We're going to make a TheInsaneDomain TV show.
What part would you like to play?

Definitely the wacky neighbor, who has a secret identity where he runs through the streets in just his underwear, into which is wedged a cranky hedgehog named Hank, and we run through the city saving the hapless citizens from invasions of the Bloodthirsty Bunnies from Mars. It would really add some spice to the show. And give me a chance to run through the streets in my underwear with a hedgehog named Hank.- Indomitus

THe smart ass who drives around in a jeep all the time and cracks dumb jokes!- ~Jeepster

Char lady axe killer- max nix

Father Jack. If you don't get the reference, you're quality of life is considerably lower than you can ever comprehend. FEK!- Mzebonga

The upset viewer of your website. My acting abilities dont stretch too far and i dont wanna ruin the movie, so i will be Bertha the depressed girl with not much else to do.Oh and maybe if u would be so kind..let me have contact with dc.. MAYBE! ill be dc's lover in a scene but wouldnt have any lines. I could manage 'acting' as if im making sweet monkey babies hardcore with dc. i could manage... and iv dc's not available dusty and crusty aint to bad.- diZsaHpoEinted

Good idea. I'd like to play Dr. Frankenfurter from RHPS. Or Maybe all of the characters, given i'd have a time to change outfits. And a big dressing room.... "It's just a jump to the left...."- eva psychotic

the burning sim- Angelfish

i would like to play the pish of the monkeys steam.- jungandaloo

I would like to be me, that way I can rule everything.- Moron

I would like to play the crazy, wacked out, say anything and everything person who often has outbursts of saying PURPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PURPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (means ur crazy)- CrazyPurple

spank the sock monkey a duranged killer- spank the sock monkey

the insane one- funkless

DC's sex kitten, or ermm monkey... when he comes back...- lalita

Id like to play the sock monkey cause hes my hero dude. Sock monkey forever, he rocks da monkey house. Monkey Monkey Monkey!!!!. or i could just be like the guy hu tells pointless stuff.I also do do footage editing.- Brent

that's a toughy, personally that insane little monkey rolling it's eyes has been entertaining me for the past hour.....i believe that would be my part.- shwee

I'd like to be the comical sidekick that's addicted to heroin. Antics would insue.- anthraxboy

i dont like to be seen in T.V. can i play as the director. but if you insist i want to be the naive and soft warewolf.is that okay?- weirdoego

really me? im flattered, this isnt a what-if! This is for real!Dude, Dc's busy right? baby, i happen to be a sock monkey although id perfer a smaller role (so much pressure) so if jcp's role is available or that boy Ver, IM THERE!.In actuallity u guys will be playing yourselfs, duh.Patheticness... Fine ill settle with Mzebonga, hes easy to master. *ahem* Watch: Is life all about monkeys? Or is our life all about Monkeys? Maybe monkeys lifes are all about us. But first we have to sit back and reflect if it matter if you feel vertified by the number of bananas you have? Its just it. its it.,,,,,"""SCENE!CHeerio!- BsIt

I'll be the freaky person who follows the main characters around because I am lonely and have no friends and need someone to torment. They will come up with plots to kill me to be rid of me and yet I will persist.- bluemonkeyfearer

I would like to run around with a british nuh who thinks he's popeye. HONESTLY.- I like eggs.

The blonde bimbo that screams all the time, particularly when approached by sock monkeys with a full fat latte, a Big Mac and some scissors. - Evil Muffin

ANY PART!!!... X) I don't care what you make me! Just let me in!!- SG*

Can i be the monkey butt?... its not a monkeys but its hairy and pink and i also have an tail... more like an pigs tail, so useless, but ill just transfrom my elephant dildo into a prosthetic monkey tail. Did i get the job????I have the rare talent of conveying dislike when mooning also. hey? hey? - SHAME

To begin, I'd like to start with asking YOU a question. I would ask it on the ASK A QUESTIO section, but as I am here, I may as well. No wait, my question is irrelivant now. I'd like to play the part where people DO NOT blame me for the people they find in my house lying in a pool of blood.- M. Mort

the friend with nothing normal about her- candy

the mom you'd wanna fuck- TexasJen!

