Have you ever caught or suspected someone of stealing your underwear?

Well, yeah, but they always bring them back when they're done.- Indomitus

NO.. if I do.. you better watch your ass cuz i will pound it so hard into the ground it wont even be funny! THose are mine.. as some people say unmentionables!- ~Jeepster

no- max nix

No, but I mail it around the world for a premium.- Mzebonga

Ive caught the badgers in the act and everyone is always a suspect... What kind of normal question is this? i can find this in a Ym magazine and circle that exact response on a multiple choice. Are we being overly reserved with not allowing our brain slop from spewing out?TOOT TOOT!Shame on you!- diZsaHpoEinted

yes. socks are more commonly stolen, but undies are sometimes "missplaced." I always blame it on the dryer.- eva psychotic

never caught, no, but i know they do. Mice. Can't beat 'em, can't pound their little heads in. - Angelfish

my best friend- jungandaloo

Yes, I was wearing them at the time too.- Moron

I suspect that I steal my own underwear in my sleep in a secret hiding place that is secret.- CrazyPurple

yes someone who has a crush on me- spank the sock monkey

yes- funkless

oh yeah, i know. they got this thing for the mould that grows on it- lalita

YES!!! Never caught, but I know as a fact that my stupid, retarded, horrendously deformed, dispicable, pathetic, lifeless, hideous, grotesque stepmom steals my underwear!!!! Firstly, this is because a lot of times when she gets the laundry home from the laundromat, she's sifting through my underwear going, "This thong is really sexy, you know." And then two days later it's missing from my closet. The next day it's back, but its all stretched out and, you know...soiled and befouled. Which is SO DISGUSTING, because she has no hygiene (or body). And she used to steal my bras too, until they got too big for her. AHAHAHAHA!!! Also my the Korean chick at the laundromat steals my clothes, not just my underwear. She's taken two bras, about four pairs of underwear, and one tank top already. GOD HELP ME!- Ka Ka Chawinga

You know that is an intresting question but id have to say NOT REALLY.- Brent

suspected...yes, caught....no, plan to be put into action tommorow....if my calculations are correct - the evil little bunnies have been coming into my room nightly and stealing my most treasured underwear....the batman ones (dun dun dun), i will catch them.- shwee

All the time. I even take measures such as thermal cameras, c4 planted in the elastic, infrared sensors, auto-targeting turrets, and a rabid walrus. But they fail. They always fail.- anthraxboy

naaah, i hope so, ikept my things intact.- weirdoego


Wellllllll......never suspected, no. But one day I DID find a pair of my underwear in my little brother's bedroom. And I know that I never put them there. There is only one explaination. My little brother steals my underwear. Why? The world will never know. He has Tourettes Syndrome. That means that he does weird things for no reason at all.- bluemonkeyfearer

I once stole my underwear, but I never caught myself.- I like eggs.

Yes, I know that Superman has been wearing my post-Christmas underwear for years.- Evil Muffin

this lady one day claimed to be doing laundry and took my underwear and I said "okay" and I never saw my underwear again...- SG*

I suspect many living things and unliving things. Exspecially rocks, there just not to be trusted. Its an fact. Look at them, i bet you cant get them to have direct eye contact... told ya. Oh sorry they dont have eyes... i meant children, yes, vile creatures. When will they be extinct... this matter must be dealt. AND KILL ALL TOMATOS! we dont want the mistake which happened in the thrities. An underwear loss... so sad.. .so depressing... I believe that was the beggining of the depression.- SHAME

Not so much stealing, more of eating. No wait, sorry that was me.- M. Mort

uh....i can't remember- candy

YES!- TexasJen!

Yes I Have. My stupid little brother stole my gonch and wore them. I was mad. I told him he got my used, soiled ones and then I squeezed out a stool in his closet. He should find it soon.- spanky_monkey

Once...when I was about 7 years of age. Then I found out it was mum bringing in the washing from the line...needless to say I was grounded till the age of 16 when I roped her up and rang the cops.- RealMo-K

yes- jammin salmon

yes- kris

not untill now.- rayyo77

Many, many times. The last time it happened, I cut off that stupid underwear gnome's head and stuck it in my underwear drawer as a warning. So far it's working, but I still have my death ray in my nightstand, just in case...- Woogie smeep squiffle

I've caught myself doing that... or my other person living in my head who calls him/herself The Pink Cheese Banana...- Greggie-Fellie

