: December 2004

When was the last time you heard a fire alarm? Was there anything really on fire?
Isn't fire fun?

last time i heard a fire alarm was when my school burnt down a few months ago.- Horse

URGH, at college. It makes the most aweful noise too. It's not the conventional ringing bell thingy, its a warped kind of air-raid siren noise. It pisses me off. THere never is actually a fire, people usually set them off 'cause it's 'fun'. Morons. Oh and one time it was deliberatly set off by one of the tutors 'cause they found two students having sex in a store room. Lame. - Mort

The school fire alarm. Of course nothing was on fire. There are never fires. Just drills...why can't my school burn down? I like fire. Fire is shiny and warm and nice and it burns things...like the history teacher's wooden desk...oh how I desire to burn things.- bluemonkeyfearer

last year/ no/ no- Eviltoasterstruddel

FIRE!!! The last time I heard a fire alarm was two minutes ago when my brillient Mum set her pajama pants on fire. Don't worry, we put it out with milk. - Rebel_Christian

I set the old lady on fire. Then I ran. The police didn't know. I didn't tell them.- Mzebonga

The last time... hmm, well, it was today at school. this one guy stood in an unlocked locker and my friend goes and puts ther lock on it. Mind you, we had NO idea who's lock or locker it was, so he was in there for like 10 minutes until we finally went to the office and got this locker's combination.. okay, so we didn't pull the fire alarm, but its a funny story anyways.- Hufflebunny

the last time i heard the fire alarm was at my gay-ass school. No there was nothing on fire to my disappointment. And finally, yes fire is very fun!!!!!- ShadowWhisperer

the last time I heard the fire alarm was at school, and then some retards running down the school hallways screaming and laughing.. there was no fire.. but I did hear someone fall down the stairs.. ah.. good times.. and yes fire is fun - SG*

Last week in a fire station since I thought that it was meant for burning cause fire is Fun!- STeam Is RIsing

fire is fun. last time i heard it i'd set fire to my grandma cos the bitch ran out of them mints that grandmas always give you. and as i said, if they dont hav the mints then what the fuck is the point in them still living? thankyou and goodnight **babybel**

fire is fun but the lasy 1 i heard was a drill- chuttles

last time i heard an alarm, the microwave was on fire...it was scary but exhilerating considering i set it on fire........oh do i ever love fire.- Shwee

When I set it off at school. Well, there would have been a fire if I could have only gotten George Clooney to appear and help me steal the final exams. But no, he was busy flaunting himself in front of cameras promoting Ocean's Twelve. And no, I don't want Brad Pitt. He has that horrible wart, I mean Jennifer Aniston, on his back.- a/n/thraxboy

Yes! we should burn down the school every year to make sure it wokrs! - dhoov

The only thing that burns in this building is my extreme hatred for people who came to college without ever having to cook for themselves. It's fucking toast! You stick it in the hole push the button, and magic, everyone thinks your a jackass and wants to kill you.- eva psychotic

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! god! my house! all my cd's! my collection of dryer lint! it's all gone, all gone. it's all steven's fault.- Jenoah

ooh, fire fun!! i like to burn stuff...including my pubes, my underarm hair, my arm hair, leg hair, head hair, basically, anykind of hair i like to burn, except there's the aftersmell of it which really lingers.i know this because mommy once smelled it and asked if i was smoking pot in my room, which i wasn't, but how would SHE know the smell of pot, if she hasn't smelled it before? hmmm, good question.maybe she was a druggie back in the day...but maybe i WAS smoking pot, how would i know if i wasn't, because maybe i got so wasted i don't REMEMBER smoking it? but then i have to take into account, that if i actually DID smoke the pot, how in the hell did i get it?...which leads me to believe that i WASN'T smoking pot, maybe i, being the smart person that i am, went into my backyard and pulled a weed from the earth, and smoked it, what's to stop me from doing that?- smittywormenmanjenson