I would like to be the Internet Pervert who always shows up in your chat room looking for nubile females. I would like to be 300 pounds, stinky and grubby and go by the name "Big_Humper".- spanky_monkey

Probably the guy who gets to throw faeces at the hecklers in the crowd.- RealMo-K

monkey- jammin salmon

the best part- kris

the invisible part- rayyo77

I want to be the wacky neighbor that pees on the fire hydrant and hits himself over the head with a wrench.- Woogie smeep squiffle

the walls- DmD

i wanna go on the show and juggle a midget, 4 ninja swords, three 2 liters of moon mist and 2 kittens

I would fall down and say yes.- Rambo

i would thoroughly enjoy the part of being the penis cruncher or ball ripper- heyguesswhatiseenurasscrackyounastysmellingtunacunt


the idiot who builds your networks- nullboy

An acidic guacamole eating squirrel!!! Mua...- InstantOatmeal

Sylvia. Sylvia is excellent. you do not know sylvia, WELL YOU BETTER GET TO KNOW HER DAMMIT.. umm.. anyways..she is a mad old lady with an accent sort of like that of an old male british bloke trying to sound like a crazy woman. sylvia is worldly-renounced for her line "IM going to POKE YOUR EYE OUT, with MY KNITTING NEEDLES, and WATCH YOU BLEED." and "GRAHHHH HAHHHH." she either commits suiside or gets publicly murdered by the government every episode. i might just have to light the studio on fire though, tell the media "we" are skitzo, and did it for the sake of sock monkey porn- Morshada

the insane guy?- gerni

The Crazy, PMS'y, Chicken Craving, Mullet lady who lives next door who enjoys stalking the sock monkeys and like knitting doilies - Hufflebunny

The sadistic and voyeuristic boy next door.- Knightmare

The cats, i want to be all of the cats! Yes and i expect the payment for all 50 minor actor jobs, Or well, however many cat roles there are in your movie. That would be umm... estimating 20 bucks?well anyways, i except every drop of it because you'll never witness anyones butt wiggle to be so stiking similar to a cats or have natural wiskers and rough tougne plus badass maniacal stare Like me. I also have the time breaking abilty to be at 2 places at once. watch!... (im staring at the comp and buying a cup of coffee at tims) you didnt see that but at shootings we will witness my superbular cat impressions, plus my breakablity in the continuity of time and matter.----SEACREST OUT!- Cakey, tee hee

Crazy, drunk, uncle Charlie.- shadowrayshower

Dc is not around, correct? He's still busy with his so called "life", I bet he found a gf and is ashamed of the fact hes moving in with her and commiting to a life of a endless sort of matrimony. BLEH, He has probably changed to much to be the DC, i bet his real name is Mr. Stanley Himer, who has now moved in with Bertha... BLEH. His other alter ego (dc) is probably dead and unsummomable.*sniff*, Id like to be dc b4 he gets a chance to feel obliged to be his self, Which hes not anymore. Let me be him b4 he ruins his legacy.- GargleSpit

teacher- teacher

The rug, that all the bitches will be sitting on while they stroke themselves. - Trooper69

a tv show ugh tv is evil ban tv umm whats tV?- isneeze

As much as I'd love to be in the show, I think it'd be best if Emerald was in it as, I don't know, DC's love interest--something to that extent. Emerald actually has a bit of a crush on DC, so I'll definitely be on set all the time to make sure no molestation occurs.- McDiablo

people pissing other people off- redlight75

well DC's a camera whore and utterly impossible to replace, so he'll obviously be playing himself... i think i would make a good Mzebonga... i'd do weather... my gig would be standing in front of the blue screen in a big purple sun hat- EmprissNikon

rayyo77 (.)- rayyo77

Even though I'm technically a girl, I'd like to be the weird guy that doesn't really have a name, so everybody just calls him George or somethin, and he'll just sorta wander in at random wearin crazy hats and pick fights and point out mistakes and say offer paranoid theories such as that thumbtacks have little electronic tracking devices in them and serve some sort of incredibly evil purpose. Then I'll have a sidekick that will come up and suddenly hit me on the head with a frying pan and then drag me off the set by my ankles. He'll really be hitting me, so I'll need insurance. - FartMonkey

I would like to play a lesbian lover of the main character.- imaginary_firnd


the monster. you know, the one that eats frilly-dressed little girls, and makes mommie's therapy bill go way up. The one that could only be the demonic, faithless, undefeatable representation of the nation's collective horror. Or the guy in the alligator tank.... - possession of a mind gets you 5 to ten...

DC the monkey- Cimpmink

I want to play the part of the insane hunchback half-monkey assassin.- harbinger

the part of the TV- Pretty Plague

the eccetric guy that does not make any sense at all eating all the food using words like "necro, bacon, fart, ass, cunt, furbies, chopsticks, aliens, robots and cockslapped too much and rants about dirty socks, not having underwear, blocked noses and how freaking fake reality tv is.- Neck

The part of the guy who gets to throw the rotten tomatoes at you when you suck.- Omuletzu

I would like to play my arm twangity twang.- the woman

I would play the annoying neighbour who drops in and says his Catch phrase - Schizoid

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