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write what you want.

I want a big red choo choo, a copy of the bible as written at the time, a date with Natalie Portman, more asparagus and hairspray and a copy of the Crazy World of Arthur Brown on 12 inch vinyl. Oh and I want DC to forget about that $200. On Mondays I dress as a woman and call myself Catrina, it doesn't pay particularly well. No one likes Transvestite car cleaners. - Mzebonga

what you want. - Cain

what you want....... spoon! bellend! i win! - Fido Dido

Oh and uh BTW I didn't fix my "word problems" sorry. - pyro4747

i want to make out with bill clinton-he gets me horny... - freddy's got fingers

I love Angelina Jolie, she is the best, shes delicious,fabulous,kind, sexy, gorgous, friendly, i want to have lunch with her, watch a sunset and sunrise with her, play, talk, get tattooed together.Just to spend one day with her would be awesome!!!! - Sally

What do I want? - gone postal

"mullet is as mullet does" and god wept, for it was trailer trash-tastic! - becky

i think DC should be shot from a canon into the sun. - SAnimal

I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts, here they are all standing in a row... big ones, small ones some as big as your head... - chesty

i didnt feel like being insane, so i tried normal. i think it worked - amp

if it wasn't for this website i would have nowhere to vent. i am going to sack my therapist and have a computer especially linked to this site 24/7 so when i get down, i can just come and look at it - fluffy whatchama

Ich gehe gern ins Kino mit a grosses Naseringe. Meine Schwester hat eine Brille und eine Glatte. Nachdem ich gegessen habe, bin ich ins Krankenhaus gegangen, um mein Po zu wechseln. Mein Po ist heute Gruen und Blau aber auch Braun wo est Scheisse gibt. - fergus o'dimbal

what you want. - Moo

ahh i dont know the world goes to slow that it takes 24 hs to give a turn i know dc's 24 and iam just a little kid who goes to high school (and hates school) well i dont have anything to say so laters oh and iam going to your planet dc and destroy it ohh and give me all your money cuz i aint giving you my 40 bucks laters!!!!!!1 - i would say limpbizkit but iam not

I'M A LOSER and i love tom delonge and i am going to marry him and have his children and also my best friend kristy and i are brothers and the camels are coming and i would like a camel with 3 humps pleez... thank you very much. cum again. - seven

This world is full of people that make life so much more difficult than it actually has to bush - Donger

make me :-P - Mister V

I want something to write, something to fuck, someone to stalk, and to tell you that i am a girl! ONLY demented! that is all! crazily insane and pritty... - Insanity In The Flesh

I want the goverment 2 stop F*CKIN the inturns and run this damn country~!!!!!! - nunya

i know a song that gets on everybodies nerves....everybodies nerves....i know a song that gets on everybodies nerves...everybodies nerves........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - hell...if...i...know

why waste your time? you know you're gonna be mine. - seth

ONly if the sun comes back will i ever be a dolphin again. - Acid

what you want! - deedee

i'm bored! the internet is not as enterntaing anymore. got any suguests on what to do. i need a bf. school starts soon. i don't wanna go! - Sweet-N-SassySauce

you know what? one pic on the people suck page looks just like my boss. the naked barbie cleaning her toilet. - theweirdfreak

blah blah blah - OvernightDelivery

You know what pisses me off? Toast thats too big for the toaster. Grrr....*BuRnS OuT* - Altair

what you want. No, really, I want to tell everyone that there is no such thing as insanity. The "normal" people want us to think we are insane so that they can take all our power and money. But we have to fight for our right to act like morons if we want to, to run up down escalators, to tell old women that we can't help them accross the street because we're gay and not allowed in the Boy Scouts anymore, and to bring brown-bag lunches to the food court at the mall and insist that we just bought the SPAM sandwich from McDonalds! Fight the "normal" ones. They may take our lives, but they can never have our FREEDOM!! - Eel

i want to stick my knife up every crackwhore's cooch and say: cream for crack about that, bitch. - yankee rose

Save The Elephants! - mewomix

what you want. - LogicAndReason

you rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - Kat

Who say I want to write anything, who have you been taking to!?!!?!? I'll kill you all!!!!!!! later . . . - Spotzero

I WANT YOU - Kinky Kibble Kitten

i want a pony and a horsey and a chineese lantern. - Bill gates

anythin - Cee-nar

Fuck you bitch! - donnydonnydondondon!

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wow,what a great opportuinity think people will use it to try to write something sooo "witty" and clever and spend alot of time on the perfect sentence for that ever so clever web site. yawn,smack spit. - Rozie posey

#I'm your private dancer, a dancer for money, do what you want me to do. I'm your private dancer, dancer for money, and amy old music will doooo!# - english tart

what would ozzy do? - psychotic_freak

what you want - zzzwhippetzzz

I woke this morning to find you facing me. I watched you as you slept. You had a precious innocence (had I not spent a kinky night with you before, I could have believed it) and the sun, pouring through a crack in the curtains, haloed your hair in a crown of brilliant light. I got me thinking as my head absorbed the information through the throbbing pain of yet another hangover: "Oh, fuck, I've gone and done it again, haven't I?" - Mzebonga

i wanna pat the doggy - ninja X

OK. Thank you for your time in reading this pathetic rambling for me. you may all now get back to your sad lives and jobs and doing what society says is right. - ZIMIAN

hey, I tried that and it didn't work, so I decided to type it instread. but if there are any missspelled words its cause I can't see throughh the ink that is now on myr coputer scren. - InsaneLane

im sick of looking at the armadillos in the corner of this room, take them away please or ill go nuts and start painting them colors - Red

Walla walla walla walla boingy boingy boing milky molky mulky poo poo poo bum bum bum tits tits tits. KNOB. - Flabba the Slut


Peabody fetch me a crocodile hunter...we've got a situation here.- 55

Tommorrow i pushed my donut down the hill to plant my kettle in the carpet - 87

Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Yakkity Shmakkity Too. - The Wheelchair Bandit

i like monkeys - Flog Nuts

i just wanted to scream, but i figure people would stare. so i just vomited up black blood while saying the pledge of allegiance in czecholslovakian. - EmprissNikon(Gidget)

i like to run around naked with the toaster. the toaster is stalking me because he likes the way i say "burger king". my hobbies include seizing the day and trying to chew off my arm. - Kara

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