: December 2004

You wake up one night to discover that you're now in the middle of a field,
and it's a field with a crop circle in it, with you right in the middle of the design.
Do you go tell someone or do you sit there and cry for awhile?

Why did i wake up in the middle of a field?!- Horse

I'd sit there and would probably masturbate until someone comes along so they can deal with the situation so I don't have to.- Mort

To tell someone would be logical. However, according to my spanish teacher, my brain doesn't work like other people's. Therefore, I would sit and cry. I am not even sure exactly why I would be crying, but I would just the same.- bluemonkeyfearer

get up and run like hell- Eviltoasterstruddel

I go tell someone and then cry there for a little while because I can't remember what just happened!!! - Rebel_Christian

No, I yank the probe from my abused anus and wave the aliens goodbye.- Mzebonga

well, I'd cry and then I'd make a movie about it! No one has ever done something like THAT before- Hufflebunny

I cry like the baby I am.- ShadowWhisperer

I sit there and cry happily because I didn't see people making them or rolling cow cacoons.. so happy... *wipes tear away*- SG*

I will, during a brazen hangover, believe that I created the crop circle the previous night in a druken stupper after I got my hands on some dangerous rope and boards. So I'd undo the damage on the crop circle, upturning every broken wheat grass with tape and swirly straws painted beige yellow, then walk away as if nothing happened, then once I escape the field... I'd more then likely collapse back onto it creating a domino effect of knocking down every fixed wheat straw (I'm quite heavy-set, in my mind). Then I sit and cry for a while after I find the farmer's lap to cuddle up on and say "sorry for making the crop circle, I tried to fix...fix... fix it..." Then slowly suffocate him, deafening the cries for help to remove my crushing size off of him. Yeah, I have self-imagery issues... - STeam Is RIsing

*sigh* if i had a pound for every time i got asked this per day..I'd call the mothership and inform them they've left me behind, and i know they have because i havnt got them red marks that you get from being probed and i know this so the little green bastards cant lie to me and stick me in a bloody crop field - poor excuse for an abduction. id also tell them ive got my special probing panties on:D **babybel**

i run and get help sillys- chuttles

first things first, i would determine the type of field, if it was barley i would probably run to tell someone in order to get away from the dreaded itchiness, but if it was alfalfa i would sit down and cry as the grasshoppers jumped in my eyes. - Shwee

I'd space out for a second. (Space out, ha ha I slay me.) I would then take some stalks of corn and proceed home. Where I would cook it, then go stand in the middle of Time Square screaming "BEHOLD HEATHENS!!!! I HAVE EARS OF CORN!!!! BEWARE THEIR ALIENY POWER OF CORN!!!!"- a/n/thraxboy

just walk off- dhoov

Neither. I destroy the crop circle in any way possible, excepting that any evidence can and will be used against me. Then i sit and cry.- eva psychotic

No! this is just like that mel gibson movie. ever notice how with the shift of a single letter, gibson could become gibbon? that's a type of monkey if i'm not mistaken. the apes are everywhere. the other day i was at this guy's house. he tried to have sex with me but i pictured him as a monkey so i didn't have to. then i left and i think he hates me now. maybe tuesday i'll find out.- Jenoah

i go and dissolve into weepy tears, and once those tears hit the ground, the crops that were dead are now alive, and grown, upon which my problem is solved, and i walk out of the crops....wait, how the hell did i get there in the first place? did i sleep walk? maybe i did, because i live near some fields, but one problem, they are not filled with crops because the mean old man across the street doesn't take good care of his fields, and lets them die, so why not sell them to the county, then we'd get some decent stores built in our community, upon which i can go and shop for christmas, instead of getting cheap gifts from the dollar store. - smittywormenmanjenson

