The lap dancing sock monkey.
Choose your own adventure.

You find a homeless person and explain the situation.  He seems concerned and offers you a drink.  You take a swig.  He seems pleased so you have another.  Pretty soon you're passed out face down and the homeless guy is stealing your clothes.  You wake up in his clothes.  You run out to the nearest person asking them for help.  They push you away and throw you some change.

You decide that you can accomplish more looking like a homeless person, so you begin to comb the alleys looking for evidence of the lap dancing sock monkey.  When talking with another homeless person, you discover that there is a strip act similar in description to the one you heard in the Orient.  Excited, you find the strip bar and attempt to enter.

You are stoped by the bouncers and told to leave.  You explain the story to them, and they have you taken away to the local hospital.  You are strapped down to your bed and drugged.  The nurses hurt you and you never escape.  That's what you get for pretending to be homeless when you're not. 

Play again.


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