: October 2004

The sock monkeys have decided to enslave the world and force everyone to make more sock monkeys. Their plan is to create a space sock monkey army and invade other planets.
Do you rebel against them or go along peacefully?

I rebel. I start the revolution. FOR KING AND COUNTRY!- Myass

Well, I'd put on my old monkey suit that I used in my movie "Hot Jungle Love" and pretend to be one of them, but surely at one point the costume would tear and they'd either enslave me also or slaughter me visciously. I don't know if that's considered rebel;ling or going along.-me

Well, unless Karl Marx (and the other 3 Marx brothers) were willing to help me escape and found a new utopian state founded on egalitarian ideals and with a base pi currency system, I'd probably go along. At least I'd get to see a maternity ward sweat shop.- Fish

Now there's a thought. I'd say I'd go along peacefully seeing as Herbert has answered my questions so gayly. That's happy. Not homosexual... I don't think. - Mort

I would rebel against them, and I would be thrown into a sock monkey jail, but i could bribe Herbert to set me free with a pair of shoes. Once freed, I would take the sock monkey leader hostage with a sewing needle, and demand they allow me to tape sock monkey porn, to sell to The Insane Domain, and make millions- Hufflebunny

go along peacefully cos otherwise they are going to kill me- louby

Rebel! Socks are very flammable- Mori

depends if their reign has come out of a rebellion and what they decide to do with the conservative folk.- JAG

Well now. First it was garden gnomes (which I defeated with my kidnapping of "The Roaming Gnome") and now it's sock monkeys making us do their work. Well I would probably rebel for a while. And since I can't come up with a decent plan of defeating them, I surrender and have myself transplanted into the body of a sock monkey. Where I rise in ranks and become a powerful general. At which point, I'll lead my "men" into a blender.- anthrax.boy

rebel. i need sox- asdf2345

If they plan to invade Khatizifa then hell yah I'm with them! The bastards kicked me off their planet just for accidentally on purpose forgetting to celebrate March 15th or Denzel Crocker Day. (If you do not know what that is then you obviously do not watch cartoons.) Anyhoo, maybe the sock monkeys would do me a favor and rid that stupid planet of the bluemonkeys and gnomes and all other life forms, and maybe move all of the tyrant cats to earth, and maybe then I will be able to move back there and be the supreme ruler.- bluemonkeyfearer

Rebel- LalaTona

I crossbread them with us!!- Forkorc

I don't rebel OR go peacefully, i become a genetic scientist and create mega-ultra-giga sock monkeys, these new sock monkeys will follow me every where i go and convince the others to join my cause so that i will be the sock monkey over lord and start a sock monkey cult that consumes the world.- Wolfman

Right now, I really don't give a shit... Will I have to work in an office if they win or will I get to travel the galaxy?- Mzebonga

Go along peacefully. I'll show you why: Go grab your best friend and your best sock monkey, hold your monkey tightly and swing it as hard as you can at your best friend's head. What happened? Either you did it, and your friend looks at you funny, or your didn't because you were afraid to injure your sock monkey. See?- eva psychotic

Well, at FIRST I would go along peacefully, than, while carefully precision, and secretly working with my Sock Penguin Army, prepping a special, elite, team, of specially elitional teamworking penguins, WHO KNEW HOW TO FLY!, I would gradually work my way to the top of the sock monkey hegeme! and once I got to the top-most pillar of sock monkey-isoms I would strike down the leading Sock MONK! and than, with my secret Sock Penguin Army, hidden away in an unsuspecting Sock Monestary, full of Sock Monks, would strike quickly and quietly, and unbeknowest to the world, I WOULD TAKE OVER THE WORLD! AGAIN! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!- General Sock Penguin

wait...isn't this kinda like the garden gnome question?? i'd do the same fuckin thing that i did with the evil lying caniving gnomes....I'D KICK THEIR ASSES BACK TO MY GRANDMAS LIVING ROOM WHERE THEY ORIGINATED!!!!!!! (i knew mean evil little old ladies were evil...they've been allies with the sock monkeys and helping them all along!!!!!) that's why we must fight against the old little old ladies!!!!! and once we kick their ass, THE SOCK MONKEYS WIL BE NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!- POOTHROWER

Damn monkeys. I will go along with them, but only because I like to see doom and destruction, and not for liking the monkeys.- Yeti

