The lap dancing sock monkey.
Choose your own adventure.


You say "I'm more of a dog person.", then push the girl into her room and run away.  You find yourself by a building that has music pumping out of it.  You go in to see what's going on.  You sit down and have a drink before you realize that you are in a strip bar.

You stay for another hour before leaving.  You leave before the final act comes on, but you are too tired to notice that it's being referred to as "The Dancing Wonder From The Jungle".  You leave and stumble back to the airport.  Upon arriving at the airport, you are confronted by some creepy people.  They thrust papers at you, wailing about fire and punishment.

Scared, you light their clothes on fire and run away.  You decide that the lap dancing sock monkey must be only a myth and cry bitterly for hours.  Eventually you go home, go on prozac and forget the whole thing happened.  Boy you are stupid and now you're a zombie doped up on prozac. 

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