: August 2004

Some people freak out at the sound of nails being dragged across a chalk board.
What sort of noise drives you absolutely insane?

the sound of dry hands on tissue paper.....i cant stand touchin the shit....it makes me sick so nevamind bout the sound of it....dont get me started!and dont even bother askin "well what do ya do when ur on the toilet?!" dnt go there!- keli_x_james....IM BACK!

The sound of other people talking. I am the Queen and they are simply my minions. They should not be allowed to talk.- Char

THAT FUCKIN DOG thats barkin right now, also my consionce, always telin me to burn things, GAHH *burns a cd* i like emperor- Dark-Angel

I would have to any music by NSync- Hufflebunny

The persistent whining of people at work.- Mzebonga

my mom singing- Monrapias

children.- lafemmecinema

I cannot stand listening to the sound of other people eating. Especially crisps, the crunching drives me insane and it feels like they are crunching in a strange way just to annoy me. Another thing is peoples voices, only when there's a big crowd and I keep thinking someone calls me but they didn't. Eventually when I ignore the calling it actually is someone calling me, then they think I'm going deaf. arghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!- Fredward

car honking passed 11pm- Nick

Barbara Streisand singing. Makes me wanna rip off my own arm just so I have something to throw at the radio.....- Hayz

ringtones- saz

When little kids play with their GI JOE toys, they go like, " BOOM BOOM AUUUGHHH (shittiy machine gun noise made by rolling tongue)" . I live with one who is doing that constantly, so i learned to hate it more than anything. -me

The noise of...STUPIDITY!!! And middle school popular chicks...God, I hate them so much... But I guess they kinda come hand in hand, don't they?- InstantOatmeal

??? i guess squeeky pickles ???- insane1

You see, I can't understand that... Nails down a blackboard... is just a scratchy sound that has no effect on people whatsoever. I think that this is purly a myth to keep us away from blackboards. There are actually hidden portals to other educational dimensions. That's what I tell them when my classmates go "missing"...- M. Mort

the screams from my basement. I feed them every few day, what more do they want?.- deadbadger

The knife (just as you finish cutting through something - during dinner or some other such meal) scraping along the plate. It's also nearly as bad with the fork (as you're trying - in vain, usually - to skewer something so that you can then proceede to cut through it - hopefully not producing that DAMN sound with the knife again).- Sven the Masseur

there screems as they claw at my arms choking the life out of them- wristslashy McGee

My downstairs neighbours have vigorous sex with any man that comes knocking. You know those documentaries about monkeys? "ooh-ooh-ooh!".... Makes me wanna rip my own arm off, just so I have something to throw at her...- Hayz

dripping water. i hate it...its like you're in a ghost story or something...- loise

The sound of myself breathing. I don't like to move much because it makes me breathe louder. The sound is magnified when I have my ears blocked so it's a lose / lose situation- Vermox

The squeak of really hot, really dry sand at the very top of the beach when you tread on it, that squeak sends me up the wall. Luckily the beach is laterally displaced some 2.8km from my house so the chance of my hearing the noise is somewhat remote, unless I am particularly unlucky and someone has placed the beach in my bedroom since my absence. Again.- Fish

Pop music- Lekkerkaas

my dad farting on a wooden floor, its not onlt the sound but after hes had a curry the fucking place stinks! - PLANKSTER

The sound of a teacher approaching with fresh homework.- Fleoa

pretty much anytime "dubya" steps up to the microphone and smirks - that is my personal torture...- ript

Only the sound of nails not being dragged across a chalk board. Nothing else puts me to sleep at night like that horrific sound except...wait. Nope nothing I say - MR. NATE

I think its coming to be any "singing voice" in the mainstream music now... yuppp.. just about now. Not that there bad, I guess its just there music, and computerized heightened vocals... bullshit. Not many noises annoy me persay your example except for human voices. I guess that is an explaination for my pecular murdering tedhniques, I like to rip the lungs out and then continue mutilating... only with random people with... huh... drunken type of voices and high pitch whiny ones that are kind of collage radio chick... wow I havent noticed the pattern until now. *sniffff* Thank you! for this breakthrough Jcp, *sniff* maybe I can teach myself to control my insanity induced by horrible vocal chords *shiver*... Mayybe..maybe now theres a Hope... *Breaks down bawling gripping a tissue and hugging whoevers closest a little too awkwardly long...* -GargleSwallow-

Your voice.- Kali

The sound a person makes while being tortured.... if it's over quickly that's OK but if it takes hours before the person cecum's to the pain/blood loss and loses consciousness the brutal screams can really drive me insane....ch'Yea, insane................... - Poptart

the silence is screaming at me- rayyo77

No idea. I hear noises all the time, even when I would have been threwed out of the ISS, naked.. No, no... Recently someone talked to me. He talked a lot. Obviously he didn't know that he turned into somekind of glass for me and all of his words transmuted into a large blue ball, jumping around. This was NOT FUNNY.. I tried to catch the ball, but it beamed itself through the window. Unfortunately it was closed and I fell down, together with a million shards, like last week .. or last year? Damn, no clue. I fell into some car.. Rolce Royce. The driver was not pleased. I've asked him if he had seen the blue ball. He left the car. Then I tried to drive.. Somekind of president behind me. The noise was terrible. He was screaming, the frontwindow was destroyed (why?) the wind at 210km/h made me nervous and I missed a bridge. So we stopped in the middle of a river.- phoenix

