the unneeded for disgard is creul and reflection of self, so let them life prosperous and apart of us.. thier vreators because who knows they may come alive and worship us some day or those nesting rats and bugs will, well, hey, you've seen Joes'apartment, thats a true story you know, okay it wasn't but wern't the gardens nice in it? Um, and will there be a charge for spanking because I only have cans for currency currently since my stench killed a person allergic to peanuts in my office... how was i suppose to know... * leans over my dead horse in anticipation*- STeam Is RIsing

oh god erm...id rather be spanked so that i can still go out and push kids in wheelchairs into cement, if there are no spasticated kids ill take a little blind lady half way across the road, tell her shes all the way across and leg it, right before a truck comes and squashes her sorry ass. HOOONK! **babybel**

spanking of course- chuttles

If it was YOUR MOM doing the spanking, i'd be there- Shwee

*jumps up and down* pick me pick me. I know the answer teacher. Ok, we dig a hole in the ground and dump me in it. We then bury me until all you can see is my ass. Then I get a spanking from whatever you can find lying around in the junkyard.- a/n/thraxboy

spanking!- dhoov

Getting grounded. My room is a fucking mess because you can't just leave stuff out for people to see, you gotta bury it, squirrel-style.If my parents suspected i had an income, they'd hit me up for shit. - eva psychotic

spank me, spank me i've been so bad i deserve it.- Jenoah

Spank ME!!! noo, not like THAT, HARDER DAMMIT!! - smittywormenmanjenson

I've been embracing my inner masochist, so a spanking will do. Of course, I can only take so much ass smacking (I'm a wuss and I tend to cry and pass out easily), so I'll probably take the 'you're grounded!' option. No computer for a week?! How can I look at sock monkey porn now?!!!....I mean, uh, look up meanings to...words. - McDiablo

ooh, a spanking! as long as you've got a hedgehog sellotaped to ur hand.- superman dave

oooh, spanking. actually, it depends greatly on the person doing the spanking *shudders*. at least after my spanking i can go out and play- turreima

Spanking...what? You have fetishes too.- Gonzo

Me like spanking! Harder! HARDER!- FlaMeGoDDeSs

if i had a hot mom i would prefer the spanking!- treepacbuddhaballs

spanking- Dez-dawg

Ohh, Mama, spank my tight little ass... Ooh ! Spank it again, but slower. -me

I have a large animal that I keep under my desk. No one's been able to tell me, yet, what it is or where it came from, but it seems to enjoy licking itself in time with the rotating hum of my oscillating fan. Sometimes, as I watch its tongue lapping meticulously over patches of skin, I'll notice the little creepers that seem to embrace its pores and bloom in vivid detail the scenes of things that should never have been. And that's when it hit me.- anamnity

spanking... grounding sucks!- Quanzi_penguin_poo

What!? are you a pervert or something! now you go to your room wile i phone social services, you're not fit to be a parent.- superman dave

I'm a paraplegic, spank away.- j0eg0d

Spank me. I've been a very bad girl.- Venomous

spanking- splinter

grounded...being outside with the huddled masses only serves to remaind of what complete idiots most people are.- shari

It depends on who is doing the spanking.- voggit

grounded, spanking hurts- claire

Spanking. It last two seconds!- Miflarg fwuzi

Grounded because my dad hits hard.- FadedRose

Only if i get to do the spanking! Come back here! I will find you....- Eva Sock-Dominatrix

I wa always used to getting the hell knocked out of me and there was never no TV or telephone in my room. I would gladly take the beatin' and then run away to the poolroom where I grew up.- maverick chinaman

Only my boyfriend is aloud to spank me so I guess grounding- TheGreatestPersonAlive

Hmm, neither, I sneek out my bedroom window and go to one of my friends house.- blahgirl

None of the above money is the key. Hit them in the wallet- Such

a spanking so i can fight back- cherilicious

being grounded- Sweater Monkey

spanking, the whole way i prefer going out too much- scarley

grounded- adamthatsme

how about neither, it's my fucking room and if i want it a "pig sty" then that's how it sha'll be.....w/e i'm gonna go make some roman noodles.- Jessica Alexis

Its a mess because I made it that way to make you go absolutely insane! I want you to go crazy so I can have you committed and laugh at you! I wouldn't mind being grounded, my head is always in the cloud anyway. At least thats what my parents say..... I wonder why they keep saying that?- EvilBarbieMelter

what would you think if i prefered a spanking...but then i am not into spanking...maybe just a licking...- downstairs

Because we just had band practice here and our drummer can't play unless there's a mess and so we trashed the place? Ok, you don't believe that. I don't like to clean, I hate it. I'll take a spanking please, nice and hard. If Im grounded I can't use the computer to come to this site, so spank me. - monkeeskittles

grounded- Bam

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