The lap dancing sock monkey.
Choose your own adventure.

You throw a hissy fit and demand a train ride there.  They escort you out of the train station and beat you severely.  A guy named Fred comes along (you know this because his name is on his work shirt) and helps you up.  You thank him and walk away.

You walk to the dump, hoping to unearth some evidence of lap dancing sock monkeys.  You find many interesting things, but no evidence.  You stumble on some garbage and fall into a pile of discarded medical supplies.  You go into convulsions and start hallucinating.

You trip out for hours, seeing many brilliant colors and speaking with various elves about the current global warming situation.  The elves eventually turn into garbage bags and you drift off to sleep.  You never wake up and your body is never found, as it is hidden by all the elves.  That is what happens when you have hissy fits. 

Play again.


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