: November 2004

What the hell are you doing with your life exactly and why shouldn't we exterminate you?

I am one of the few people who visit The Insane Domain daily, and I send in all kinds of great answers! Oh, I also give Herbert shoes, so he wouldn't want me to be exterminated :)- Hufflebunny

Nothing. And you should. It would be fun. - membersonly

I'm doing nothing but using up precious oxygen. To make it look like I'm doing something, I attend school. Either than that, there's a whole lot of nothingness happening on my part. Please, shoot me...uh, I was kidding.......- McDiablo

nothing and go ahead- Got Faygo

Im in a band, Im proving that girls(well our drummer is a guy) can do just what guys can, we can scream and we can play instruments just as they do, if not better.- monkeeskittles

Uh... right at this moment I'm studying Psychology, Art, Sociology and English Literature.. I am also part of two bands. A death metal band named SKULLKA, and a black metal project entitled FRAEL.. I also love to read and write and be creative in any form I can be. I don't like fat women, but fat men are cuddly and loveable. In a non-homosexual way. not that there's anything wrong with queers, just I don't 'swing' that way... You should not exterminate me because if you did, there won't be any articles and thoughts and wonderful psychologically warping notions any more, then the world would suddenly implode.- Mort

Of course you should exterminate me! You're really offering me an escape from the just and painful death that we all deserve? Come on! As if that's an efficient way to organise things, unless those that you spare are going to give you money/sex. Then it's understandable. Otherwise, kill us all!- Sven the Masseur

Creating havoc wherever I roam, counseling 21 year old virgins, and keeping the world free form parasitic infestations of gill flukes.- Lynx

Im going to be the first king of the world- Superman Dave

uhm.. *shakes*... currently with my life I am studying parapsychology and ghost hunting.. I've been singing for 15 years... uhm.. I cook.. I go to school.. I'm 17!! *sobs* DON'T EXTERMINATE ME!! PLEASE MASTER! *drops to knees and looks up at you* please?- SG*

I rock......I entertain.....and at the moment I have Herbert in a holding cell keeping him from molesting JCP's ass!!! - Poptart

I fight people, im a really angry guy,i could just kill anyone. You should meet me im great. I'm really wealthy from my film career that went really well in the American States so im very rich which is brilliant. I have loads of children hopefully.Thanks. - No thanks

nothing- andrew

I'm trying to exterminate you. That's why I'm hiding, that's why you cant find me, and that's why you're trying to exterminate me.- Fredward

That's a very good point, please find attached my address so you can exterminate me more easily: 10 Albany Way Coldjon N.Glot. UK Europe- JonTrodd

I aint doing a gosh darn thing. was wondering when you guys would hurry up and fucking kill me already!- SiNiSTaR

I am writing stories for the entertainment of the insane. Go exterminate the idiots who don't like insane people. You know, the ones who don't like me because I write insane stories, and those who write evil insulting feedback to the insane domain or ask what the point of the website is.- bluemonkeyfearer

getting laid, getting drunk, getting the shit kicked out of me at concerts, getting money then spending it all- mascarahero

actually you probably should exterminate me.... because im doing absolutely nothing.- boobookittyfck

You know that's a very valid question. (a few hours later). A question that I can't think of an answer for. Ahhh fuck it just kill me. It shall ease the pain of my trying to think. (give me butt award)- Nelson

Well, what's stopping you from exterminating me? All I do is skate, smoke, eat, sleep, play pool, take shits, and go to school. I don't think right now I'm impacting society much, but one day I do plan on being one of those guys who pick up road kill and dead animals. So, I guess that might mean something unless you'd like to pick up the dead squirel in your yard. ( I know it's there)-me

Well, to tell you the truth, I'm doing sweet FA, engaging in every hedonistic activity known to man (and a few only known to extraterrestrials . . . "if you're tired of probing you're tired of life"). What's more, I'm enjoying every minute of it, so fuck anyone who tries to take it away from me.- Fish

I would like to instigate an International Holiday called "Kill a Motherfucker Day" where everyone goes out and kills at least one motherfucker. That way, if everyone kills someone, we should have nobody left. Yay!- Mzebonga
life: I have no defence. Although, if you're going to exterminate everyone I could help you and be doing THAT with my life...- Mzebonga

Because even though the damn manstains won't come out of my leotards, I'm still a worthless human being, and you don't care about us, cuz we're worthless.- Mantis

im already slowly killing myself..why spoil my fun- *star*

Nothing exciting but you shouldnt exterminate me coz one of these not so fine days i'll take over this planet and make it a nicer place to live in!- NoobyFop

I listen well- Jules

I'm existing entirely to piss mankind off...to tell christians i aborted christ..and tell jews that im gonna sell their family business.**babybel**

Becoming the next Mussolini, and i'll give j00 a good job- Dragon_Bomber

Go ahead and exteminate me. The Government has failed, my parents have failed, the girl in Chem has failed - I doubt you'll succeed.- SkyofStLuke

I play video games; i have some of your favorite- yosoydame

Ok, you got me... just kill me quick.- j0eg0d

cos im about to invent a new life saving suicide machene. with pink fluffy puppys inside that go WOO and u die of turnip poisnign- dark-angle

why should i not exterminate you? what if i exterminate you before you can exterminate me?- samsamsam

soakin up the joy around me coz!- profdunn

What i am doing with my life none of you piddly humans could coprehend, nor would you want to, and you cannot kill the unkillable.- freak_ninja

I'm building a fortress of gumdrops and lollipops with old dwarf men... whens the last time anyone attempted that? Huh? huh. and then theres the self-gratification which is our consistant drive in life... which I have sloppily fufilled, but, really, honestly i wish to understand murderers and become a killer in my head to empathize and become one with full bodied humanity... and the degradation of it. Plus I constantly try to contribute to what will eventuall y be disregarded or disected to another desprete human effort to make something of itself. I guess I should just stick to what humans can sustain and endure, pain, and more and more suffering in the eyes of what surrounds them and chases them into there own cold, cold, inert, painfully, neglectful selfs. Oh and spread and expose happiness with every chance possibility and ignore humour as willingly possible. But thats no better then the next man... so, exterminate me but let me go down hard, I've always wanted to be a mysterious corpse in a desert. wimper.- SteamRisingLicks

I like to sleep with animals. You like to watch. Question answered.- Venomous

Nothng. You can exterminate me.- Spidey44

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