Do you want to interview a member of theinsanedomain???
does your school newspaper, crappy ezine or family newsletter need an insane perspective?
why not interview one of us and ensure that you'll never be asked to do contribute to anything ever again!

what do we want out of this?
well, we want to post the whole thing on our site, and if possible, link to your online version.
most importantly, we're spreading the insanity.

we have SPECIAL forms for...
contacting us for other stuff / asking an insane question / reporting website problems

what this interview will be for:
will this be for your school paper, crappy ezine etc...

who the hell are you?:

your email or the contact email:

extra info such as:
which tid member you want to interview?... do you want one of us to interview you?
what will the interview be about? ... will it be used against us in a court of law?

if we think you're just being foolish... then we won't contact you for a follow up.


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