I rebel.. except against DC.. cause DC is the pimp sock monkey of the world.. but the rest I would rebel against unless they tell me DC says to do so, then I'd do all DC says- SG*

my own sock monkey,'ole' sock' asked me what i thought he should do(we are freinds and he trusts my oppinion)about this.after a delicate wash and spin cycle and about an hour of "cottons only"drying time i loveingly told him to think about it and what ever he decided ,i would support his decision the best i could.,,then i patted his little head and said "GO IN PEACE MY GOOD PAL 'sock' - rayyo77


Geez, what else am I going to do? Emerald will most likely be in on the whole thing and will enslave me rather quickly. But, she'll be nice to me simply because I am nice to her. She'll factor in such things like my taking her along on camping trips...so I'm sure I'll be treated all right. Heck, as long as the sock monkeys keep Slurpee machines around and find me an alien boyfriend, then we're cool. We're cool.- McDiablo

No way! Sock monkeys rock!- Angel

fake going along and then infiltrate- fox

I would tell George Bush that there was a glimpse of a chance that the sock monkeys might have a weapon of mass destruction. He would then create fake evidence proving this is true. Then I would let nature take its course.- SillyWilly

Is that some kind of stupid question? If so, then that's alright. I'd go along peacefully. If, however, it is NOT a stupid question, then you're going to have to answer some questions of my own. (that is, if i can be bothered - which, generally speaking, i can't)- Sven the Masseur

Well, at least I'd be working...- j0eg0d

rebel- johnbob

I would not rebel as that might be seen as being helpful to the human population, but I would not go along peacefully, because I have renounced all forms of peace. I would instead move up into the mountains and kill and eat all sock monkeys and humans that came onto my property, but only after having sex with them.- Archbishop Shaggy

Go along with it, but slowly transform myself, (using only toothpaste and underwear) into a mutant sock monkey overlord! - SkyofStLuke

I rebebl becauase I don't have a cause- Grady

of course i rebel against them id kick them and step on them cuz there so little then burn them until they died.- danni-fo

Well...I have always had a thing for sock monkeys, I think they are rather sexy and flexible. What I would do is make my own special sock monkeys...I'll let your mind do the rest of this...- Schmidtler

peace space sock monkeys take my shoes and whatever turns you on and put my intergalactic slave collar on sell me to the highest bidder then i can work in the monkyranium mines on east plutodor forever until my zombified corpse looses too many limbs to be any use then i will be recycled as pet human food soylent green any one?- thathinguywhois

i will skin up with them and help them get people to make more sock monkeys - n dom

hell no! sock monkeys ROCK!- FLAMINGSQUIRREL

I like sock monkeys, I want to see more of them. Then again, I have this habit of disagreeing to even things I agree with because I like to argue. - eepX3

Fuck them nobody tells me what to do, even sock monkeys. I'd gather a group of people togeather and protest agianst them even if it means death it's better then following a monkey *hint hint* George bush.- Ducky

I go along peacefully--unless in addition to enslaving the world and invading other planets, the sock monkeys intend to make Dorito possession punishable by death. - MilesWB

Go along!!! Sock monkeys RULE!!!!- Hells Black Rose

I write fradulent checks with Bill Gates' signature forged on them ,to support their cause. - Dco

power to the sock monkeys- bobby bo boo boo

Provided that they provide all people with proper instructions on making the monkeys... yes. Hang on... how can sock monkeys enslave their creators? people could just stop making socks, then burn all the current sock monkeys. Stop asking stupid questions- The war on Sock-ism

Screw it, sock monkeys rock.- Mantis

Oh man. I don't recall ever seeing a question I agreed with more than this one. It just got better and better. This is the best plan ever. The world needs a little enslaving, and I couldn't possibly think of anyone better than a space sock monkey army to do it. I need to be a part of this. When can I start? Do I get a little space suit and everything? - FartMonkey

I'll go along peacefully in hopes that they will let me rub their tails. - monkeeskittles

rebel there fuckin socks- irish psychos boyfriend

Peacefully- Horse

I rebel, I use sneakers.- Joel

Rebel against them- Aaron

as long as i am allowed some time off, and i have creative license to make pretty sock monkeys, i'll go along with it, i aint gonna beable to hurt them, theyre far too cute!- Jadio UK

I go along peacefully, yet rebel by bumfucking their sock monkey leader occasionally.- Purple Lemming.

i eat all the sock monkeys- crazybobo

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