Yes. My mom- DmD

nope- EPJuggalo

No, if someone was stealing my underwear then they would have to be a peeping tom that is unusually gay and has a bisexual mind. I would then catch them in the act and hit them over the head with a hammer.- Rambo

well yes i most ceratinly have i have on a pair of their underwear right now....oops i mean no.- heyguesswhatiseenurasscrackyounastysmellingtunacunt


yes many times damn gnomes- nullboy

Underwear? What's that? Does it go on your head or somthin'? Is it something that happens when you don't eat enough crackers?- InstantOatmeal

yeah. i blamed it on the gnomes, but damn, i donno man. if i EVER catch ANYBODY doing that though... oh... wow... they get punished. unless of course they happen to be a hobbit...a hot male hobbit..then thats another story. but if not, then whoever it is will suffer death with a variety of objects including: a spoon, a stapler, a computer, strawberry, trash can, a tall floor lamp, and a post-it note. use your imagination.- Morshada

ya but they needed shelter- gerni

Yes, although, they were not successful, for I was wearing the underwear. but, it did result in a huge wedgie- Hufflebunny

Don't care, but it's at their own risk. Can they be certain they've been washed in the last few months? Hehehehe...- Knightmare

I would think that to be so if i did have any underwear, I dont believe in suffocating your genitals and am a dedicated anti-underwear manufactoring in Quatamala, they rape our cotton trees to make those contraptions. Everywhere else i am okay with sense they are intelligent manufactorists who only uses heroin and skin flakes.I have been caught stealing underwear in quatmala for expirements but those bastards have yet to sewn cotton strewn muzzles over my mouth... and hands and keyboard.---- SEACREST OUT!- Cakey, tee hee

I stopped wearing underwear when holes appeared in them for no reason. Poor construction if you ask me. So, yes.- shadowrayshower

what are you saying? So, feeling a little insecure about your criminal abilities? Because it just so happened all my Draws have all gone missing. Huh, How odd. Want to know if im suspecting anyone? Want to make sure that no one saw YOU? Thats right bitches get my panties off your head and away from your nose and mouth!!! Uncomfortable? you better be, because in a second if your not, i will make you with my fish and chocolate bar. Thats right be confused. Damn stright, Underwear bandit. The cops are on the way and not the type who just dress like them,,, well there will be some of them. But just to intimitate you more!Grrr... and please respect my privacy bout those... um... stains... um... uh.. ugh BE sCARed.- GargleSpit

Yes, this one time after a HABS- BRUINS GAME (NO not everybody in montreal is a frenchy you dickheads) this american bitch invited us to her hotel. Well, after fucking her and dis-respecting her I went to take a leak and I caught her stuffing my boxers and socks into her suitecase. American women are fucked up, but you gotta love em though, no self respect and easy pussy when your on vacation (IE you guys gotta go to Cancun spring break, as ugly as you are you will probably get laid) - Trooper69

what underwear?- isneeze

Well, I've never told anyone this before, but...um....there was this one time when I walked in my room and my dad was in there. He was dancing around with my underwear on his head. I just remind myself time and again, 'At least he wasn't wearing one of my bras...'- McDiablo

no- redlight75

{As ordered by the Dallas County sherrif's department, information on case #62000748F cannot be disclosed at this time. Please refer all inquiries to the District Attorney's office.}- EmprissNikon

to protect the innocent,,,,, i cannot ansure that. - rayyo77

I don't have a specific suspect yet, but now that you mention it, I could imagine that I had several more pairs a while back..- FartMonkey

Yes, actually and twice. The first time it was this girl who was my friend for a while until I relized she was a clepto and i caught her trying to steal a pair of my undies. The second time it was this drunk creep who was at a party at my house. All I remember is he was a huge fan of Slayer. Now I hate slayer.- imaginary_firnd


" Step one: collect the underpants. Step two: ... Step three: Profit." "Yes, but what is step two?" "Step one: collect underpants.....- possession of a mind gets you 5 to ten...

No- Cimpmink

Yeah, and no one believes me.......they never believe you.....never- harbinger

Never...I always get to theirs' before they find mine! - Pretty Plague

well ofcoarse seriously ive had dues live with me and the walk around in my underwear not only does it seem quite gross and gay i wear theirs too.- Neck

No, though I never kept a strict record of my underwear. It would not be possible, not when my underwear travels like this, from town to town. I'd have to create special forms where hired people would write the serial numbers of the incoming and outgoing, dirty or clean underwear. Packaging, bar codes, lorry service, quality control... way too expensive for me.- Omuletzu

I wish someone would steal my underwear especially after I had worn it. Once at a sleepover a dog stole my underwear and my friends bro had to get it away from the dog.- the woman

I guard my underwear well enough that I am confident that no one would have a chance to get past me with stealing my underwear - Schizoid

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