I like fire, but not when fucking morons across the street are shooting fireworks AT your house which results in your plants catching on fire. Yes, this happened. The funny thing was the fact that the fire alarm didn't end up going off....and when my mom called the fire department anyway, none of the firement were good-looking. Poor mom.- McDiablo

fire is fun. yes. the last time i heard a fire alarm was the last time i decided fire wud b fun. and yes. there was something on fire. and yes. i AM still incarcerated. - superman dave

oooh so many questions. well, last time iheard a fire alarm was in a dream. at least i think it was a dream becuase we never have our regulation fire drills at work because they're a waste of time. so there was nothing on fire that time, if it happened. though fire is pretty fun- turreima

right before I cut class in high school...- Gonzo

fire.....ohhh....i mean. What? what did i say? oh, fire...yummy. I eat fire.- FlaMeGoDDeSs

yesterday at school, nope no fire...... I WISH!!!- treepacbuddhaballs

no , but fire is fun- Dez-dawg

I head a fire alarm last about a few months ago in a fire drill at my school. Notin was really on fire, but I lit my lighter. I guess that counts. Yes, I do agree fire can be very fun. Especially when you ut the fire on thigns. -me

I received a tresure box in the mail with a key inside. There was a small parhement that seemed to indicate some tomfoolery, but I never figured out what it was. The old man at the corner store informed me that once he received a similar box with a similar key, and that the key saw into his soul. I put the key back into the treasure box and wrote on the parchement, "Keep your damn dirty hands off of my soul," and I have it back to the postman.- anamnity

hmmmmm a month ago, no and *sinister smile* yes muuy muy much!- Quanzi_penguin_poo

we had a fire alarm wen i was at school. it was only a drill though. ive got a drill now. i keep it wit my saw. saw? wheres the see? i like seesaws, up and down, up and down. fluufy goose down? stuff a pillow. pillow shares some letters with pillar. they hold roofs up. roofs, theyr fun 4 jumping off! haha!- superman dave

The roof of the school was on fire and 'yeah' it was the best time ever, but like I told the police, "I have an alibi."- j0eg0d

I can't hear.- Venomous

in high school my friend pulled it- splinter

some asses at my university set of the alarm to avoid research presentation...- shari

I heard one on TV once. I got arrested once for burning things. Fire rules.- voggit

fire is certainly fun. I heard it wen my mother was cooking fish. there was however, nothing on fire- claire

I heard a fire alarm today. My pet chicken was on fire. Yes fun. KIKIKIKIKIIIII!- Miflarg fwuzi

AT school because the moronic teachers burnt popcorn. Yeah, fire rocks. I want to be a pyro when I grow up- FadedRose

Fire is fun no doubt about that, but some situations make for no fun, like burning cookies or dismembered other items.- Eva Sock-Dominatrix

Hell yeah! I used to think I was invisible when I was a kid so I used to do things like start fires or run out in front of cars to try and convince myself that I was actually alive.- maverick chinaman

I heard a fire alarm yesterday and there was a fire. I started it because I was curious to see what things burn and what things don't. Surprisingly, my cat caught on fire really fast....- TheGreatestPersonAlive

I dont care the last time i heard a fire but i love fire....fire is good.- blahgirl

Fire is fun if you don't hold back let her roar.- Such

last friday, at work. nothing was on fire, dammit. I wish a student WAS on fire though. not so fun if no one is truly on fire.- cherilicious

no - Sweater Monkey

i heard a fire alarm when i was little there was no fire and fire is fuuuun- scarley

3 weeks ago. no. YES!- adamthatsme

Fire is good, i once set my phonebook on fire......it was bad. but cool!- Jessica Alexis

I heard a fire alarm yesterday! It was because I was melting my barbies heads off. It was surprisingly fun but they didn't put up much of a fight. After I finished melting my barbies I started to try and figure out what things melted and what things caught on fire. I learned that cats, donuts, homework, school books, all catch on fire. And that lipstick melts and bubbles. And that eyeshadow just turns into a giant glob of black stuff! Fire is so much fun! I want to be a professional pyro for my career!!!- EvilBarbieMelter

i am a bit of a pyromaniac...so a fire alarm is something to worry about...i just want a nice fire to sit and watch...the only thing on fire is the fire pit that i set ablaze...it is super to just sit and watch the colours from the flames...and the warmth...especially now in this shitty cold weather...fire you say...let us build a good big fire and melt a bit more of this shitty snow that keeps our feet so cold- downstairs

I held my lighter up to the fire alarm. There was no real fire, but the thought of it was orgasmic. - monkeeskittles

at school no- Bam

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