I'd march on over and tell the damn farmer to stop kidnapping me in my sleep and proceed to do 360's with his lawn mower. Bastard. I am NOT a somnambulist, so don't use that as an excuse.- McDiablo

neither, i shit into my hand and proceed to rub it onto my body whilst singing less than jake's version of 'i would walk 500 miles'- superman dave

i go tell someone - nay, i sell the story to a magazine, knowing that it's a set up. then i start trying to find the implant- turreima

I find my pants and begin the walk home...just like after any other bender....- Gonzo

i would yell toward the sky"why did you leave me again??!!"- FlaMeGoDDeSs

i get up, and dont tell no one. I try to gather more information about the circle, then i would try to be obducted.- treepacbuddhaballs

go and tell- Dez-dawg

I'd stand up, and very slowly check an make sure there's nothing up my ass. -me

It all started late one morning when I was stuffing lumps in the ground and watching them blow toward the soft sands of the the Trodden Grounds. I picked up the small wire that lay ominously at my feet, only to find that it was attached, somehow, to my own left eye. The examination that ensued resulted in not only a few loose teeth, but also a slight amount of leakage. You never know what they'll think of next.- anamnity

I would probably sit and cry, then go to my mother and ask for a fudgesicle since i hate those and offer it to the aliens the want to probe my rectum- Quanzi_penguin_poo

I'd sit and cry in bewilderment for a wile, i mean, who would i tell? and wot could i possibly tell them? mind you, since i lost my tin foil hat, they know where i am anyway, theyr watchin me, and readin my thoughts without tinfoil to protect my synapses. hang on, they must already know! p.s. i hope they dont find me guilty and track me down wit their satellite, cos then they'd find me, and burst in on me when i wasnt expecting it and drag me off to be tortu..........- superman dave

This happened to me back in August. I just ran in a circle until I got sleepy.- j0eg0d

First, I'd check my anal cavity for any probes. Then I'd, well.... I'd keep it to myself if I found anything lodged in my anus.- Venomous

i would go and tell some one- splinter

i'd sit there a while, but not to cry. i'd use the awe inspiring time to contemplate life and wonder if alien abduction was my family trying to get rid of me...AGAIN. those guys sure are tenacious.- shari

I'd sit there and relish the moment. With tears.- voggit

well it depends what type of crop- claire

I poke the body with a stick then run.- Miflarg fwuzi

Do neither, I was drunk and passed out in the middle of the field. I hitchhike home and try to sneak back into my house without waking my parents.- FadedRose

no, i probably did it while drunk, and forgot. Crying is not an option when confusion ensues.- Eva Sock-Dominatrix

I sit and ponder Mel Gibson .. remebering when he was younger and in that film about prison where he's rescued by that preacher lady who happens to be the wife of the warden of the prison. It was cold in the getaway wagon because it was deep winter and snowing. Later on, Mel took his shirt off and slept the the preacher lady ... That was hot. I think about that!- maverick chinaman

I would do go home call my friends and cuss at them for selling me to the aliens to be dissected!!!!! Aren't my friends wonderful?- TheGreatestPersonAlive

Go tell somebody then order a pizza.- blahgirl

I would tell if someone would lend a ear and if your in the middle of a crop circle I heard you get horny.- Such

sit there and cry for a while...secretly hoping that something cool will happen. am i wearing my pjs or am i nekkid? that matters too ya know.- cherilicious

i whould say the fuck with it and keep it to myself- Sweater Monkey

i sit there and think hm was i drunk?- scarley

tell someone- adamthatsme

Well if it's crop circle i'd probly freat out, wondering where e.t is i'd scream my head off then.....eat a donut.- Jessica Alexis

My parents must have hired the mafia to knock me out and put me there and create a crop circle to make me think that I was abducted by evil aliens. Well they can't fool me! I shall go home and sell my parents to slavery on an alien planet!- EvilBarbieMelter

i just sit there and wonder if someone that is truly insane will come to save me- downstairs

I'd cry, I'd cry and pout and beg them to come back. I'd use flashlights to try and signal them back and then cry somemore.- monkeeskittles

go tell someone- Bam

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