: August 2004

You're sweating profusely from it being so hot outside and notice a garden hose.
Just before you soak yourself in it, you notice a really old man watching from next door.
He's wearing nothing but a bathrobe and is already obviously aroused from watching you,
as his dick is quite hard and poking out of his bathrobe.
Do you proceed to wet yourself with the hose while he is watching?

hell yeah, he aint got long left anyway so give the old guy sum fun before he kicks the bucket!- keli_x_james....IM BACK!

No, why would I do that? I would spray him with the hose; he is a stupid pervy wanker as I am underage and he should not be aroused by watching me. I would also send my pedigree Doberman, Violet, out to attack him and kill him.- Char

yeah, then i shove it up his ass n giv him a loving colonic- Dark-Angel

Well, its probably not a natural erection, it was probably aided by viagra, but anyhow, I'd probably squirt him and comment how much bigger my boyfriend's dick is compared to his.- Hufflebunny

I proceed to wet him and chase him off, then I have sex with his wife and daughters.- Mzebonga

no- Monrapias

yes! entice the pervert! it'll give meaning to his sick waste of a life.- lafemmecinema

Spray the cold hose at his dick and get him soaked. Tell him to f##k off, punch him then realise it wasn't an old man but a sexy young girl. The 'dick' poking out of the bathrobe was a dildo she was using it whilst watching me. The police would then arrive and arrest me under murder.- Fredward

I don't know whether to be confused by being the source of his arousal or suprised by his ablity to make wood at his advanced age. Since real life doesn't mirror the internet I'll wet my hair and move on.- Nick

Ew! Ew! Ew! Noooo!!- Hayz

Yes- saz

Well , considering I'm a dude, I'd be slightly frightened. I'd probably walk up and bite him untill he ran back inside. But then again, he may like that... So I'd more than likely continue wetting myself , then ask for money when i finished.-me

I have sudden urges to load my squirt gun with lighter fluid...- InstantOatmeal

yes and then i turn it on him and say it got away from me- insane1

That reminds me of this one time, at band practice when my singer did that... only is was a completly naked woman from next door at the old people's home. and yes, he still hosed himself... [no, she did not possess and erect penis]- M. Mort

no, but set fire to his house and watch him burn- deadbadger

Yes. It may be more than slightly repulsive, but let him have his fun.- Sven the Masseur

why not- wristslashy McGee

Absolutely. He's obviously blind cuz no-one gets a hard-on from a minger like me.- Hayz

actually the thing thats poking out of the oldman's bathrobe is a garden hose...he just doesnt know how to use it...i probably proceed so he can follow...i'm sure he's suffering from the heat as well- loise

Yes. I proceed and then throw a rock through his window and squirt him, quickly dowsing his blazing hard on- Vermox

I don't need a hose to get wet with a horny old guy perving on me.- Fish

I go over to the old man's house, cut off his dick, put it in his mouth and superglue his mouth shut.- Lekkerkaas

fuck it if he wants to watch he can the more the better- PLANKSTER

He wishes.- Fleoa

that thought freaked me out so bad I wet myself without the garden hose...- ript

No. I then proceed to stick the water hose up the aroused mans anus and then report to the authorities that a sick old man is shoving my garden hose up his ass for erotic pleasure. I would then walk to the nearest Stop-N-Go for a tasty Yoo Hoo as the police carry the vile molestator away.- MR. NATE

The old man hypathetically would most definitly be my neighbour showing off the fact he has viagra and is inticed that he is able to give pleasure, so is increadable aroused that he wouldnt run away bawling after an attempted rape on little under age gal (me me me) cus he couldnt get his dick hard and up. Wetting myself with the hose would be like answering his thoughts and it'd blow his mind as if i mentally read his thoughts. Filling his fantasys of his porn which he downloaded the previous night as his wife slept.. (with the mailman...) It would Blow his mind so much that he'd run around the yard waving his hands over his head trying to sense my mental rays with a hard dick flapping around..heheheheh... so definitly I am so going for it, just for the entartainment purposes. Really he couldnt give pleasure anyways, well cus he's ooold and sagging skin is only sexy on aging actors that watch their weight and goes by the name clint eastwood... until you surpass 82, I begin to question your will then, I mean you look dead, your eyes have glazed over and ugh. Plus old men have no self-consiousness and freely expresses themselves in perverted ways that with any sense (any wiseness) don't work with the ladies... or boys... or professional sex workers. Old men just gotta sort themselves out put the viagra away and anything with perservatives, artifical falvours and non-cane sugar that without allow the blood to flow freely and enter the genital area when needed. Then they must be actually attentive to womanly desires and realize you needed to have figured life out for more then a carnal urge by now... so you smash your brains out with your stupid self inflicted cane, or I will do it for you. Its in the mind, man.-GargleSwallow-

Yes, but first I soak him with it and kill him and bury his body in the woods.- Kali

Well, the sight of me hosing myself off REALLY SHOULD NOT AROUSE an oldman! Seriously! But if he were still watching I'd give myself an emema with the hose, walk over and spray the anal discharge on him and tell him to STOP WATCHING ME you fuckin old perv! - Poptart

?--am i cool hand luke,or the blond washing her hubcaps- rayyo77

Well.. I assume my hose-size is different from that of grandpa's over there. So I'd ask him friendly: "Hey, why not coming over here for some anal-penetration-party? I'd love to see water spraying out of your mouth and see you on page 1 of the newspaper, grandpa!"- phoenix

No i would shout out something like "you pedophaelic old puff" and i would hose him down with the freezing cold water. If it were a woman mind you, id probably do my joeys how you doin look in a very sexy posture.- Mike