People eating with their mouth open. Makes me cringe, the amount of times i have nearly grabbed my plate and smashed it over my brothers head is uncountable. Big pet hate, do you people have no manners??- Mike

Several, actually. 1. When people clatter thier forks and knives onto thier dinner plates after eating. 2. Cranky babies at resturaunts who just won't shut the hell up. 3. When the dude across the street runs his motorcycle for friggin' 20 minuets and just won't drive away. 4. Retards who MUST blast thier goddamn stereos at max volume with the windows down. I mean shit, get a better CD! 5. The people who talk in the classroom even after the teacher told them to be quiet. Fuckers! You have friggin' 15 minuets in the hall every time the period ends! Stfu already!!- L0S3R

my name, hollered over a bullhorn, at the same time that police sirens and automatic weapons are also going off- harry simeon

that actually does. but also i hat the sound that annoying kids make wehrn they are waiting for their dinner to be ready. when they bang their knives and forks on their plate. when they slip it make a horrible sort of "eak" noise. there are no words to describe the pain that goes through my body only that id rather do a van gogh and chop my ears off so i dont have to hear it anymore. - nelly welly noggin

my best friends horny cockatiel....she's female and has a toy hanging from the top of her cage and she gets under it and makes a horny little cooing noise...and she's not even bothered by the fact that the whole family is seein her get an orgasm.....- redhotchilipeppers = cocks in socks

a fork scraped across teeth- slim jonn

my friends bird when she's horny adn trying to get an ogasm from standing beneath her toy that hangs in her cage...like the toy has a bird dick anyway...- memyselfandi

When people breath and their noses make high pitched squeaking sounds- marcopolo

The sound of a pair false teeth being swallowed whole by an old-age pensioner.- CJ

Britney attempting to sing- Akira

Babies crying and car alarms.- lauren

the sound of my mortal enemies voice- wonka donka

My retarded little brother clearing his throat. AAAAAAAAAAggggghhhhahhh hhhmmm gggrrrrrg. Yeah. thats about it.- bluemonkeyfearer

A metal fork scraping against a china plate... yuck.- sillysally

The sound of my roommate talking , singing, breathing.- Trepas

any noise that i myself am not producing.- spunkmonkeyspanker

Jessica Simpson- Kali

The sound of my sister snoring- Person Person

Whenever I slap balls when running a train. -cack-n-bulls-

99% of what passes for music today. - FartMonkey

yo momma- roxy

The fake singing of friends. Its really nice to your fav song and all of a sudden, bestest buddy starts to sing to it, with this voice. its obvious they arnt trying to sound good. its like they just want to sing to the song because they can. AND when they get the friggin words wrong. DONT SING THE FRIGGIN SONG IF YOU DONT KNOW IT- NixBix

Alarm clocks- Phaedrus

The sound of a dead,bloody, sock monkey being slapped against a custard covered chalk board- Ninja

forks on a plate- Rachyda

It particularly annoys me when my victims' screaming takes FOREVER to silence. - Jeffrey

Styrofoam being rubbed together. Opening a bottle of Jone's Soda...you know, that scraping of the metal cap against the glass bottle? It's absolutely cringe-inducing. But nothing is as bad as hearing George W. Bush's gears clink in his head everytime he pauses when making a speech. You can hear those gears in his brain grind together with every second of silence...make it stop!- McDiablo

The noise of when garden gnomes try to steal my cheese from my fridge- Mac

the sound of people snoring, not that constant snoring, the oh-my-god-i-forgot-to-breathe gasping kind of snore that would gross just about anyone out- little_red_devil

People talking. The throaty *ack-gurgle* that victi-er people emit when being strangled by piano wire. Anything coming from the oversized cock-sucker of a mouth of a Jehovah's witness.- unfor2n8

The sound of my girlfriend trying to get out of her chains, I mean they're reinforced titanium, she'll never break em so why does she keep trying.- ArchbishopShaggy

My roommate's cat sharpening his claws on the brickwork by the fireplace.- Mzebonga

The Vacum Cleaner. I hate that noise, I refuse to touch those things, when I was little it sucked one of my toys up with that awful ruuuuuuuuuurrrrrr *making vacum cleaner noises* I hate it. I dont want to be around them, touch them any of it.- monkeeskittles

the scratching of nails against a car door- SG*

But I've not been driven insane yet! Really! Honest! Why are you asking me these questions?- Me

The ones I can't find.- j0eg0d

the giggles of little children- george the monkey

People who complain and whine about their pittiful lives.... boo hoo....- Mona (cross dresser exceptional')

Typing.- I Am Jason Farkas

fingers tapping on keyboards . . . . argh . . . . it is absolute agony just to send this short and circumspect missive- Fish

what absolutely annoys me has got to be the long bird calls so i grab my gun and shoot them- nuts

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