: October 2004

Do you have any sort of 'lucky' or favorite number and if so, why?

No.- Myass

My " lucky " favorite number is twenty. That number is so special because that's how many McDonalds Pies I can eat. -me

My lucky number is pi He's infinitely irrational and never gets past introducing himself: 'hi, I'm 3.1415926535897932384626433832795 . . . . . - Fish

Not really as I don't believe in numbers. As I think I've said before on here, numbers and the whole system of mathematics is idealistically wrong. Ergo I don't really favour one... Just incase there are readers who have failed to hear me rant, I'll enlighten them that; if the amount of numbers supports the principle to be infinate, then the 'space' between number must also therefore be infinate. Subsequently, we cannot ever get from one number to the next. So maths is wrong. And so is this question and the fools who choose to reply with a literal answer stating any form of numeric symbolism. - Mort

I'd have to say 3.14159265, because its pi! and who doesn't like pie?- Hufflebunny

nope- louby

No- Mori

6 is my number. becuase six is the perfect number. its factors: 1,2,and 3 added together make six. also because of 666. and because 6 times half itself equals 18.- JAG

Umm...BUTT MONKEY AWARD!!!- anthrax.boy

no- asdf2345

I wish I had a lucky number. But I don't. All numbers are the same to me. It isn't fair. If anyone has a lucky number that they do not want, I will adopt it.- bluemonkeyfearer

7 cause it has always been my favorite. ?? don't know why and it is not so lucky- LalaTona

2..i dunno i liked that number its the first number i had when i won soccer championships- Forkorc

oh yes, my lucky favorite number is 248, becuase when the aliens come out of hiding it will be 248 days after the O-zone layer is completely demolished. - Wolfman

13. If figure if thirteen is my lucky number it can never be unlucky... Plus, I was born on the 13th.- Mzebonga

27. Because it says so on my watch, twice a day, at least. i like 3 as well, for its value in the bedroom. hee hee.- eva psychotic

... A #? Hmm.. I MIGHT... whats in it for me, if i tell you my # what would I get in return? I mean, come on, it IS my FAVORITE #! why should I give it to you? I don't even know you! I only come here to see what stupidly unfullfilling questions that you 'insane' humans ask! and than I answer your insanely unfullfilling questions with unsanely, fullfilling answers, that BLOW YOUR SOCK FILLIED MONKEY BRAINS !!! 'MUAH!'OH Your questioN? oh yes, 13, because its not really an unlucky #, its just an old 'superstition'brought to us from the period when the Knights Of Templar dissappeard, all on Friday the Thirteenth, with no clue is to where they went, or how they disappeared, and it falls on my birthday.- General Sock Penguin

69 DUDES!!! because, it is the most excellent number dude!!!- POOTHROWER

593980024879578239293854729847. It appears anywhere that I am. I am always labelled with the number 593980024879578239293854729847. I'm not sure why, but I have the feeling it ahs something to do with a Cuban drug lord and cheese.- Yeti

107.. because of the band Orgy... Orgy is your master.. do as they say! DO IT!- SG*

no.there is no such thing as luck, good ,or bad, unless your name is clapton, and you were born under a bad sign,then "if it wasn't for bad luck,,you wouldn't have no luck at all".- rayyo77

Yes, it's 23. 23 is the number of the devil. If you start with 666, then add the digits, you get 18, now add those digits and you get 9, which is also what you would get if you divided 18 by 2. The square root of 9 is 3, thus 2 and 3 makes 23. It's ingenius I know.- Nelson

A lot of people have lucky numbers, but none are sure as to why they have them. Mine is 10. It's been my number on my soccer and softball jerseys for a number of years. It's a rather good-looking number...and.....ok, ok, I admit it. 10 and I had a "thing" in the past, but now we're just friends, all right?!- McDiablo

Well number 9..I'm not sure why, it might be because it's the date I was born- Angel

1 cos i am- fox

No, because I cant count- SillyWilly

The most common answer will probably be 13. Having said that, the least likely number for me to pick would be 13 (trying to be individual), but fuck that. 13.- Sven the Masseur

I used to think 9 was pretty lucky... until seven ate nine.- j0eg0d

7 its 1/2 14- johnbob

The number is 3, there are no other numbers but 3, why would I need a favorite. All numbers are actually 3 in disguise, execpt for 3 which is just in my imagination and doesn't really exist anyway. - Archbishop Shaggy

7. Because it's better than 6, and looks cooler than 8.- SkyofStLuke

2 because everything good comes in pairs- Grady

there is no such thing as a lucky number its just all in ur mind nothing is lucky in life.- danni-fo

The number 8, and the reason because by taking 8 panadol I get to get out of meeting my mother- Schmidtler

13 because some think it unlucky.- thathinguywhois

5 because it is the largest joint i have skineed up so far but one day i am going to thrash amount of riz for me joints- n dom

23, i don't know. - FLAMINGSQUIRREL

Nine, ehunno. I like that number. It's a nice number. It may have something to do with the Beatles, but I'm not sure.- eepX3

100 which is how many times i've wanted to beat the shit out of myself for letting myself go out with my ex boyfriend. - Ducky

My lucky number is 42 because basing a lucky number on a popular, funny science fiction novel makes me feel comfortably lame.- MilesWB

35.23487598404572934579375 It is the length of time it took to kill my best friend's cousin's dog. If you question this i will kill you too.- Hells Black Rose

Nope- Dco

not really, but i wear 6 when playing football (soccer)- bobby bo boo boo

no, i don't like numbers as the first numbers i see in the morning usually come with the message. "you're late for that going to that dumb place" There's nothing worse than the panic of "shit, i've just woken up and i'm already 5 minutes late".... Apart from maybe "shit, i'm about to die"- The war on Sock-ism

Nope, because 7 is a bitch.- Mantis

7. No idea why, I've just always liked it. Maybe it IS lucky. I mean, I've lived this long without any major diseases or injuries. Then again, maybe it's UNlucky. Or, maybe it is still lucky, but the Lucky Charms I eat cancels it out, leaving the door open for bad luck such as Mr. Campbell..I'm so confused now, every time I answer these things I discover more conspiracies...- FartMonkey

yes 152365454122220221, it has a secret meaning that only The Firecracker Men and I know- monkeeskittles

69...... well ya know- irish psychos boyfriend

No- Horse

I like 19 but wtf, luck?- Joel

8 as this is the digit most occuring in my date of birth.- Aaron

no, because its a number.- Jadio UK

49, because once I bought a poster of a unicorn, and on the side it said 49. 0.o- Purple Lemming.

5 cuz i got five skulls in the crawl space- crazybobo

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