No, man. The dude's a perv. Go inside and take a cold shower. If he's watching through the bathroom window, smack him with a brick.- L0S3R

after I soak him down, first- harry simeon

worriedly i would think to myself what i could do to get out of this sticky situation. then i would remember my bank loan i took out a loan of $7,000,000,000,000 to give my cat the bust funeral anyone has ever seen, even better than the queens! i would go into my horny neighbours garden and ask him if i could borrow his hose because mine was broken. as he unsurprisingly said yes i would tell him about my loan and ask him if he would mind paying to watch. i would put on the best performance and then charge him the $7,000,000,000,000 and slap him from head to foot with my rupunzel hair.- nelly welly noggin

yes!! watch me bitch!! look at what u CAN'T HAVE!!! HAHAHA!!- redhotchilipeppers = cocks in socks

yes- slim jonn

no!! i go stick his dick in the water hose and his dick will Explode!!!! MUAHAHAHA!! THEN HE'LL BE STERILE FORVEVER!!- memyselfandi

Hell naw, if he's that horny he needs to go fuck his wife or himself.- marcopolo

I did the last time that happened.- CJ

no you soak the old perv next door- Akira

Yeah.- lauren

yes- wonka donka

I would hide. this old man has been stalking me for quite some time. I think he may be a spy from the blue monkeys. If he come near me I will be forced to harm him.- bluemonkeyfearer

Being a girl... First... I'd wet myself with the hose slightly, then as I'm getting more and more soaked, I walk over to the old man... dancing sexily, then i'd aim the hose at him and soak him down..... then i'd walk back to my house and jump into the cold shower.- sillysally

no, it would be funnier to spray him with cold water and scream Pervert REALLY LOUD.- Trepas

i'd proceed to beat him senseless with the hose and then i'd be aroused from his death and THEN shower off- spunkmonkeyspanker

Of course I do! Just after I blind him with my luminous yellow skin.- Kali

Nope.- Person Person

Yes, I would continously cornhole myself with the hose until water flew out of my eye sockets.-cack-n-bulls-

Good question...maybe I'd pretend I didn't notice him and wrap the hose around my neck a few times, then fall to the ground twitching. Then he'd run over to see if I was dying but fail to close up his robe on the way over, and so I'd spray his face with the hose and run down the street screaming Rape! Rape! Then he'll be all bewildered and so they'll load him into the back of a paddywagon, and he'll shake his fist at me through the window as it starts on its way for the Old Deranged Persons Home. I'll just stand in the street pointing and laughing my butt off. That's what you get for being a dirty old man. - FartMonkey

no first i will shoot him and chop off his balls then stick his dead body in a mail box and then get a drink- roxy

Hell No. I'd walk right over too that dirty old man and kick him. Then I would try to drown the sucker with the garden hose. Hopefully he would die from the water intake and go six feet under.- NixBix

Old men are hideous and disgusting creatures that should be frozen and fed into a wood chipper. Why would I ever treat him to a glimpse of my soaking youthful body? Why can't he go hang out with people who clearly aren't several centuries younger than him? Who the fuck is he? To punish him for his foulness I would soak him with the hose, screaming at the top of my lungs, "You like that, asshole?? Die you sick fucktard!!! DIE!!" And then I would beat him with a lawn chair until he collapses onto the grass and stares up at me, croaking weakly. Then I would piss in his face, call the cops, and report him for indecent exposure.- Ka Ka Chawinga

Hose down the old fucker- Phaedrus

hang him with the hose from his roof and leave it dangling off his neck and have a shower. YOU CANT GET AROUNSED WHEN YOUR DEAD YOU SICK FUCKER!- Ninja

No- Rachyda

I'd ask him if he's ever taken part in a backyard enema and offer a demonstration.- Jeffrey

That made me cry. But, the good thing is the tears have cooled me off, so no need to use this garden hose! *Runs away sniffling*- McDiablo

hell yeah and make it look sexy too. Then runn like hellp before the old bastard gets near me- Mac

yes, who cares, if he comes near me i spray him with the hose- little_red_devil

No. I burst through the door, leaping into the air delivering a spine-snapping dropkick to the old man's larynx. As he lay bleeding in the fetal position clutching his throat wheezing for air, I would place a high pressure attachment to the end of the hose and proceed to give him a high pressure enema that fills his bowels causing him to explode. Do I feel bad about this? Nah.....he was gonna suffocate anyway. It gives him something to think about to calm his suffering.- unfor2n8

I refuse to answer this question due to pending court cases related to this type of situation.- ArchbishopShaggy

Sure, why not. I'd like to think some horny young thing would do the same for me when I'm old and lonely.- Mzebonga

Yes I do, but I think that in order to get the most out of my wetting with the hose, I shall have to strip but since old Harold over there demands on watching, I will only strip down to my bra and undies unless he pays me or encourages me. I was never encouraged much as a child.- monkeeskittles

I squirt him in the eyes with the hose then aim for his dick and make it go bye bye and then wet myself while he is blinded- SG*

14 letter of the alphabet, 15th letter of the alphabet. Unless I can reach the hose round the corner and out of his sight.- Me

I'd walk over and kick him in the balls until it went away, and then I'd go back to the hose.- j0eg0d

of course- george the monkey

I would set down the hose, then do my best to wet my self and laugh my ass off....his wrinkled wanker should be the size of a marble by that point...- Mona (cross dresser exceptional')

Speaking for most guys; I'd walk over and get on my knees and suck his wrinkly cock.- I Am Jason Farkas

I'm a fish dude, it's not like I'm not wet already.- Fish

i would get the hose and wet him that would make the one eyed snake go down- nuts

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