if we played 'article survivor' on our site, which article would you vote off and why?

coffee mugs - irish psycho

the one about chicken butts....i don't think it fully captured their splendor.- Siderea

Well, considering i don't give a shit, i'd vote for .. umm... that one. ..... Watermellon. -me

i would vote off the one about the fecal matter.- the voodoo bunny

the nose picking one...cause obviously I know how to pick my nose its allll clean in there..and look under my desk....its all boogery..- SG*

Jerk Off Parlor. Umm, for one it's just DUMB! It was such a waste of my time I wanted to cry. It builds you up; you're like, ouuuu looky a jerk off parlor, and then... what? NOTHING!!- DecreasinglyMe

I'd say the jerk off parlor, because unless some people are really, really, really desperate, it serves no purpose. Of course I've been eyeing the balloon animals article and also the one about the sinking of australia, because they are a bit lame as well, however they have formed an alliance against the jerk off parlor, so I figured why not join them, even though I realize that's exactly what they want. - FartMonkey

I'd vote off the one about throwing bread at ducks. I know how to do that, you get a stale loaf of bread and hurl it at an unsuspecting duck. I saw that in this movie once...the movies NEVER lie.- ferretchick

Havent looked at it. I have better things to do....like plotting world domination. *muahahaha*- boing!boing!

What the hell is "article survivor"? Don't ask stupid stuff!- Scooby

wtf?! 'article survivior'? <vomits> survivor in ANY form is a horrible, horrible method of torture and punishment.. i guess i would vote off the 'fish on wheels on' because fish suck. - Ripper

id vote off nethin about the sims........cos we cant plan r own eveil happenings nemor....it was fun tryin to find ways to kill them.it was a way to pass those rainy november days bye....but hey!well live and we like the illustrations 2!- keli<3james

i would vote off the all the articles except one so that FINALLY we could have some peace and we would know who the winner was.....I mean seriosly i think you've left us in suspense for long enough....hurry the process along.....tick tick tick....tick......t........what the hell was i thinking i already know who's gonna win......muahahahahahaha.....I'll never tell ...MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.............suckers.- Shwee

i dunno- spazzattack

how to throw bread at ducks... i followed your guide exactly and still the little buggers got all mad, came at me and pecked my right eye out! I'm gonna bring a shotgun with me on my next visit... DIE!! DIE!!!!!!!!- SiNiSTaR

i would dispose of "killer deer from hell". this article just rubs me the wrong way. i'd rather not talk about it ok.- duch bag

what the hell?! 'article survivor'?? i cant believe i'm hearing this from my favorite site!! <sobs> why?? - Asylum

the one about the unicorns i don't like unicorns i don't want to read about them, whether it's good or bad. UNICORNS SUCK. - sniff

Screw that...I'd vote an article ON the site. Yes, I'm being cool and backwards, but mostly cool! Oh, and this article would have the word "Slurpee(s)" in it multiple times.- McDiablo

Reality TV shows are shit... <Insert Joke about TID articles and shit here>... The one that is written by DC and is about how fanatically in love he is with me. Frankly, I don't want that to have too much public exposure.- Mzebonga

I wouldnt vote any off....I need something to occupy my feeble mind- Goon

None. To do something really spontanious with the game.- Franky_TooCoolo

i'd vote off article survivor coz it sound crap.- ammeg

Probably the sinking of australia one, because its the least important. i like your how to throw bread at ducks artice, thats something that id consider veryimportant as im sure so many people all across the globe have been getting it wrong all their lives. im also sure that most people in the world would realize that the singing of australia is far less important .... apart from .... shit, all the fit guys and girls there should be flown to saftey .... my house would be the ideal place to store the i think ....- DeadlyNightshade

id vote of "horses are evil" just bcuz it kinda pisses me off...im not sure...horses prolly are evil....i havnt read it....but...it pisses me off- JimBoBob

none- sexychicken

Nose picking.- *Realmo-K*

what the hell kind of question is this?? *sobs* i though you were above all that 'survivor' crap!!- CasualFatality

what the fuck is that??- harbingerofhell

I have a severly crippled mind from past expirences with paint and whatnot and due to those circumstances out of my control (they won't eat there vegtabless or go to bed when I tell them to) I have not yet read ALL the articles contained within this website. with all those previoulsy viewed on my part i would create a paroxyism and vote to vote off this article, causing the end of the world...*hehe*- Freak Ninja

are you trying to trim down your visitors? is this your way of doing it? forcing us to say bad, outrageous things on one of the article so that you'll have reason to ban us? i thought you're starightforward!!! - leigh

nose picking, cause thats americas favorite pastime- bubba

"take a pill" cause hey... dont we already have enough side effects to deal with?- Ho Chi Minh

jack ass- piukl

The Poppy seed thing is a little more than corny yet you got so much feedback....well I guess that just let's you know where people's heads are these days CRAZY!!!- jazzibel

the origins of racism. Simply because its bollocks.- supermandave

I dont know- silkmaid

The best one because thats how the show sucks and u guys already suck at everthing else you might as well make it a theme.ooh.. how i kid and how u dont care.. hmph w/e/- ghti,KEllE,spa

i uno...- manni

the one thats the shortest... because the article page is only strong as the shortest in size.- I Depend on Wit Thats why theres none in these answers

wtf is that anyway??- bungholyslug

Probably the unicorn one since I've only read a couple and it somewhat insinuates that being a virgin is not nessacary. I want more virgins to defile dammit!- Asshole

Plastic Bag Collection.- janx

i am a beetle- butterfly-flavoured-pancake

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